Anthony Joshua Doesn’t Remember Anything From 3rd Round Of Ruiz Fight

Anthony Joshua No Memory From 3 Rd. Of Ruiz Fight Says Promoter Eddie Hearn

6/7/2019 4:13 PM PDT


Anthony Joshua has zero recollection of the disastrous 3rd rd. of his Andy Ruiz fight … where he was pummeled and knocked down twice — this according to his promoter Eddie Hearn.

Joshua was a massive favorite in the fight against Ruiz … but was stopped in the 7th round in one of the most shocking upsets in boxing history. 

Hearn sat down on DAZN and opened up about the fight and revealed Joshua legit doesn’t recall the beatdown he took in the 3rd round.

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“He doesn’t remember anything really from the 3rd round. In fact, he’s taken a little positivity that he managed to go 4 rounds after that because he says, ‘ya know, my senses weren’t there.”

Eddie also laid any speculation to rest that the 7th round stoppage was bad … saying he not only agreed with it, but was relieved by the ref’s decision. 

“100% right stoppage. If you actually watch it back, we were watching it last night, and Anthony says ‘yes,’ and goes to walk forward, and the ref just nudges him and he goes back on the ropes, and then the ref stops it, and I’m actually glad he did cause Anthony would’ve kept going all night.”

AJ’s loss threw heavyweight division into a tailspin … and Hearn has activated the mandatory rematch clause — although no date has been set.

The way things went down … maybe it’s best AJ doesn’t remember.

Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes’ List, Lionel Messi Takes Top Spot

Floyd Mayweather Drops Off Forbes’ List … Messi Takes Top Spot

6/11/2019 8:30 AM PDT

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From #1 to not even listed …  Floyd Mayweather is NOT one of Forbes’ highest-paid athletes of 2019 … after taking the top honors one year ago.

The business magazine released its list of the richest ballers of the year … and surprisingly, the boxing superstar nicknamed “Money” ain’t on it.

The top 3 spots belong to footballers Lionel Messi ($127 million), Cristiano Ronaldo ($109 million), and Neymar ($105 million) … and Canelo Alvarez ($94 million) and Roger Federer ($93.4 million) round out the top 5.

Look, this ain’t a shot at Floyd — considering he made more than double what Messi made this year in 2018 (he raked in $285 million thanks to the Conor McGregor fight) …but it’s interesting to see him fall out of the top 100 altogether.

Other notable athletes in the top 10 include Russell Wilson ($89.5 million), Aaron Rodgers ($89.3 million) and LeBron James ($89 million).

McGregor made the list at #21 with $47 million earned (last year he was #4 with $99 million).

As for cash made straight off endorsements, King James ain’t at the top — it’s Federer, with $86 million made off the tennis court.

The youngest player on the list is 20-year-old French soccer star Kylian Mbappe with $30.6 million … so he’s got a few years to catch up to Messi.

Mikaela Mayer Says She’s The Ronda Rousey Of Women’s Boxing

Boxer Mikaela Mayer I’m The Ronda Rousey … Of Women’s Boxing

6/14/2019 4:37 PM PDT


Ronda Rousey put female UFC fighters on the map  … and that’s exactly what Mikaela Mayer says she’s gonna do for female boxing.

Mikaela is a 28-year-old undefeated boxer (10-0) — who’s signed with legendary promoter Bob Arum — and she’s fighting Lizbeth Crespo Saturday in Vegas.

MM says that female boxing ain’t anywhere near where it should be when it comes to fan interest … but that’s about to change — and she’s pointing at the UFC as proof it can happen.

There was once a time when Dana White said women would never fight in the UFC … then Ronda came along, and a bunch of armbars later, female fights are every bit as popular as the guys.

See Amanda Nunes, Cyborg, Valentina Shevchenko … the list goes on and on.

So, we asked Mikaela if she could be the Rowdy Ronda of female boxing? 

“Yeah, how she broke down those walls and made women’s MMA, a market for women’s MMA, yeah, I absolutely see myself doing that for women’s boxing.”

The sport seems ready to explode with killers like Mikaela, Katie Taylor and Claressa Shields putting a serious ass-whooping on people in big time fights. 

“I feel like we all have a duty to show the world and prove to the world that we can be competitive,” Mikaela says … “That we can put on good shows, that we can sell.”

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Conor McGregor Threatened By Boxing Champ After Mark Wahlberg Challenge

Conor McGregor Threatened By Boxing Champ … After Mark Wahlberg Challenge

6/14/2019 12:20 AM PDT


A boxing champ wants to beat the hell out of Conor McGregor both in the ring AND the Octagon … with Regis Prograis saying, “I’ma hurt your ass!”

