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Best VPN deals this week

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UFO sighting: Experts expose hoax footage of ‘white disk’ UFO filmed over South Korea

The bizarre anomaly was filmed earlier this month by an alleged eyewitness in South Korea. The video appears to show a white disk with a domed top hovering over a mountain range. A man can be heard talking in Korean and the UFO was supposedly brought forward by a bout of meditation.


The original clip has since been removed from YouTube but it was re-uploaded this week by UFO researcher and Scott C Waring.

Mr Waring is a popular promoter of supposed extraterrestrial phenomena who believes are hiding among us.

He took to his blog UFO Sightings Daily to discuss the South Korea video, branding it exquisite proof of his bizarre theories.

He said: “This is absolutely fantastic! A person in South Korea uses his meditation skills to summon UFOs to him and this time he does it to show his best friend (his dog… so cute) that they are real.

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UFO sighting: Supposed alien UFO over Korea

UFO sighting: A video claims to show a alien disk over South Korea (Image: UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY)

UFO sighting: White disk filmed over Korea

UFO sighting: Not everyone was convinced by the video footage (Image: UFO SIGHTINGS DAILY)

“I have tried meditation (mentally calling aliens) and it worked the first time with an orb coming two metres from my face (camera on tripod focused opposite direction so missed it), but on no other occasions did it work for me.

“This is 100 percent proof that sending telepathic messages to UFOs and aliens works!

“Mentally calling a UFO with kind and thoughtful thoughts… works.”

And the re-uploaded video gained some traction on YouTube as it was praised by some of Mr Waring’s followers.

One person said: “Looks just like the one that landed by the California wind farm.

“Another person chimed in: “Very cool looks similar to the UFO in Palm Springs.”

However, according to hoax buster Scott Brando, the video was forged by a smartphone app designed to create spoof videos like these.

Mr Brando runs the website, where he frequently breaks down UFO sightings and questionable reports.

Based on his analysis of the evidence, the same app was used to .

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UFO sighting: Flying saucer in the sky

UFO sighting: Do you believe aliens are visiting our planet? (Image: GETTY)

UFO sighting: UFO Video Camera on App Store

UFo sighting: The video made using the UFO Video Camera app on iOS (Image: APPLE/APP STORE)

The Twitter account tweeted yesterday: “A hoax channel published a video claiming some alleged UFOs filmed in South Korea, Dubai and Rome (Italy) was the same object taken by different witnesses.

“Nope, they used the same iOS App named ‘UFO Video Camera’ as I exposed in my latest YouTube video.”

In his video, Mr Brando stabilised the Korean video, exposing a strong jitter in the supposed UFO.

He said in the video: “Many hoax promoters shared two videos of alleged UFO sightings filmed in Korea a few days ago.

“Here’s what happens after stabilising those videos of alleged UFOs.

“What you’ve just seen is a bad motion tracking. This tells us those are just two fake videos.”

The UFO Video Camera app is branded an “augmented reality movie maker” that can impose alien objects onto real-time video footage.

The app description on the Apple App Store reads: “This app creates ultra-realistic UFO effects that appear as if they are really in the sky.

“UFO effects include: Fleet, Birther, Vortex, Exploding Moon, Triangular UFO Lights, Eclipse and more! There are UFO effects that work great in daylight and others in a night sky.”

Donald Trump ‘will win the election’ with God on his side, Christian evangelists claim


Another prominent evangelist has now come out in support of this message, suggesting Mr Trump’s stint in the White House is linked to Biblical prophecy.

Pastor Paul Begley of West Lafayette in Indiana, US, took to his YouTube channel to announce “there is no doubt” we are living in the end times.

The firebrand preacher hosts the weekly TV series The Coming Apocalypse and has more than 340,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Pastor Begley believes President Trump’s predicted second term in office is one link in a chain of events that will lead to the end of the world.

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Donald Trump and the Christian cross

Donald Trump will win the election, according to a pair of evangelists (Image: GETTY)

Donald Trump: The US President with thumbs up

Donald Trump hopes to secure another term in the White House (Image: GETTY)

Following Mr Robertson’s prophecy announcement, Pastor Begley said: “I’m gonna say that I agree with him on that, I really do. Trump will win the election.”

According to the bizarre prophecy, President Trump’s second term in office will be marked by civil unrest and chaos.

Mr Robertson predicts at least two attempts on President Trump’s life will take place, followed by a war in Israel.

Then, he said God will instigate a five-year period of peace.

But the prophecy took a turn for the worse as the evangelist claimed an asteroid will strike the planet afterwards, possibly ending the world as we know it.

Pastor Begley concurred, saying all of this can be backed up by passages in the Bible.

