Anthony Pettis Says Fight With Conor McGregor Dream Matchup For Fans

Anthony Pettis Fight Vs. Conor McGregor … Is Dream Matchup For Fans

4/1/2019 3:21 PM PDT


Conor McGregor vs. Anthony Pettis — a match made in fight Heaven — according to Pettis, who says fighting The Notorious would be a “dream fight” for UFC fans.

We talked to Pettis — days after moving up to the welterweight division and starching Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson —  about his next move … and he says Conor makes a whole lotta sense.

There’s just 1 problem … Pettis says if Conor’s actually mulling quitting, fighting him is a very bad idea.

“Man, I wouldn’t talk him outta retirement. If someone wants to retire, don’t get in the Octagon with me,” Pettis tells TMZ Sports

“It’s gonna be a bad one. I’m too hungry right now. I’m too motivated. I just knocked out the #3 in the world at 170 pounds. If you’re trying to retire, don’t entertain a fight with me.”

But, if Conor’s just using the threat of retirement as a negotiating ploy, Pettis is all the way down to fight … and he thinks it’d be a helluva entertaining match up.

“I go for the kill. He goes for the kill. We both have a flashy striking style with a great ground game.”. 

Ya hear this, Dana?

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