Forbes Catches Donald Trump Lying About The Size Of His Penthouse

President Donald Trump and his flurry of falsehoods continues with yet another lie. 

According to a recent report from Forbes, the president lied about the size of his penthouse in a previous interview with the outlet in 2016. He told Forbes that his penthouse at Trump Tower spanned 33,000 square feet over three floors and cost $200 million. He admitted that he once leased a “little section” to a neighbor, but forgot to admit he shares the space with someone else. 

Forbes uncovered New York City records that show Trump’s penthouse space is actually around 10,996 square feet. He also shares two of the floors with longtime neighbor Joel R. Anderson, who takes up 3,368 square feet.

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Trump Tower in NYC. 

Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

Trump’s penthouse was decorated by Angelo Donghia in the early ’80s, according to an Architectural Digest feature on his home. To this day, its covered in gold-leaf, brass and bronze to give the property its gilded tower feel.

The outlet estimates that the rest of Trump’s supposed square footage comes from shared spaces ― like hallways, elevators and mechanical spaces ― that are probably shared with other residents of the building. Perhaps the biggest blow to Trump’s ego is the price Forbes put on his penthouse ― a measly $64 million. 

This isn’t the first time Trump has bragged about the size of his assets. In March of last year, the president boasted about the size of his penis during a Republican presidential debate. 

Though Trump’s lie about his penthouse may seem small in the relative context of things, it exhibits the president’s tendency to lie about the little things (even when there is proof he’s wrong). Trump has exaggerated the truth on a number of occasions, from the size of his inauguration crowd to the idea that he didn’t support the war in Iraq

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Flying Pigs Will Block Trump Tower For One Glorious Day This Summer

Many Americans would have imagined that reality TV star Donald Trump would become the President of the United States on the day pigs fly.

Well, Trump is the president. And thanks to an upcoming project by Chicago-based architectural firm New World Design Ltd., for one day this summer, pigs will fly.

The firm, led by Jeffrey Roberts, plans to install four gold pig balloons in front of the facade of Trump Tower, for a one-day public installation titled “Flying Pigs On Parade.” Four golden swine balloons will float in mid-air, effectively concealing Trump’s name from public view. The goal is to provide passersby a brief yet glorious reprieve from seeing the omnipresent name of you-know-who, thus continuing to resist his normalization at all costs. 

Visually, the installation is inspired by the album art for Pink Floyd’s 1977 “Animals,” which itself is a tribute to George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The 1945 allegory and classic middle school read follows a barn full of farm animals to symbolize a totalitarian dictatorship built upon a cult of personality ― a scenario bearing some alarming similarities to our current political state. 

New World Design Ltd.

“Flying Pigs on Parade – a Chicago River folly,” New World Design Ltd., November 2016

Roberts’ vision incorporates elements of Pink Floyd and George Orwell with a few additional digs at our nation’s leader. As he explained in a statement: “The references are many, from flying pigs and Miss Piggy comments to a taste for gold embellished interiors. Ultimately, this is a very rational design and is in direct contrast to the chaotic nature and bizarre antics of our current leadership.”

Roberts announced his idea for the piece in November 2016, shortly after Trump won the presidency. Recently, Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters himself approved the idea, a necessity since the musician owns the image rights to his 1977 album cover.

Now Roberts’ final challenge, aside from actually building the four 30-by-15-foot golden pig balloons, is fundraising. The architects are currently collecting donations to help pay for costs including balloon fabrication, technical specialists, barge rental, rigging, prep costs, security and permitting fees. If interested, you can donate here. 

Roberts has not yet confirmed when his piece will be installed, but hopes that pigs will fly (for one day only) come late summer. The goal is to then take the pigs on the road, traveling from city to city, blocking other Trump Tower facades one day at a time.

That’ll do, pigs, that’ll do. 

The head of Qantas just got smacked in the face with a pie, for some reason

It seems the grand tradition of pieing is alive and well.

Qantas CEO, Alan Joyce, has had a pie shoved in his face by an unknown man at a business conference in Perth on Tuesday morning.

According to The West Australian, the head of the country’s largest airline — and one of the world’s oldest — was only three minutes into his speech at the West Business Leadership Matters conference, when a man in a suit came up behind him and calmly smacked a pie into his face. 

The assailant slinked off to stage left, as Joyce stood there stunned, trying to clean the cream off his suit in front of 500 people.