Trump will win the election

Pastor Paul Begley, The Coming Apocalypse

He said: “I can tell you if you study Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21, Daniel 7 and 8, Daniel 9, and then study 1 Thessalonians 4, 1 Thessalonians 5, 2 Thessalonians 2, also read 2 Peter 3, and then go read Revelation.

“You can definitely see the time we’re in. There’s no doubt about it, I mean, there’s not even a question about it guys. It’s unbelievable.”

And yet, none of these prophetic warnings seem to measure up to reality.

Not only is President Trump trailing behind in the polls, but there is also no asteroid or comet threatening to hit the planet in the next 100 years.

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US Election 2020: Key swing states mapped out

US Election 2020: The key swing states both candidates will look out for (Image: EXPRESS)

Donald Trump and Joe Biden at presidential debate

Donald Trump is trailing behind Joe Biden in the latest polls (Image: GETTY)

As of October 23, Poll aggregator FiveThirtyEight gives Mr Biden a narrow lead over his opponent.

A Muhlenberg College polls carried out in Pennsylvania predicts a seven-point lead for the Democrat.

Another poll by EPIC-MRA in Michigan predicts a nine-point lead over Mr Trump.

And unless an asteroid unexpectedly materialises out of thin air in the next five years, our home planet will avoid a date with Armageddon.

The US space agency NASA said: “No known asteroid poses a significant risk of impact with Earth over the next 100 years.”

From a religious perspective, the Bible advises against attempts to predict when the world will end.

Jesus Christ himself revealed in the Gospels that no one, including Him, will know when the hour will strike.

Matthew 24 reads: “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

“As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.

“For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away.

“That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of Man.”

UFO sighting: Claim ‘Alien fleet’ spotted flying over California – ‘Something big going on

experts have been excitedly poring-over a supposedly strange sighting over the US skies this week, which some have outlandishly suggested is evidence of alien visitors. Amateur video has gone viral online in the past few days because it apparently depicts an anomaly over Oakland, California.


The 90 second-long poor-quality clip seems to show more than a dozen bright lights clearly visible against brilliant blue sky.

This is a lot of UFOs moving fast and low over Oakland, California three days ago

Scott Waring

The person shooting the footage on the smartphone is heard sounding slightly dumbstruck by what he is seeing.

Well-known alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring believes what the man has captured warrants further investigation.

Mr Waring took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate about the highly-dubious discovery.

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UFO sighting: A video clip has supposedly captured an alien fleet over the US

UFO sighting: A video clip has supposedly captured an alien fleet over the US (Image: UFO Sightings Daily)

He said: “For the life of me I just could not see any wings on these objects in the sky, but just like the eyewitness.

“At first I thought it was a flock of birds, but its not.

“Guys, this is a lot of UFOs moving fast and low over Oakland, California three days ago.

“Something big is going on for so many UFO sightings world-wide to be occurring.

UFO sightings are often fake

UFO sightings are often fake (Image: Getty)

UFO sighting: This image was captured over Massachusetts

UFO sighting: This image was captured over Massachusetts in the 1950s (Image: Getty)

“UFOs often try to disguise themselves with cloaks, clouds, fog, impersonating planes and even trying to look like birds.

“Be warned, sometimes what you see are what aliens want you to see.”

The UFO enthusiast also includes quotes from the original – and unnamed – eyewitness of the so-called “fleet” of alien craft.

They said: “A friend and I went on our break at Walmart when we noticed a silver looking object crossing the sky.

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“The sun was reflecting off of it as it spun. At first I thought it was a helium balloon because of the colour but then my friend said it stopped moving.

“I then went to activate my video recorder on my phone but then noticed a V-shaped formation of white lights crossing the blue sky.

“I started recording them instead of the the silver thing.

“The V shaped suddenly changed into a C-shape as if on command.

UFO sighting: drake equation

UFO sighting: A life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring believes the man captured a UFO fleet (Image: Express)

“I knew they were not birds because they were moving too fast and these things didn’t have wings flapping.

“They also stayed in perfect formation even when changing shape.

“They looked like Tic-Tacs or oval-shaped. No sound or exhaust.”

However, the latest sensationalist claims made Mr Waring are yet again easily debunked.

The video has captured nothing more exciting than a flock of white birds flying in formation.

YouTube Paul Stevenson is one of the scores of people who took to social media to discuss the incident.

He wrote: “You need to take the initiative to post videos of better quality.

“This spinning shaky camera work should not have been posted if you want people to take you and your subject matter seriously. And BTW, it was just birds.”

Retired Air Force Lt. Col. Made Bold UFO Claim In His Final Interview

A retired Air Force official in charge of one of its most famous UFO research efforts said before his death last year that the effort may have been scuttled not because it was fruitless, but just the opposite. 

In a clip from the new documentary “The Phenomenon,” Lt. Col. Robert Friend pointed to the sudden closure of Project Blue Book in 1969. 

