Jon Jones Will Beat Up Israel Adesanya, Says Derek Brunson

Website peddling 26 million stolen credit and debit cards got hacked

Not even professional digital fraudsters are immune to getting hacked. 

This was made abundantly clear today following a report by Krebs on Security that an online shop offering approximately 26 million stolen debit and credit card numbers for sale was itself the victim of a hack. And, perhaps best of all, the site's entire purloined library might have been tainted in the process. 

Krebs on Security notes that the carding site in question, BriansClub, appears to have gathered its stolen card numbers over the course of the past four years from both online and physical retail stores. The site's FAQ page explains that it "[sells] the dumps (track2/track1) with country, state, city, zip information (optional) and CVV2 cards."

Track 1 and Track 2 refer to different bits-per-inch encoded data on credit cards' magnetic stripes.

A screenshot of the "dumps" page on BriansClub.

A screenshot of the "dumps" page on BriansClub.

Image: screenshot / briansclub

According to Brian Krebs, the noted cybersecurity reporter who runs Krebs on Security, last month he was sent a file allegedly containing BriansClub's entire database of stolen cards. Some of the cards in the file matched redacted versions on sale at BrainsClub, lending credence to the claim that the file was legitimate. 

This hack might have simply been a reminder that nothing online is secure — even sites designed to thrive off that insecurity — were it not for what came next. 

"All of the card data stolen from BriansClub," writes Krebs, "was shared with multiple sources who work closely with financial institutions to identify and monitor or reissue cards that show up for sale in the cybercrime underground."

In other words, there is a decent chance that a large percentage of these card numbers are now flagged as having been compromised. 

To make this entire situation even more ridiculous, BriansClub was reportedly named after Brian Krebs as some sort of joke. 

Notably, for all those stressing carde out there, BriansClub does claim to offer refunds. "For invalid cards you will get refund immediately," reads the site's FAQ. 

We reached out to the BriansClub site admin via its support ticket page for comment on the alleged hack and the possibility that its cards are now worthless. We received no immediate response. 

Perhaps whoever runs BriansClub is too busy processing refund requests. 

How ‘Lady and the Tramp’ Filmed the Classic Spaghetti Dinner Scene With Real Dogs (Exclusive)

How 'Lady and the Tramp' Filmed the Classic Spaghetti Dinner Scene With Real Dogs (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

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Bible revelation: Richard Dawkins reveals Charles Darwin theory for Noah’s Ark

The theory of evolution by natural selection, first formulated in Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" in 1859, is the process by which organisms change over time as a result of changes in heritable physical or behavioural traits. Changes that allow an organism to better adapt to its environment will help it survive and have more offspring. However, Richard Dawkins has shockingly claimed this same idea can be used to prove Noah’s Ark is a myth.

The vessel in the Genesis flood narrative of the Bible is used by God to spare Noah, his family and a selection of the world’s animals from a great flood.

According to the fourth verse of the eighth chapter, following the disaster, Noah's Ark landed on the "mountains of Ararat,” and this is what Dawkins has a problem with.

In his new book, “Outgrowing God,” he wrote: “Bible-believing Christians in Kentucky raised the money to build a gigantic Noah’s Ark for people to pay to visit.

“But you’d think they might have given a bit more thought to the story.

“If the tale of Noah were true, the places where we find each animal should show a pattern of spreading out from the spot where the biblical Ark finally came to rest when the flood subsided – Mount Ararat in Turkey.

“Instead, what we actually see is that each continent and island has its own unique animals.”

Dawkins went on to point out how different animals originate from all four corners of the globe.

He added: “Marsupials in Australia, South America and New Guinea, anteater and sloths in South America, lemurs in Madagascar. 

“Do people think the kangaroos came bounding out of the Ark and hopped all the way to Australia without having any children on the way?

JUST IN: Moon landing: How NASA employee revealed odds of ‘total destruction’ given to astronauts

“The lemurs – all 101 pairs of them – made a beeline for Madagascar and nowhere else?

“In fact, of course, all the animals and their fossils, are exactly where they should be according to the principle of evolution.”

He went on to make a loose connection to Darwinism, claiming the late biologist of the 19th century felt the same as him.

He continued: “This was one of the main pieces of evidence Charles Darwin used.

