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How dare you do this to Cypress Hill, Hollywood Walk of Fame

The stars finally get their star
The stars finally get their star

Image: amy sussman/Getty Images

West Coast hip-hop legends Cypress Hill finally made it to the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Thursday — two days too early, in the minds of some.

The plaque was formally presented on Thursday, April 18, 2019. But everyone knows that Cypress Hill is synonymous with marijuana. Couldn't whoever constructed the plaque have waited two days to present it on 4/20, the biggest marijuana holiday of the year?

Cypress Hill is known for their many excellent pro-weed jams, including "Hits From the Bong" and the subtly titled, "I Want to Get High."

The group is also active in the legal marijuana industry. B-Real, the group's frontman, is the owner of a dispensary in Los Angeles known as Dr. Greenthumb. The group sells their own brand of cannabis known as "Cypress Hill Bhang."

B-Real has thanked marijuana for the group's continued success.

“We’re medicating,” B-Real recently said. “We’re eating clean. We stay in the gym. We never did party too excessively. We party, but it’s not every night and we’re not drunk and sloppy. Weed was the answer for us.

It might say 4/18 on that plaque, Cypress Hill, but it will always say 4/20 in our hearts.

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Director John Singleton Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke

Director John Singleton Hospitalized After Suffering Stroke | Entertainment Tonight

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MH370 CLAIM: Malaysia Airlines plane’s wing tip was DAMAGED and pilots ‘went to SLEEP’

The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 went missing on March 8 2014 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 239 people. However, it was previously involved in another incident when the plane’s wing tip was broken off in a runway collision in 2012. There has been speculation that this later caused issues unbeknownst to the pilots.

The Aviation Safety Network said: “A taxiing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 passenger plane (9M-MRO) , flight MH389, contacted the tail of China Eastern Airlines A340 plane, B-6050, waiting on the taxiway at Pudong International Airport. No one was injured.

“The tip of the wing of the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was broken off and hung on the tail of the China Eastern Airbus 340-600, according to pictures posted by passengers on the internet.

“The very same plane went missing on March 8, 2014 while on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.”

The wing tip was repaired and the plane went back into service.

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However, there has been speculation that it may not have been fixed properly or there was some unknown other issue that was not dealt with.

Interested party Marion Greenwood said: “If there was unnoticed flaperon bolt fatigue damage from that collision at that time it might have taken months before becoming a problem

“In fact it might have only become a problem after the plane went into autopilot on that fateful last trip.

“This would explain the plane moving in circles or in a curved trajectory as well as the climb.

“If the pilots put the plane in autopilot and went to sleep as it can happen on long journeys then this may have been the result.”

There is reportedly a small chance it was repaired in such a way that it would fly for years after before breaking again.

According to Root Claim, there is a 0.2 percent chance the wing was improperly repaired.

Meanwhile, there is a 99.8 percent chance it was properly repaired and a 0.0001 percent chance it was never broken.

Easter 2019: Were Fallen Angels in the Bible alien astronauts from Mars?

Ancient astronaut theorists say life on Earth was seeded from Mars. They suggest this seeding on Earth may even have been a directed effort orchestrated by human-like beings that existed on the Red Planet. And the conspiracy theorists controversially claim these extraterrestrial ancestors can be found in the apocryphal texts of the Hebrew Bible, represented as the Fallen Angels.

Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadik, founder of the Koshertorah School told History.com: “We know from ancient legend of the Books of Enoch that there was a group of angels who descended to Earth in violation of divine law.

“They introduced to humanity, ways, means and knowledge – science and technology which we would not understand today.

“These angels were in human form and called “אִישׁ”, which means “men” and looked just like us.”

Dr Jonathan Young, founder curator of the Joseph Campbell Archives said: “The Fallen Angels were giants.

“They were at least 10 ft tall, were very striking to look at and had enormous eyes and no wings”

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William Henry, author of Lost Secrets of the Watchers said: “For over a hundred years, mythologists have been contemplating this idea the Fallen Angels came from Mars to Earth.

“Even Dante described this in the Paradiso – he called this ‘the fifth level of heaven’.

“Is it possible that these Fallen Angels came to Earth from Mars?”

Experts are now debating whether we can now reinterpret this story of Fallen Angels as beings not from heaven but from Mars.

Based on examination of the astronauts living on the International Space Station, scientists have speculated on what physiological challenges might be seen in future generations of humans born on Mars.

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And ancient astronauts suggest the resemblance to the descriptions of Fallen Angels may be uncanny.

Sue Ann Pen, Mars One Astronaut candidate, said: “One of the most amazing things about the human body is its ability to adapt.

“And if you lookout astronauts who go into space, they actually grow about two or three inches.

“And when you have a human that is born on Mars, what is going to happen is the environment is going to change the structure of the human body.

“And what you are going to see in a few generations is humans who will be taller and skinnier, because the gravity on Mars is less than that on Earth.”

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Mike Bara, author of Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, said: “If humans evolve enough on Mars, they will grow up to become taller, they would have the bigger heads and skinnier limbs.

“They might grow slightly larger eyes, better equipped to see in the dark, because there is less sunlight on Mars as it is further away from the Sun.

“They could also look like representations of angels and various other god-like being which we have read about in the Bible and other ancient documents.”

David Childress, author of Technology the Gods, said: “These attributes to somebody from a low-gravity planet like Mars or being in space for a long time, may well have be the attributes we see in the Fallen Angels.

“They may be tall, spindly, pale and with large eyes – something that we might expect coming from another planet like Mars.”

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UFO sighting: What is this ISLAND-SIZED object rising out of Pacific Ocean on radar?

The UFO-spotting phenomena shows no signs of slowing-down. And well-known UFO proponent Scott C Waring has this week produced yet more “proof” of alien spacecraft visiting Earth. The latest video posted to Waring’s popular ufosightingsdaily.com site purports to show an enormous UFO rising out of the Pacific Ocean.

Self-titled UFOlogist Waring frequently uploads pictures and video, which he claims support his alien conspiracy theories.

The latest offering is satellite footage said to show a triangular UFO exploring Earth’s oceans.

Waring wrote: “Imagine this … a triangle the size of a island rises out of the Pacific Ocean in front of your eyes. This is what happened to Youtuber MrMBB333 this week.

“As you see from the video below, this dark triangle rose up from the ocean and hovered for seven full hours before disappearing.”

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The UFO conspiracy theorist proceeds to outline the reasons the alien spacecraft would require to break cover for so long.

He wrote: “The ship cannot enter space when water is still on the ship or it will disrupt their electrical shields and could compromise the ships outer hull if it freezes in space.

“Imagine a ship traveling at the speed of light...can you imagine how cold that water would get on the outer hull and how it could throw off navigation too?

“Yeah, so the giant ship waited for the water to drain off of it. Must have been as big as an island.“

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he controversial footage, which quickly gained thousands of YouTube views, soon attracting many comments.

User Richard Roberts commented: “I think what is most concerning to me is the size of that anomaly.

“I went on google earth and matched the radar image and that anomaly is approx. 900-1000km long. Yikes!”

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Viewer Dozy wazzock wrote: “Triangles really seem to be the shape of choice for unusual Ariel phenomena lately, it's uncanny, and some of them are huge, like the one in this video.

But Krystal Daniels believes the fuzzy footage actually shows a man-made design.

The YouTube viewer commented: “That thing is huge and sticks out like a sore thumb!!! I'm thinking military craft TR3b.”