Matt Lauer’s Wife, Annette Roque, Files For Divorce

Annette Roque, the wife of former “Today” show host Matt Lauer, has filed for divorce two years after NBC fired the anchor after he was accused of sexually assaulting and harassing co-workers over the course of years.

USA Today and “Entertainment Tonight” confirmed on Wednesday that Roque, a former Dutch model, filed for divorce from Lauer, 61, in Suffolk County Court in New York on July 2.

The two separated after reports surfaced in November 2017 claiming Lauer had sexually assaulted a staffer at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. An investigation by Vanity Fair detailed accusations against the longtime NBC anchor, which included Lauer showing his penis to a female co-worker, giving a sex toy to another female colleague and making inappropriate sexual remarks about his colleagues.

NBC fired Lauer in November of that year, and “Today” co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb announced his departure on air.

A day after his firing, Laure apologized for his misconduct in a statement that was also read on “Today” by his former colleagues. However, he categorized some of the accusations as “untrue and mischaracterized.”

“Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed,” the statement read.

Five months after Lauer was ousted from NBC, the company completed an internal investigation into the accusations and concluded that the sexual misconduct claims made by four women were credible.

Lauer and Roque have been married since 1998 and are the parents of an 18-year-old son, 15-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.

Orange Seagull Is Actually Covered In Curry Powder

A seagull was found last week covered in curry powder and … orange you wondering how it happened?

So are the employees at the animal wildlife hospital where the seagull was taken after it was found alongside a highway near Buckinghamshire, U.K., on July 1, according to CBS News.

It seems the brightly colored bird somehow got doused in turmeric and was unable to fly as a result.

The bird was taken to nearby Tigglywinkles wildlife hospital, where veterinary workers gave the seagull a bath and a name: “Vinny,” in honor of vindaloo curry, according to CNN.

Turns out Vinny was healthy despite having an odor that vets described as “pungent.” 

Vinny has since been released back into the wild, according to a post on the hospital’s Facebook page.

This isn’t the first time a bird has been found covered in curry.

In 2016, a seagull in Wales fell into a pot of tikka masala and ended up looking like a sunburned rubber chicken until vets scrubbed the bird clean, according to CBS News.

Boxer Claressa Shields to Amanda Nunes, ‘I’d Put You to Sleep’

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MH370 shock: Final disturbing moments revealed in flight data analysis, experts claim

The Malaysia Airlines 370 plane went missing in March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. While many still speculate over what happened on board, French investigators believe a murder-suicide is the most plausible explanation for the crash. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was reportedly depressed at the time.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was reportedly depressed at the time.

A source from the investigations team told Le Parisian: “Some abnormal turns made by the 777 can only be done manually. So someone was at the helm.

“It is too early to state categorically. But nothing is credited that anyone else could have entered the cockpit.”

Aviation experts have suggested the plane was hijacked, stolen or suffered a systems failure.

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After its disappearance, search operations began in the Indian ocean but the Boeing 777 has never been found.

US aviation writer William Langewiesche said Mr Shah was often lonely and sad during the flight.

He wrote in The Atlantic: “There is a strong suspicion among investigators in the aviation and intelligence communities that he was clinically depressed.”

Mr Langewiesche went on to claim Mr Shah reheated the crash in a flight simulator.

While investigating the flight simulator, Dr Victor Iannello revealed that of all the flight simulations the pilot ran, the one closest to MH370 was not a continuous flight.

Every other experiment involved Mr Zaharie taking off with the airplane and landing.

However, with the plane profile that matched MH370, the captain continually jumped forward before releasing some fuel until it was all used up.

Dr Iannello believes that the near identical simulation was the captain’s way of replicating his fatal crash.

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 116 123 or visit a local Samaritans branch.

MH370 spotted? ‘Fireball’ seen in the sky near where Malaysia Airlines plane vanished

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. When it disappeared from air traffic control radar it was flying over the South China Sea near Vietnam. Mike McKay, an oil rig worker from New Zealand, spotted what he thought was MH370 in the area.

According to Channel 5’s documentary ‘Flight MH370’ there was a “flurry of sightings”.

The documentary listed this sighting, saying: “An oil rig worker sees a fireball in the sky near where the plane is thought to have disappeared.”

Mr McKay, 57, had been taking a smoke break when he thought he saw the aircraft.

He tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese authorities about his sighting but did not receive a response, so he sent an email to his employers.

