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MH370: The most shocking things about Malaysia Airlines plane’s flight path revealed

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. It has never been found and there are dozens of theories as to what exactly happened. However, its flight path could help pin down what happened.

Firstly, the fact the plane took a sharp 180 degree turn and then flew along the boundary between two zones of air traffic control implies it was a deliberate takeover.

Aviation journalist David Learmount explained on Channel 5’s ‘Flight MH370’ how this conclusion was reached.

He said: “The aircraft almost turned back on itself and it flew exactly along the division of airspace between Vietnam and Malaysia, so each thought the other was in charge of it.

“For you, that might be a coincidence; for me, that was incredibly deliberate, because the accuracy of the flying was remarkable.

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“And there was, in this aircraft, no pre-programmed – ie. automatic pilot – piece of software which would have done that.”

“It was dead clever and very carefully thought out.”

Therefore, it can reasonably be concluded that someone had deliberately hijacked the plane and taken it off course.

Secondly, the speed and height of the plane’s flight path suggests whoever was in control was highly experienced.

Experts have suggested they were “in a hurry”, trying to evade and escape detection.

Aviation expert and science journalist Jeff Wise said: “The plane’s accelerating, it’s climbing, it’s going much faster than a plane would normally go.

“And what this tells us is that whoever took this plane knows what they are doing, they know how to fly it.

“They not only know how to fly a commercial jetliner, they can fly it aggressively.

“They know about dead zones in air traffic control – so, signs of evasion and signs of escape.”

Mr Wise has a controversial theory that it was in fact the Russian military that hijacked MH370.

He claimed that the Russian government wanted to distract the world from the conflict in Crimea, which kicked off in February of that year.

However, there is no solid evidence for his theory.

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