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Cube-shaped UFO spotted shooting from the Sun in NASA images – shock claim

Using NASA observatory images, conspiracy theorists believe they have spotted a strange UFO leaving the surface of the Sun. In the photos from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) satellite, what appears to be a long cube exits the Sun shortly after a solar flare. Alien enthusiasts believe they also spotted trails coming from the cube which suggests it was about to propel itself to light speed.

The sighting was made by prominent UFO hunter Scott C Waring, who wrote on the website ET Database: “I found a cube that had exited our sun during a solar explosion in NASA SOHO images.

“The cube is unique in that its not a perfect cube, but has one corner cut off of it. Also the cube ship has a energy trail behind it, maybe from the engines about to go to light speed or maybe from bursts of energy shot out from the engines.

“It can’t be a coincidence that there was a solar explosion the very minute that this ship was seen coming from the sun.”

This is not the first time an alleged alien spaceship has been spotted near the Sun.

In September 2018, Maria Hill from Salem, Indiana, snapped images of the Sun, which she believes show a huge UFO followed by a massive fleet of smaller crafts passing behind.

Ms Hill wrote on Facebook alongside the images: “This is what showed up in my camera after I took a picture of the sun in the eastern sky this morning. iPhone 8 with a camera lens adapter.

“A green circular door-like object is at the centre of the vortex/worm hole and a serpent snake at the top right above it, by a circular disc. I am sure this has a symbolic meaning with the snake and the disc.”

However, while alien enthusiasts would be keen to point at these sightings as evidence of intergalactic beings, there are some more plausible explanations.

NASA says sightings like this are often “space dandruff” – specks of rocks and satellite debris which can interfere with cameras.

Another explanation is likely to be that the sightings are merely a glitch on the camera.

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