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Asteroid shock claim: The EXACT location ‘God of Chaos’ Apophis to strike Earth revealed?

Research scientist and official representative for Billy Meier, Michael Horn, insisted that the Apophis asteroid would definitely hit planet Earth and cause mass destruction wherever it hit. During an interview with, he claimed that he and his team have narrowed down the area to between the North Sea and the Black Sea. He argued the impact of the asteroid could result in human life extinction due to the varied after impact effects.

Mr Horn said: “There are two things we are speaking about here, a massive asteroid collision and the otherwise certain collision impact from Apophis.

“We know, in terms of the research time that I have, will be between the North Sea and the Black Sea, which isn’t too far from the UK.

“To spell out such an impact, we have taken the trouble to illustrate this information, we have put it online in comic book form so people can have a graphic sense of what this means.

“The descriptive words are probably even more important because of the tremendous damage.

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Apophis asteroid nasa

Michael Horn revealed where he and his team believe Apophis will strike Earth (Image: Getty)

Michael Horn nasa apophis asteroid

Michael Horn has insisted that Apophis will eventually hit the planet (Image: N/A)

“If and when Apophis, let us say specifically in the area between the North Sea and the Black Sea.

“It will cause a crack, cracking in the Earth’s crust whether it hits by the sea or nearby.

“It will cause a massive release of gasses, there will be pieces of the asteroid and the Earth that would be hurled back into space.

“There is tremendous heat as a thing like that comes in meaning fires and millions of people perish in the immediate area.

NASA space Apophis asteroid

An impact from Apophis will likely prove to be massively devastating to the planet (Image: Getty)

“Then the asteroid impact produces a possibly global effect.

“From everything from nuclear winter kind of phenomenon where the sky is darkened and gasses migrating damage to the seas.

“Every kind of consequential complication from a massive object coming in at enormous speeds and glowing hot in the atmosphere and impacting the Earth.


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NASA apophis god of chaos

NASA has created a simulation of their expected path of the Apophis asteroid (Image: NASA)

“We don’t want to see that, nobody does so whether it is between the North Sea and the Black Sea or any place if the Apophis asteroid hits it will cause massive damage.”

NASA has already begun preparations for the arrival of asteroid 99942 Apophis – dubbed the ‘God of Chaos’ asteroid – which will skim past the earth in 10 years according to the space agency.

The asteroid measures 340 meters across and will pass within just 19,000 miles of Earth’s surface.

Apophis is one of the largest asteroids to pass so near to the Earth’s surface and a collision with the planet has the potential to be devastating for all life on Earth.

Even SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has offered his views. 

Sharing an article about Apophis he warned Earth “currently has no defence” for the impact of a “big rock”.

He said: “Great name! Wouldn’t worry about this particular one, but a big rock will hit Earth eventually and we currently have no defence.”

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