“Ancestral marsupial mammals evolved separately in Australia over millions of years, branching into lots of different marsupials – kangaroos, koalas, opossums, quokkas, phalangers, and so on.

"A different set of mammals evolved in South America, branching over millions of years, into sloths, anteaters, armadillos and their kind.

“Yet another set in Africa, and another set, and so on.”

In the Bible, the miracle stories include faith healing, exorcism, resurrection, control over nature and forgiveness of sins.

For many Christians, these are seen as actual events, but others, including many liberal Christians, consider the stories to be figurative.

In addition, there have also been some bizarre discoveries on Mount Ararat.

Amazon Prime’s “Mysteries” documentary revealed how one man scaled the huge rock formation.

The 2009 series revealed: “In 1955 French industrialist Fernand Navarra and his son scaled the northwest slope of Mt Ararat searching for the ark.

“They made their way into a deep fault in the glacier and discovered a five-foot piece of ancient wood. 

“It was not a part of a tree, but obviously something that had been cut. 

“Navarra’s book 'Noah’s Ark: I touched it' created an international sensation. 

Thoughtful Quotes About Parenthood From Joan Cusack

Joan Cusack has played many mom parts in films and TV shows, but it’s also a role she plays in real life.

The actor and her husband, Richard Burke, have two grown sons, Dylan and Miles. Since becoming a mom in 1997, she has shared snippets of her family life in Chicago during various interviews.

In honor of her birthday, here are 18 quotes about parenthood from Cusack.

On Raising Her Family In Chicago

“As my kids would say, ‘Chicago is awesome!’ It has rich culture and history, as well as some of the best museums, architecture and restaurants in the world. Plus, it prevents our family life from revolving around TV and the movies. In L.A. it’s easy to get caught up in what you look like or how much money you have, and those aren’t values I want my kids to adopt.”

On Her Hopes For Her Kids

“I want my kids to experience passion. I want them to see that I have things I feel passionate about because it is such a great feeling to really love something. My parents had five kids and we are all close. We were a traditional family. My mom didn’t have a job, she was just raising kids. My dad went out to work. He was a really funny man, very silly. He loved comedy. We would watch Mel Brooks movies and Monty Python and he would always find some humor in everything. He made home movies of us, and he would show them in the backyard. He was great fun.”

On Her Advice For Other Parents

“Don’t live vicariously through your kids or try to shape them into who you wanted to be, like the popular kid or an athlete. Children should be given the opportunity to be themselves.”

On The Traits She Wants To Instill In Her Kids

“Characteristics like honesty, integrity and compassion are important but I really want to foster each one’s sense of self. I want them to be able to recognize a challenge and meet it head-on without fear.”

On The Beauty Of Parenthood

“As a parent, you have to figure out how to shape your kid’s character. You want to have human beings who learn about good character. You have to be able to see your child with clarity, see the good side and the bad side of them, and work on the bad side and make them better so they fulfill their potential. You have to make them do stuff they don’t want to do, like take out the trash, while instilling in them all those difficult virtues that are not just about impulse gratification. Then there are those incredible moments when you see that they have learned or ‘got’ something. You see a quality in them that reminds you of your dad ― there’s all the joy of being a parent. It’s absolutely true that you would sacrifice your life for them.”

On Wanting To Raise Confident Kids

“I hope they’re never as shy as I am ― whether it’s around new people, big groups, or in a job interview. I want them to be able to relax without getting nervous. I think acting has helped me come out of my shell, because when I play a character I can’t be self-conscious.”

On Being Present But Not Overbearing

“I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but I want to be there and help them grow. I can work ... I love working. And I think it’s good for your soul to work, and I want to work. But I also want to be able to be there to help them.”

On Her Parents’ Influence

“My dad was a very funny man ― he’s the one who taught me life would be awfully hard without humor! I’m sure his Irish wit in some way influenced my decision to become an actress. And my mom was politically active, so I try to educate Dylan and Miles about what’s going on in the world.”

On What Impresses Her Kids About Her Career

“Being in ‘Toy Story 2’ with Buzz Lightyear when Dylan was younger. But now they’re more impressed that I was in ‘School of Rock.’ Their friends thought it was awesome that I played the principal.”

On The Timelessness Of Parenthood

“It’s a thing primordial. It’s a thing that’s timeless about life. They’ve existed forever and they’ll continue to exist forever. As long as there are humans, there will be mothers and fathers and children. And you’ll either be a parent or a child, or both.”