However, Joyce maintained his composure, reportedly saying “I don’t know what that was about,” before stepping off stage momentarily to clean himself. 

When he returned, he joked to the crowd: “Now, if there are any more pies, can you get it over with now?”

The unnamed attacker who looked to be in his 60s or 70s, was surrounded by security staff in the Hyatt Regency foyer. WA Police confirmed via email that a person is in custody in relation to an assault at a hotel.

While reports state the pie might have been lemon meringue, Joyce told reporters he didn’t know what flavour the pie was.

“I don’t even like pie,” he said, according to a tweet by journalist Rebecca Johns. 

UPDATE: May 9, 2017, 1:51 p.m. AEST Added confirmation from WA Police. 0aca 98c7%2fthumb%2f00001

Trump discovers a whole new way to embarrass himself on Twitter

This guy.
This guy.

Image: tom pennington/Getty Images

Donald Trump was quick to defend himself on Twitter after a Senate hearing over his campaign’s ties to Russia. 

The strange thing? He did it with an extremely awkward banner photo.

That’s actually one of his tweets, Photoshopped in what appears to be a font from the 1980s over a photo of a bunch of white people giving the thumbs-up sign. 

Clapper said Monday that he was not aware of any evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Which isn’t surprising, since he also said that he wasn’t even aware of an investigation into the matter until FBI Director James Comey made it public in March. 

Still, nuance isn’t exactly Trump’s thing, which would explain the banner. 

Of course, people outside of the White House also have access to Photoshop and Trump’s past tweets, so you knew this was inevitable …

In case you’re wondering, yes, someone has already made a “Trump Twitter Cover Generator.”

Have fun, kids. And don’t think about the many, many connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. 5619 31d3%2fthumb%2f00001

Want to find a date? Here’s where Tinder says you should work.

Now that they’ve shared U.S. citizens’ proclivity for right-swiping on pilots (for men) and on physical therapists (for women), Tinder has released data on the sexiest jobs around the world. 

And the results prove that no matter where you’re from, your thirst for certain professions is more or less universally shared. 

In most countries surveyed, love is literally in the air. Especially if you’re a dude.

In Australia, men were more likely to right-swipe on a flight attendant than any other profession, while women were coo coo for swimming coaches first, with students and cabin crew members (not sure how they differ from flight attendants, but carry on) coming in a close second and third. 

Flight attendants are the second-most popular among females in Spain too, after store managers. And in Germany, male cabin crew members were top-ranked and male flight attendants (again, how is that different?) were placed fifth. 

But wait, there’s more! Colombia’s male flight attendants are rated fifth most popular and France’s male cabin crew are at the very top of the swipe food chain. The UK, Chile, Japan, Korea and Mexico all feature top-ranking male flight attendants and/or cabin crew as well. Who knew?!  

Meanwhile, Argentina has somehow managed to avoid the flight obsession. Instead, Tinder users there opt for “liking” people in marketing and product development. Good for you, Argentina! 

The rest of the world will be over here, fawning over those dreamboats in the sky. 4994 2179%2fthumb%2f00001

Finally, someone combines a salt shaker, Bluetooth speaker and mood lighting

Salt and Bluetooth technology are paired in one of the weirder inventions for the “smart” home.

Smalt (yes, really) pairs a music player, mood lighting, centerpiece and flavor enhancer into one gadget. Right now, it’s just a concept, so you can’t buy one yet. 

On the device’s website, it’s pegged more as a smart centerpiece that happens to have a salt dispenser. And a Bluetooth connection to your phone to play music. And a rainbow of light colors to “create the ambience that’s right for the night.”

The device hopes to be on Indiegogo by June 15 to raise money for its launch, but in the meantime enjoy the idea of the “first multi-sensory device to make dining experience fun.” We asked how much the smart shaker will go for, but CEO Bipan Singh said a pricing study is still under way. 

The company’s blog includes a few articles about the longtime practice of using centerpieces to decorate the home and innovations in kitchen technology — the perfect blend of tradition and the future. 

Just like this souped-up salt shaker. 0aca 98c7%2fthumb%2f00001

‘Irreplaceable’ plant specimens destroyed by customs officials with no chill

The Museum of Natural History in Paris.
The Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Image: Getty Images/ RM

Fun fact: Australia’s custom officials are known for procedures teetering on the absurdly overzealous, thanks to the continent’s unique natural environment.

