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Alien ‘gun’ on Mars: UFO hunter urges Elon Musk to retrieve it ‘Imagine the leap forward’

enthusiasts believe they have spotted an object on Mars which appears to be a gun. The object is among the dust and rubble on Mars, and has the characteristics of a classic black handgun.

Prominent hunter Scott C Waring spotted the supposed gun, stating it is evidence of intelligent life on the Red Planet.

Mr Waring has urged tech billionaire, who is South African by birth, to retrieve the object, as it would set America well ahead of its rivals.

Writing on his blog ET Database, Mr Waring wrote: “Elon Musk loves a good challenge and he loves America and puts a lot of effort into technology to move America forward, so I wonder if Elon would be able to retrieve the alien hand gun on Mars?

“I mean its small, about half a meter and would be possible to have such an item retrieved by a special SpaceX rover and brought back to earth.

“I know Elon created the awesome flamethrower we all know and love, but this is the gun of his dreams.

“Just imagine what kind of leap forward Elon Musk would take us if he managed to retrieve this hand gun from Mars.

“He would probably learn a lot from the alien tech and maybe put some of that into his incredible inventions.

“By retrieving the gun, Elon Musk would not take America years into the future, but millenniums.”

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