“Which would suggest what?” he asked before answering his own question: “That they knew what it was.”   

James Fox, the film’s director added: “Or didn’t know what it was.”

But Friend, who led Project Blue Book from 1958-1963, persisted. 

“Also the other way,” Friend replied with a telling grin. “That they did know what it was.”  

Officially, the project was shuttered despite some 700 open cases because it “no longer can be justified either on the ground of national security or in the interest of science.” 

But Friend, who died last year at the age of 99, suggested in his last interview that the shutdown could have been for another reason:

Friend, who was one of the Tuskegee Airmen during WWII and the only Black leader of Project Blue Book, heading it during the civil rights movement, was originally skeptical of claims that aliens had ever made the long trip to Earth. 

“Do I believe that we have been visited? No, I don’t believe that,” he told HuffPost in 2012. “And the reason I don’t believe it is because I can’t conceive of any of the ways in which we could overcome some of these things: How much food would you have to take with you on a trip for 22 years through space? How much fuel would you need? How much oxygen or other things to sustain life do you have to have?”

However, Friend also called for more study and said he believes there could be life elsewhere.

“I think that anytime there’s a possibility of scientific pay dirt from studying these phenomena, that yes, it would be much better if the government or some other agency was to take on these things and to pursue the scientific aspects of it,” he said. 

More recent revelations indicate that the U.S. government’s interest in UFOs didn’t end with Project Blue Book but have continued in other forms, much of which is detailed in “The Phenomenon.” 

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said in the film that the federal government has been covering up UFOs and that most of the evidence “hasn’t seen the light of day.” 

The Phenomenon” is currently available via VOD.

Trump called NYC a ‘ghost town’ and New Yorkers fired back with ‘Ghostbusters’ memes

President Donald Trump called New York City a “ghost town” during the third and (thank God) final debate on Thursday evening. 

New Yorkers, as New Yorkers are wont to do, rushed to defend their city. The jokes flew in because, quite frankly, as a New Yorker living in New York, the city is not a ghost town. Far from it. 

People made jokes about what kind of, erm, ghosts were in New York, including scenes from Ghostbusters. They also made memes because, well, of course. And people also posted images and videos of actual New York City, as bright and lively as the country’s largest city could be in a deadly pandemic. 

So no, New York is not a ghost town because the city was hit hard by the pandemic. Just ask a New Yorker. They are more than happy to tell you about it. 

Uber and Lyft drivers are employees, Californian appeals court affirms

The battle over Uber and Lyft drivers’ status saw a significant development Thursday. A Californian appeals court has unanimously upheld a ruling that the ride-hailing companies’ drivers must be classified as employees, meaning they’re eligible for healthcare, paid sick leave, and other such benefits.

The stay on the Superior Court’s August injunction will therefore soon be lifted, requiring Uber and Lyft to provide these benefits to drivers.

“[Uber and Lyft describe] the injunction here as ‘radical’ and ‘unprecedented,'” wrote Justice Jon Streeter in his 74-page ruling. “But these adjectives perhaps say more about the reach of modern technology and the scale of today’s technology-driven commerce than they do about the order itself… It is broad in scope, no doubt, but so too is the scale of the alleged violations.”

Workers’ rights campaigners are thrilled with the decision.

“This decision makes it abundantly clear that Uber and Lyft have been breaking the law for years,” San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera said in a statement. “For too long Uber and Lyft have illegally denied their drivers basic workplace protections and shifted that burden onto drivers and taxpayers.”

“This is a huge victory for workers,” driver advocacy group Gig Workers Rising told Mashable. “Uber and Lyft drivers deserve basic protections and benefits… This is about the future of work in this country. This is about securing good jobs with real benefits for generations to come.”

Uber and Lyft were less happy with the appellate court’s decision. “This ruling makes it more urgent than ever for voters to stand with drivers and vote yes on Prop. 22,” Lyft spokesperson Julie Wood told Mashable.

“Today’s ruling means that if the voters don’t say Yes on Proposition 22, rideshare drivers will be prevented from continuing to work as independent contractors, putting hundreds of thousands of Californians out of work and likely shutting down ridesharing throughout much of the state,” said an Uber spokesperson.

Proposition 22 is a Californian ballot measure that has been backed by various delivery and ride-hailing companies, including Uber and Lyft. If passed in November, it will give drivers limited benefits but keep them classified as independent contractors.

Uber claims 72 percent of drivers support Prop. 22, citing a survey of 718 drivers that the company commissioned. The company also argues that treating drivers as employees would cause prices to rise. 

However, Gig Workers Rising told Mashable it considers Prop. 22 a “dangerous and deceptive” attempt to deny drivers their legal rights as employees. 

“First the state legislature, then the governor, and now the courts have all agreed that drivers are employees under state law, and Prop. 22 is nothing more than an attempt by multi-billion dollar gig companies to undo that recognition,” said Gig Workers Rising, urging Californians to vote against the proposition.

