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Future-proof your skincare regime with these tech-inspired beauty treatments

Patch it up

If you’ve already tried and celebrated the miracle of pimple patches but you’re looking to take it up a notch, the answer is finally here – patches with microneedles. Yup, teeny tiny needles you place onto your skin to help with everything from acne breakouts to collagen production. OK, sure it sounds scary, but the whole process is actually kinda cool. The patches (or stickers if you’d prefer to call them something that sounds less like a nicotine supplement) contain super fine points that are filled with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, peptides and amino acids. 

These points prick your skin in the smallest and gentlest way and push the ingredients down into the depths of your soul, ahh skin, to nourish it with rejuvenating goodness. What follows is soft, bright and wrinkle-free skin. Best of all, the needles are so micro (thinner than a hair follicle) they don’t hurt, and you can complete the treatment at home. No pain, but lots o’ gain.

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