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15 faux plants that look as good as the real thing

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No care needed.
No care needed.

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Within five seconds of scrolling down your Instagram feed, you’re bound to come across some super aesthetically pleasing, boho-as-hell interior design photos. And what do you always see in them? Plants. So many damn plants. Where do they get the time to water all of those? 

Many of us want our homes to basically look like a nursery, but not all of us were gifted with a green thumb at birth (and that’s nothing to be ashamed of, by the way). Us plant-inept folk just can’t seem to stop accidentally murdering our photosynthetic friends, either due to pure obliviousness or a streak of bad luck (it’s definitely just bad luck, right?). But, that doesn’t mean we don’t also deserve a totally chic abode like the more graceful plant caretakers. 

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Luckily, faux plants are a thing — ones that you don’t have to feed, water, re-pot, or place in perfect lighting conditions. Just try to kill one. You can’t. Because they are not real. 

And they look (almost) just as good as their living counterparts. Check these out. 

Who wouldn’t want to display this beautiful thing right in the center of their living room? Also, it’ll “live” forever. So that’s good!

You can’t really go wrong with The Sill, whether you’re getting something living or not. We liked this one, but they have a lot of other (albeit pricey) options on their website

Top off your zen sanctuary with this bonsai plant that’ll bring a sense of calm to any window sill or countertop.

You can group them all together, or spread them around like some sort of plant-based Easter bunny. 

A cactus that won’t actually prick you

Finally, a cactus that won’t attempt to kill you or your pets (although your cat might think it’s a scratching post). 

Well ain’t that pretty? Spruce up your nightstand or add a flourish to your dinner table with this dainty faux orchid. 

A smorgasbord of succulents? Yes, please. Mount this planter on the wall for bonus points (or don’t, that’s fine too). 

A tropical areca for year-round beach vibes

Can’t go on vacay at the moment? Bring the vacay to you instead and imagine that you’re poolside with a piña colada. 

This one also gives off that tropical feeling and has the capacity to hit most studio apartment ceilings. 

Some baby’s breath for a nice little accent piece

Extra credit: Put them in this little glass milk jar to really pull the look together. 

A staple for plant-loving homes, just without the stress of having to climb up on a ladder to water it. 

A floor plant with a little pop of color

This plant kind of looks like it has fingers, but it’ll add a cool splash of yellow to your space — and it’ll brighten up your day. We swear.

A decorative plant that’s perfect for your work desk

Have the whole office “oo-ing” and “ah-ing” at the new greenery in your workspace. Just be prepared to explain why nobody ever sees you watering it.

Add some pizzazz to that desk plant, baby!

Or just get a pair, because your desk can never be too cluttered (right?) 

Somebody is going to have to stop you soon if you keep putting plants everywhere (but you should keep doing it anyway). 

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