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MH370 news: What ‘remarkable’ flying of Malaysia Airlines plane means about ‘hijacker’

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 vanished without a trace en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. It’s whereabouts is still unknown despite repeated attempts to locate a wreckage. However, aviation journalist David Learmount explained to the Channel 5 documentary ‘Flight MH370’ how the pinpoint accuracy of the flying implies that the plane was deliberately hijacked.

It also apparently gives certain information about that potential hijacker – namely, that they were an experienced flier and had carefully planned the route.

Mr Learmount said: “The aircraft almost turned back on itself and it flew exactly along the division of airspace between Vietnam and Malaysia, so each thought the other was in charge of it.

“For you that might be a coincidence, for me that was incredibly deliberate, because the accuracy of the flying was remarkable.

“And there was, in this aircraft, no pre-programmes – ie. automatic pilot – piece of software which would have done that.”

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“It was dead clever and very carefully thought out.”

In this way, flying along the boundary between military air traffic control areas is a “very clever trick”, because it makes each country’s air traffic controllers believe the other is in charge of the aircraft.

This in turn means neither country notices anything is abnormal and the plane can fly on without being disturbed.

Mr Learmount asserted: “This was no accident!”

In addition, during this time the plane’s transponder was switched off, meaning it could no longer be seen on civilian radar.

Turning this off requires “intimate knowledge” of the cockpit controls, so this implies any hijacker would have needed a certain level of experience flying a plane such as the Boeing 777.

According to aviation expert Jeff Wise, whoever was in charge of the plane was flying it “aggressively”.

He said they were flying faster and higher than such a plane normally would.

Mr Wise concluded that all in all this indicates “signs of evasion and signs of escape”.

He presented a highly controversial theory that it was in fact the Russians who hijacked MH370.

The science journalist said he believes the Russian government was trying to distract from the conflict in Crimea.

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