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Get a Roomba 981 robot vacuum and an Echo Dot for over $200 off

SAVE UP TO $237.58: As of Feb. 19, get the iRobot Roomba 981 robot vacuum for only $349.99, and choose to add on an Echo Dot smart speaker for an additional $10.

Cleaning your own floors is so 2020 (and after last year, we all deserve a break from housework). Level up your home cleaning game with an iRobot Roomba 981 robot vacuum, which has a ton of smart features to keep your home clean — and you won’t have to lift a finger. If you’ve always dreamed of telling your Roomba when to clean without pressing any buttons, go for the discounted Roomba 981 and Echo Dot bundle, and cleaning is as easy as saying “Alexa, tell Roomba to vacuum.” 

The iRobot Roomba 981 is sitting at its lowest Amazon price ever, according to price tracker  camelcamelcamel — the current $349.99 pricing is about $50 lower than the previous all-time low of $400. When you choose to add on an Echo Dot in the limited-time bundle deal, you’ll save a total of $237.58 ($40 less than if you bought the on-sale Roomba 981 and the full priced Echo Dot separately). 

The Roomba 981 is ideal for pet hair, big messes, and for folks who want their robot vacuum to anticipate their cleaning needs. The 981 will learn your preferred cleaning habits, and will offer customized cleaning schedules based on your past cleaning history, outdoor pollen count, and pet shedding season. The high-efficiency filter traps 99% of pet dander, dust, and dirt, so your home will be left allergen-free after a deep clean.

With 10 times the suction of the Roomba 600 series, this robot vacuum can tackle even the biggest messes, and it’ll automatically increase suction to deep clean rugs and carpets. If it’s running low on battery, your Roomba will go to the dock to charge up, then return to the exact spot it left off to finish the job. 

Control your robot vacuum through the app or use an Alexa-enabled smart device for hands-free voice control — and if you don’t already have an Alexa device, the Roomba 981 plus Echo Dot bundle is a steal. You can make cleaning smarter and easier (and save a chunk of money) with the Roomba 981 or the Roomba 981 plus Echo Dot bundle. Grab them now to save up to $237.58 while they’re at their lowest Amazon prices ever.

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