On Teaching Her Kids About The World

“I think children are naturally curious, and I try to just encourage that.”

On The Hardest Part Of Being A Parent

“Juggling parental responsibilities with those of being a wife and a career woman ― while also being a member of school and church communities ― is difficult. Every day I feel like I dropped the ball somewhere, but I’ve learned not to beat myself up over it because that won’t help. I try to be a role model to my sons by showing them that no matter what kind of mistake a person makes, she can always get back up again and give it another shot.”

On Stressing About College Early On

“I have friends that are going through that stuff. There are some parents whose kids are in grade school who do think about colleges, and fortunately, I don’t have that particular burden.”

On Teaching Her ‘City Kids’ About Nature And Science

“I heard once that if you just don’t worry about everything being clean all the time, and let them makes messes occasionally, or let them look at what happens with the milk that spilled on the floor, how it travels or where it pools, that all can be naturally scientific. Granted, you have to be in the right mood!”

On Her Kids’ Knowledge Of Her Career

“They know about it and about some of the stuff that’s been in it ... We’ve had some really frank conversations where I’ve given truly Oscar-worthy performances of keeping a straight face when I was shocked and horrified about what they knew about.”

On Being A Parent, Not A Friend

“It’s harder to not be your kid’s friend but it’s more important. It’s another level of love that’s hard to understand. If you’re just their friend, you wouldn’t care as much as you do because you care at such a big level about your kids. You want to help shape them so you’re thinking about all aspects of them. A friend is really just a smaller relationship than what a mom really wants to do.”

On Keeping Her Family Grounded

“It’s that very laid-back Midwestern attitude that helps a lot! And recognizing when people are getting too stressed out and finding something relaxing and/or authentically fun to do.”

On Work-Life Balance

“My kids are my first priority always.”

Black Panther Spotted Roaming Rooftops Of Lille, France

PARIS (AP) — Emergency workers caught an unusual prowler lurking around rooftops in northern France: a black panther.

Firefighters and a veterinarian responded after residents of a neighborhood near Lille reported that a big cat had been spotted “strolling on residential gutters” on Wednesday night.

Photos taken after the fire brigade’s arrival captured the panther making itself at home above ground, perching on building ledges and pacing outside a closed window.

After firefighters secured a precautionary perimeter, the curious cat burglar slipped inside a house and workers trapped it.

The animal was put to sleep with a drug dart and put in a cage. It wasn’t clear where the panther came from or if it had escaped from a zoo.

Fotografía proporcionada por la Brigada de Bomberos del norte de Francia de una pantera en la canaleta de un edificio en Arme


Fotografía proporcionada por la Brigada de Bomberos del norte de Francia de una pantera en la canaleta de un edificio en Armentieres, Francia, el miércoles 18 de septiembre de 2019. (Sapeurs-Pompiers du Nord vía AP)

UFC’s Joanna Jedrzejczyk Says Pre-Fight Weight Drama Was a ‘Mental Game’

6 states that recognized Indigenous Peoples’ Day this year

The second Monday in October, long referred to as “Columbus Day" in recognition of the Italian navigator Christopher Columbus, has increasingly come to be recognized as “Indigenous Peoples’ Day,” in cities and states across the U.S.

In an effort to better acknowledge the atrocities committed by Columbus and his crew against Indigenous communities in the Americas, Indigenous advocates have called for the day to instead recognize and celebrate the diverse cultures and traditions of Indigenous people. The effort has been a long one; the designation of Indigenous Peoples' Day was first proposed at a United Nations conference in 1977. 

The movement to change the title and focus of the day has gained momentum in recent years. Of the 13 states that officially acknowledge Indigenous Peoples’ Day, six did so for the first time this year. 

1. Louisiana 

Baley Champagne, a tribal citizen of the United Houma Nation, petitioned the office of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards earlier this year, requesting official recognition of Indigenous Peoples' Day from the state. Her request received a response on Sept. 11, just three weeks after she filed the request, according to KALB reporting. A month later, Indigenous Peoples' Day was officially celebrated in Louisiana. 

“We’re still here, but we’re not celebrated or recognized. We go unnoticed a lot,” Champagne told WAFB, a news station in Louisiana. “This proclamation brings a conversation, awareness, and recognition.” 

