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The best big-data iPhone deals this Black Friday

TL;DR: Fonehouse is offering a wide range of big-data deals for Black Friday, with the iPhone 12 available for £48 per month.

There are absolutely loads of impressive smartphone deals knocking about this Black Friday, and the latest batch should appeal to data-hungry users.

Fonehouse has launched a wide range of big-data deals on popular handsets like the iPhone XR, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Samsung Galaxy S20. You can also pick up the iPhone 12 for £48 per month with 100GB of data.

We’ve checked out everything on offer from the popular retailer, and these are the best deals to consider this Black Friday:

Each handset comes in a bunch of colours, so you should be able to find something that’s just right. If you can’t, then we’re sure something will turn up. We’re expecting plenty more smartphone deals as we get closer to Black Friday, so patience is key.

Save on data-heavy deals this Black Friday.

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