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UFO sighting over New York similar to spaceship seen by John Lennon – claim

A video has emerged of what appears to be a fleet of flying disks hovering over New York City. In the video, two strange objects can be seen flying across the sky on a grew day. According to alien hunters, it is “proof” extraterrestrials are in New York City.

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring said on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “The UFO at first is just a dark glint in the sky, but when I took a screenshot, I quickly realised that its was a silver disk.

“The disk is not alone, but seems to be a few others also seen in the video.

“The objects are hovering over a SmashBurger shop in New York City. Absolute proof of aliens in New York City.”

The sighting made conspiracy theorists reminiscent of the time John Lennon supposedly spotted a UFO in New York.

Mr Waring continued: “Oh and remember that John Lennon and his wife also saw a similar shaped disk back in 1974 in their penthouse apartment on top of the building in New York City. UFOs love New York.”

In 1974, the former Beatle claimed he spotted a circular UFO outside of his bedroom.

Mr Lennon told Andy Warhol: “I was lying naked on my bed, when I had this urge.

“So I went to the window, just dreaming around in my usual poetic frame of mind.

“There, as I turned my head, hovering over the next building, no more than 100 feet away was this thing with ordinary electric light bulbs flashing on and off round the bottom, one non-blinking red light on top.”

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