2. Maine 

Gov. Janet Mills signed a bill into law in April 2019 that would acknowledge Indigenous Peoples' Day in place of the former Columbus Day holiday within the state of Maine. 

Mills called it an "overdue step forward to heal past wrongs."

[embedded content]

3. Michigan 

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer issued a proclamation calling for Michigan's acknowledgement of Indigenous Peoples' Day. The proclamation urges  Michigan residents "to reflect upon the ongoing struggles of Indigenous peoples on this land, and to celebrate the thriving cultures and values that the Odawa, Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and other indigenous peoples contribute to society." 

While her proclamation extends only to Indigenous Peoples' Day in 2019, legislation in the state senate has called for changing the name permanently. Major cities in Michigan already celebrate the holiday on a city level, including Detroit and Ann Arbor. 

4. New Mexico 

In New Mexico, a state where Native Americans comprise 10.9% of the population according to U.S. census estimates, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham's decision this year to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day has big implications. 

“This new holiday will mark a celebration of New Mexico’s 23 sovereign indigenous nations and the essential place of honor native citizens hold in the fabric of our great state," Lujan Grisham told CNN. 

5. Wisconsin 

An executive order issued by Gov. Tony Evers last week makes this year's October holiday the first to be officially recognized as Indigenous Peoples' Day in Wisconsin. Evers' executive order also advocates for changes in Wisconsin schools, encouraging the day to be seen "as an opportunity to engage students across the state on the importance of Native American history, culture and tribal sovereignty.”

6. Vermont 

Vermont unofficially acknowledged Indigenous Peoples' Day since 2016, but 2019 marks the first year that Gov. Phil Scott also abolished Columbus Day.  

"I think that we need to rely on history and talk about history on all different levels," Scott said to WCAX, a local station. 

Upcoming DC Movies: The Full List From ‘The Batman’ to ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and More

Upcoming DC Movies: The Full List From 'The Batman' to 'Wonder Woman 1984' and More | Entertainment Tonight

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MH370 revelation: How plane’s co-pilot was ‘known to break aviation rules’

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. The missing Boeing 777 has not been located to this day and there are many theories as to what happened to it. The investigation naturally looked into those who could be responsible for the disappearance in the crew and passengers, in particular Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his co-pilot, Mr Hamid.

Mr Shah has come under intense scrutiny, with some suggesting he went on a suicide mission, after allegedly “practicing” the route on a home flight simulator.

However, Mr Hamid has also come under the spotlight in two documentaries which revealed he allegedly broke flight rules by having guests in the cockpit and smoking mid-flight. 

In 2011, he invited two women – Jonti Roos and Juan Maree from South Africa – into the cockpit during a one-hour flight from Phuket, Thailand, to Kuala Lumpur.

In ITN’s 2016 documentary ‘Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished – Air Crash investigation’, it was revealed this meant “there are questions about the character and professionalism of the 27-year-old”.

READ MORE: MH370 revelation: Why experts think plane ‘could have landed safely'

Ms Roos and Ms Maree took a selfie in the cockpit and claimed they sat in the two spare jump seats for the entire flight, including take-off and landing. 

Ms Roos said in 2014: “Throughout the entire flight [the pilots] were talking to us and they were actually smoking throughout the flight, which I don’t think they’re allowed to do.

“At one stage they were pretty much turned around the whole time in their seats talking to us.

“They were so engaged in conversation that he took my friend’s hand and he was looking at her palm and said ‘your hand is very creased, that means you’re a creative person’ and commented on her nail polish.”

David Gleave, an aviation expert from Loughborough University said this conduct was questionable, but not suspicious.

He said he believes Mr Hamid is just “a young man with normal desires”.

In 2019 Channel 5 documentary ‘Flight MH370’, it revealed: “[Mr Hamid] is rising up in his career – he is close to being fully qualified. The psychology doesn’t stack up.” 

Risk management consultant Dr Sally Leivesley insisted that people who commit serious workplace suicides usually have a history of depression and aggression.

She said no such psychology was indicated in the co-pilot, or indeed in the pilot or the rest of the crew.

However, another clue that the co-pilot may have been involved was that his phone was turned on mid-flight.

The signal was picked up by a ground station on Penang Island, northwest of Malaysia.


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