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Harry and Meghan’s move after backlash

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made two new additions to their press team, hiring a PR lead and press secretary.

The couple have been building their US team ahead of launching their Archwell charity, after losing their royal press staff when they quit the monarchy.

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So who have they chosen?

Former Pinterest head of communications Christine Schirmer was hired to lead their press team, while Toya Holness, former footballer and past communications director, signed on to be their new press secretary.


As PRWeek reports, the new staff additions were confirmed by Harry and Meghan’s PR firm, Sunshine Sachs.

They have made these new hires in order to help them launch the charity Archewell, which was named in honour of their son.

However, the news comes after the pair were criticised for earlier media moves in recent weeks.

This week, they were slammed by critics for hiring a celebrity photographer to take photos of them laying wreaths on Remembrance Day.

They were pictured laying flowers on the graves of two Commonwealth soldiers, one of which was from the Royal Australian Airforce and one from the Royals Canadian Arillery.

Meghan and Harry copped backlash for this ‘PR’ moment.
media_cameraMeghan and Harry copped backlash for this ‘PR’ moment.

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Celebrity photographer Lee Morgan who captured the photos has previously worked with celebrities like Kanye West and Vogue magazine.

One of the critics included the outspoken Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, who often speaks out against Meghan.

He wrote, “Just outrageous – treating Remembrance Sunday like a PR opportunity.”

Responding to another person on Twitter who defended the couple and suggested he leave them alone, Morgan wrote: “If they wanted to be’ ‘left alone’, they wouldn’t do PR stunts every day to get media attention.”

ITV News Royal Editor Chris Ship tweeted out the photos, which were also met with a mixed response from those on social media.

“Really don’t understand the need for this photo shoot?” asked one follower.

“Who brings a photographer to a cemetery?” asked another.

Others were more supportive: “Lovely to see them today paying their respects and such a shame it wasn’t at the cenotaph in London. Keep up the good work Harry & Meghan,” wrote one royal watcher.

Harry and Meghan’s Remembrance Day visit comes after Buckingham Palace reportedly “refused” permission for a wreath to be laid on his behalf at the Cenotaph war memorial in London.

The Times reported that Harry personally made the request to Buckingham Palace, but was denied by courtiers on the grounds that he no longer represents the monarchy since leaving the royal family earlier this year.

The Queen was reportedly not made aware of her grandson’s request – and Harry was said to be “deeply saddened” by the rejection.

It is rumoured that these new hires will help the couple avoid future PR blunders like this.

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