The group further dismissed Uber and Lyft’s threats to suspend services or withdraw from California if forced to treat drivers as employees, calling it “a bluff intended to scare voters during this election.” 

“These companies have never pulled out of a market as large as California before, even when cities across the world have sought to ensure they comply with local labor laws,” said Gig Workers Rising. “It’s important drivers and riders don’t get distracted by Uber & Lyft fear-mongering… We cannot allow corporations to blackmail us into voting in their best interests.”

“When Prop. 22 is defeated, the companies’ bag of tricks will have shrunk, as both voters and now the courts will have recognized that gig workers should receive employee benefits, protections, and wages.”

Uber and Lyft will continue to operate as normal for now, as the ruling won’t take effect immediately. The appeals court still has to transfer jurisdiction of the case back to the lower courts, which may take a few months, and the stay on the injunction will expire 30 days after that. However it may be extended again if Uber and Lyft file another appeal, a move that both companies are considering.

Pay nothing upfront for the iPhone 12 with this clever trick

TL;DR: Order the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and pay nothing upfront when you trade-in select handsets.

There is always quite a lot of fuss whenever Apple launches a new set of iPhones, and this year is no different. We’ve seen absolutely loads of impressive deals dropping since Apple’s announcement, and the latest option should appeal to dedicated fans of the iPhone.

You can now get your hands on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro and pay nothing upfront if you trade-in the iPhone XS Max or iPhone 11 Pro respectively. This deal is offered by, with cheap monthly rates:

  • iPhone 12 (54GB data) — £30 per month and free upfront when you trade-in a working iPhone XS Max 

  • iPhone 12 Pro (54GB data) — £30 per month and free upfront when you trade-in a working iPhone 11 Pro

We realise that this deal is only really attractive to those with one of the select handsets, but if you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone, this could be your best option to save.

Pay nothing upfront for the new iPhone 12 with

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Life after death: DeGrasse Tyson’s ‘intriguing’ observation after possibility of God probe

The idea centres around the belief that the essential part of a human’s identity continues even after the body dies. There are many different theories as to how this may play out, with different religions having their own ideas on whether it is a spiritual realm or through reincarnation. The foundation for such claims come from scores of witness testimonies from near-death experiences – where people recall events which prove difficult to rationally explain.


And famed American astrophysicist Dr Tyson was asked where he stood on the matter during an interview with Robert Krulwich.

He said: “We have people who are in the act of dying and they come back from life and they report on mental experiences, that’s intriguing.

“But because it is in the realm of eyewitness testimony, you can establish it only as a personal truth, but it will take more than that for it to be an objective truth.

“An objective truth is the kind of truth science discovers and it’s true whether or not you believe in it.

Neil deGrasse Tyson shared his views on life after death

Neil deGrasse Tyson shared his views on life after death (Image: GETTY)

Dr Tyson was appearing at a talk in 2017

Dr Tyson was appearing at a talk in 2017 (Image: YOUTUBE)

“It exists outside of culture, religion and political affiliation.”

Dr Tyson went on to detail the evidence he would like to see that would prove this “personal truth”.

He added in: “So Jesus is your saviour, that’s your personal truth, you cannot convince someone else that Jesus is their saviour in an objective way.

“You have to persuade them, so if you can perform a miracle, that would be amazing.

“We would investigate that, it would be an amazing thing.

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Dr Tyson shared his views on God

Dr Tyson shared his views on God (Image: YOUTUBE)

“If we cannot account for that with no other known laws of physics and it’s only happening with you, it would be so easy to demonstrate divinity if you had the power you wanted to display.”

The question came after Dr Tyson was asked during another interview to detail his thoughts on God.

He admitted: “The more I look at the universe, the less convinced I am that there is something benevolent going on.

“If your concept of a creator is someone who is all-powerful, and all good, that’s not an uncommon pairing of creators.

“I look at disasters that inflict Earth – volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, disease, pestilence – you look at this list of ways life is made miserable by way of natural causes.

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Dr Tyson said he would be happy to be proved wrong

Dr Tyson said he would be happy to be proved wrong (Image: GETTY)

Humans have been fascinated with life after death for years

Humans have been fascinated with life after death for years (Image: GETTY)

“Philosophers rose up and said God is either not all-powerful, or not all good.”

But the Director of the Hayden Planetarium said he would not push his views on anyone else.

He continued to CBS in 2017: “I have no problem if as we probe the origins of things we bump into God, if that happens, we are good to go – not a problem.

“There’s just no evidence yet and that’s why religions are called faiths because you believe in them in the absence of evidence.

“So I remain unconvinced, but if you have evidence, bring it.

“But what I believe should be irrelevant to anyone.”