But those procedures are under investigation, after officials destroyed “irreplaceable” rare flowering plants sent from France. “They were the first type specimens collected of a species,” Michelle Waycott, chair at the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria, told ABC News

“That would be the equivalent of material collected in the Flinders expedition, going and then destroying those. So literally irreplaceable collections and of high historic and scientific value.”

D’oh! These border officials have absolutely zero chill.

The plant samples from the Museum of Natural History in Paris dated back to the mid-1800s. It was intended for the Queensland Herbarium, but was destroyed due to paperwork issues in March.

In a statement via email, the Department of Agriculture acknowledged “the intrinsic value of the specimens,” and conceded that its destruction was “premature.” 

[embedded content]

Once the plants were detained, the Queensland Herbarium sent correspondence to an incorrect email address. Ugh. When their information was eventually received, it was not sufficient, and the plants were destroyed in line with policy. RIP, rare flowering plants.

A “comprehensive review of this incident” will be undertaken by the department to prevent a similar situation from occurring again. “This is a deeply regrettable occurrence, but it does highlight the importance of the shared responsibility of Australia’s biosecurity system, and the need for adherence to import conditions,” according to the statement. 

In a similar incident, New Zealand’s Landcare Research Allan Herbarium loaned lichen samples collected in the 1930s to the Australian National Herbarium last year. The loan was to see if lichen found in both countries were similar, but the sample was destroyed by border officials in Sydney. 

The incident prompted the Allan Herbarium from stopping further samples being sent to Australia until assurances of its safe arrival are made in writing. 

The department said it was “unaware of this incident,” however it is “investigating it as a matter of priority.” 38e1 5db4%2fthumb%2f00001

Who needs T-Pain? Waze now lets you record your own GPS directions

Sick of the way your GPS app reads out directions? Now you can take the wheel by recording yourself talking, in a new Waze update.

The new feature (only on Android for now) lets you record your own turn-by-turn instructions. You’ll add your clips to the app’s library so you can make your Waze experience completely unique. 

If you’re weirded out by your own voice, like most of us are, you could add a spouse’s voice instead, or maybe your kid’s. Or maybe your friend who does a great celebrity impersonation — why not?

The feature could also be useful for users who prefer languages that the app doesn’t support yet — you could record commands for a parent who speaks another dialect, for example.

Recordings are private, and not shareable with other users…for now.

[H/T Engadget]

Jesse Williams Ditches Wedding Ring in NYC (PHOTOS)

Jesse Williams Ditches Wedding Ring in NYC

5/7/2017 7:40 AM PDT

Reconciliation is looking less and less likely for Jesse Williams … who was out in NYC this week sans wedding ring amid the divorce from his wife Aryn. 

As we previously reported, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star and his wife separated months ago — and Jesse is no longer staying in the family home

Jesse was spotted out with his brother and mother — and seemed to be in good spirits during a Saturday lunch date. 

Not seen in the photos … Minka Kelly

You Missed Millie Bobby Brown’s Political Statement At The MTV Movie & TV Awards

We give Millie Bobby Brown’s appearance at the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday an Eleven out of 10. 

The 13-year-old actress, known as Eleven in Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” joined Emma Watson as the first two thespians to win gender-neutral awards at the event. She also joined Watson to melt hearts in these photos:

Oh, yeah. Hugh Jackman’s there, too. Almost missed ya, dude.

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

“So this is what it’s like wearing Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak.”

All the while, Brown was subtly making a statement.

As Vanity Fair pointed out, the actress donned two different political pins, a blue ribbon for the American Civil Liberties Union, and a light blue ampersand pin for Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD).

Both organizations have been major players in the backlash against the current administration. Just recently, Aasif Mandvi’s “All-Star Deportation Jamboree” consisted of an evening of speaking up for human rights and raising money for the ACLU, while the 2017 GLAAD Media Awards was the platform Debra Messing chose for going off on President Donald Trump and first daughter Ivanka.

Though she didn’t initially have the pins while walking the red carpet, Brown proudly displayed both of them while accepting her award …

Kevin Winter via Getty Images

And while feeling it onstage …

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Matt Winkelmeyer/MTV1617 via Getty Images

It’s all in a day’s work for Brown.

The teen is also an advocate for UNICEF, and helped to celebrate the organization’s 70th anniversary last December.

With Eleven fighting for human rights, we’re all in good hands.