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He wrote: “I believe I saw the Malaysia Airlines plane come down. The timing is right.

“I am on the oil rig ‘Songa-Mercur’ off Vung Tau. I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude.”

The email was then leaked to the media, including his name and place of work.

After it was published, the rig operator Idemitsu and the rig owner Songa were overwhelmed with media inquiries that overloaded their means of communication.

Unfortunately, due to this, Mr McKay lost his job and was still out of work in 2016, according to Stuff.

He said it’s because “no one is looking for oil at the moment” but said he is enjoying his time off.

According to the Kiwi, Vietnamese authorities did send a search and rescue flight from Vung Tau but the operation stood down when another lead turned up.

Whilst at the time Mr McKay reported his sighting the plane was believed to have disappeared over the South China Sea, evidence from military radar and data from a satellite later revealed the plane flew south over the Indian Ocean.

In 2016, Mr McKay said: “Of course, I ended up looking like a fool.

“But what happened to me is of no consequence considering those who lost family on the flight.

“I sent an observation in a confidential email hoping it would help find the loved ones of the families.

“This was leaked to the media. I saw something but the distance from the last known position make my observation being the plane unlikely under the generally accepted route the plane took after contact was lost.”

Area 51: More than 600,000 vow to storm ‘alien’ base – but they may get a shock

“If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.”

Naruto is a reference to a popular Japanese anime character.

So far, 639,000 people have confirmed their attendance on Facebook – almost exactly the population of .

The idea also attracted significant interest from people posting on the #area51raid hashtag.

Nevertheless, one social media user pointed out a potential flaw, tweeting: “You do realise there are signs all around #area51 that state ‘Use of Deadly Force is AUTHORIZED’.

“‘FYI it’s not a joke or a suggestion. #idiots.’”

Area 51, located roughly 80 miles north-north-west of Las Vegas, is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, and the correct names for the facility are in fact Homey Airport and Groom Lake, with the popular name coming from a CIA document dating back to the Vietnam War.

Little is know about what its actual purpose is, though historical evidence suggests it is a development site for experimental aircraft and weaponry with the US Government only acknowledging its existence for the first time in 2005 as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

The site has been the subject of for decades, particularly among UFO conspiracy theorists, and is a popular tourist destination, with State Route 376 (SR375) now officially designated the Extraterrestrial Superhighway by the State of Arizona.

The website states: “This is a military base approximately 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“To the USA government, this is simply the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“For the majority who have been influenced by the theories revealed through Magazines, TV and website reference call it .

“Why is the base restricted to the public? Why do you find on the ground stern signs and armed guards patrolling the fenced perimeters?

“Why do you encounter threatening warnings from air traffic control tower? Maybe the area 51 secrets are too heavy for the public.

“It is believed that Area 51 is that place where scientists reverse-engineered alien technology.

“This is the same technology that was recovered from the crashed saucer in Mexico.

“However, no reports have come out to reveal whether the Pentagon has made use of the advanced technology.”

Dove Cameron Posts Heartbreaking Instagram Tribute To Cameron Boyce

When Disney Channel star Dove Cameron posted a tribute to her former “Descendents” co-star Cameron Boyce, she couldn’t stop the tears.

Cameron took to Instagram on Tuesday to honor the memory of Boyce, who died Saturday at age 20 after suffering a seizure related to an ongoing medical problem.

In the six-part video post, the actress said she was “still in shock” before recounting the many kind things Boyce did for her during the time they knew each other.

Over the last six years, since he was only 14, Cameron talked me down from countless ledges, talked me through eating disorders, helped me out of a dark relationship and through endless breakdowns.

He would whisper the dance moves to me on live television when I didn’t know what I was doing…I couldn’t count on my hands the number of times we ruined something because we couldn’t stop making each other laugh. 

Cameron also mentioned other tributes to Boyce that praised his talent, while emphasizing that he was an even better person than he was a performer.

“Everyone keeps talking about how talented he was, and he was undoubtedly the most talented person most of us will ever know,” she said. “But what was special about Cameron was who he was in the small moments … the moments in between the big ones when he didn’t have to be good or kind, Cameron was always good and kind.”

Cameron offered condolences to Boyce’s family, saying, “My heart aches for you. I have close to nothing left, which tells me some small percentage about how you must be feeling.”

The actress signed off the six-part salute by saying simply, “You deserved so much more time.”

You can watch the heartbreaking tribute below:

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