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Russia’s secret Antarctic HIDEOUT? Strange ‘hole’ spotted near old Soviet Union base

On March 10, 1959, the Soviet Union set up a research station known as Lazarev on the shelf ice in the region of the Schirmacher Oasis.The station was reinstalled in 1961 into the Oasis and was named Novolazarevskaya and later the Russian Bath in 2007. However, a strange anomaly just 35 miles from the camp has become the centre of a conspiracy scandal over the years.

The strange phenomenon, located on a mountainside, looks like it could be some kind of entrance.

YouTube series “The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica,” thinks it could be linked to the nearby Russian base.

The 2017 documentary revealed: “This is one of the most compelling anomalies spotted on satellite imaging. 

“It appears to be a domed metal lid over some kind of underground entrance. 

“No one has confirmed or debunked this conspiracy theory.”

Just days ago, it was revealed NASA probed another anomaly below the icy continent.

The space agency investigated a lake below another Russian station known at Vostok in a bid to gain a better understanding of Jupiter’s icy moon – Europa.

The surface of this freshwater lake is approximately 4,000m under the ice, which places it at approximately 500m below sea level.

However, scientists ended up finding a magnetic anomaly on the east coast of the lake spanning 65 miles long and 47 miles wide.

They believe it is due to the Earth’s crust thinning, yet conspiracy theorists continue to raise the possibility of a hidden city.

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