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Egypt EXPOSED: Secret KGB files ‘PROVE ancient pyramids built by ALIENS’ – shock claim

The KGB was the main security agency for the Soviet Union from 1954 until its break-up in 1991. While serving as a science advisor in advance propulsion systems, Dr Victor Ivanovich claims he gained access to files on one of their secret mission called Project ISIS. He says the documents reveal the Soviet government not only investigated whether ancient Egyptians were aware of extraterrestrial life, but they may have also lived among them.

Dr Ivanovich claimed during Amazon Prime’s “Secret KGB Files” that Egypt was the perfect choice for an extraterrestrial race.

He said in 2001: “The objective of one of the particular missions was to find any knowledge left behind from an extraterrestrial civilisation.

“The team of archaeologists were composed from Russian Soviet academy of science. 

“It makes perfect sense, Egypt is an obvious choice for the aliens if they had to establish an outpost for planetary expeditions.

“There is a flat area with little obstacles and Egypt is also near the centre of the Earth.”

The documentary then went on to question whether Dr Ivanovich’s claims could explain how an ancient civilisation became advanced so quickly.

The narrator asked rhetorically: “How did the ancient Egyptians feed and care for the hundreds or thousands of slaves that they needed to create their massive structures?

“How did such a civilisation, so incredibly advanced, spring forth fully formed around 2,500BC?

“If you look back at any other ancient civilisation, what you find is a gradual historical development. 

“You get none of that with Egypt – 2,500BC, boom – fully-formed society pops out of the desert.

“Perhaps Egypt was founded on a heritage of wisdom from an extraterrestrial race.”

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