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Keep track of your stuff and save up to 33% on Tile Bluetooth trackers

SAVE UP TO 33%: Tile item finders are on sale on Amazon as of Nov. 18, saving you up to 33% on list price.

Are you the type of person that always loses their keys, phone, and everything else? Or do you know a forgetful individual who could use some help? Either way, Tile’s popular range of item finders should be something to consider.

Using your smartphone, you can make Tile item finders ring, helping you to find all the things you keep losing. If you can’t find your phone, you can press the tracker to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. If you lose your Tile Pro, the Tile app running on your phone will send location updates to your app, letting you know where your Tile is located. Basically, you’re covered.

Amazon is offering a range of discounted Tile item finder as part of its pre-Black Friday sale. These deals are only available until Nov. 19, so you’ll need to act fast to secure these prices:

The updated Tile Mate is a versatile and cost-effective tracker for everyday things, with a 200-foot range. Attach it to your keys and backpacks and use the free app to find them.

The Tile Mate and Tile Slim Bluetooth tracker bundle is perfect for keeping track of everyday essentials like your keys, wallet, bag, and laptop. Attach the Mate to your keys and the Slim can slide in your wallet.

This Tile bundle provides high-performance finders for your essentials. The Tile Pro has a 400-foot range, with a durable design that can be added to your electronics, luggage, and more. The Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards and easily slides into your wallet or passport case.  

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