… and it’s all ’cause of Mark Wahlberg.

Here’s the deal … Conor called out Mark on social media Sunday saying he wanted to “slap the ears off” the actor and take his UFC shares.

Well, 30-year-old Prograis — the 24-0 WBA light-welterweight champ who’s currently managed by Wahlberg — heard the challenge … and now, he’s issuing a threat right back at the UFC superstar.

“Don’t call out no actors, dawg,” Regis says … “Call out a real world champion. I’ma hurt your ass!”

Regis says he wants a two-fight deal with Conor — one in the ring and one in the Octagon — and he’s promising he’ll win both.

“I’ll fight you in the ring first, and I’m definitely going to whoop your ass. Then, I’m going to fight you in the Octagon, and whoop your ass in there!”

The tale of the tape is interesting … Regis fights at 5’8″ and around 140 pounds, while Conor comes in at 5’9″, 150ish pounds.

So, will it go down??? Stay tuned …

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Cowboy Cerrone ‘in Good Health’ After Nasty Injury, No Broken Eye Bones!

Cowboy Cerrone ‘Good Health’ After Nasty Injury … No Broken Eye Bones!!!

6/11/2019 9:35 AM PDT

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Cowboy Cerrone says that nasty injury he suffered at UFC 238 is not as bad as it looks … ’cause he has NO broken bones in his eye and says he’s “in good health.”

Cerrone took a controversial L at the hands of Tony Ferguson on Saturday … losing by TKO after the 2nd round. It was an EPIC, bloody battle before the doctor forced the fight to end due to Cerrone’s eye being swollen shut.

After the fight, Cerrone went straight to the hospital and didn’t talk to media … and Dana White told reporters he had a broken right orbital bone.

Donald gave his first health update on Tuesday … and the good news is that it’s not as bad as everyone initially suspected.

[embedded content]

“Thanks for all the message and concerns,” Cowboy says. “Only air was in my eye. No broken bones nor cracked or broken orbital.”

Cerrone added that he’s down for the rematch with Tony … and it sounds like everyone — including Ferguson — is on board with that.

Anthony Joshua All Smiles With Prince Harry At Charity Event After Loss

Anthony Joshua All Smiles With Prince Harry … After Upset Loss

6/12/2019 7:57 AM PDT

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Anthony Joshua didn’t look like a guy who just lost all his championship belts on Wednesday … grinning from ear-to-ear with Prince Harry at a charity event!!

The British boxing superstar was back in the gym to support the launch of the Made By Sport campaign, an organization created to help youth connect with sports in disadvantaged communities.

Joshua had a blast with the kids in attendance … giving out some boxing tips and chatting it up with his buddy, Prince Harry — an avid boxing fan himself.

The duo have a history of being bros … and Joshua even once joked that he’d crash Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s wedding to be his best man.

Of course, AJ just lost his WBA, IBF, WBO, and IBO heavyweight titles after Andy Ruiz Jr. pulled off one of the most shocking upsets in boxing history on June 1.

As for Ruiz, he hopped on a private jet and visited the Mexican president on Tuesday … so everyone’s hangin’ with power people.

Boxing Champ Andy Ruiz Jr. Meets President of Mexico

Boxing Champ Andy Ruiz Jr Meets President of Mexico

6/11/2019 12:11 PM PDT

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Donald Trump and the White House will have to wait … ’cause Andy Ruiz Jr. hopped on a private jet to meet the President of Mexico at the Palacio Nacional on Tuesday!!

The heavyweight champ is still reaping the benefits from his shocking upset win over Anthony Joshua on June 1 … getting the VIP treatment from Andrés Manuel López Obrador in Mexico City.

“Tocayo Presidente @lopezobrador es un honor y sueño hecho realidad poder compartir este momento con usted. Gracias por la hospitalidad y recibirnos en México” … which for the non-Spanish speakers basically means:

It was an honor and dream come true to be able to share this moment with you. Thanks for the hospitality in Mexico.

Ruiz grew up in California, but is proud of his Mexican roots … and before the Joshua fight, said he’d rather visit the “Mexican White House if they have one” rather than Trump if he won the title.

Dude held true to his word!!

Justin Bieber Challenges Tom Cruise to MMA Fight

Justin Bieber I’ll Whoop Tom Cruise’s Ass!!!

6/10/2019 6:51 AM PDT

Justin Bieber doesn’t believe for a second Tom Cruise is half the badass he seems to be in his movies — and he’s out to prove it in the Octagon. 

We can only assume Justin was watching a ‘Mission: Impossible’ or “Jack Reacher” flick this weekend when he said enough is enough … and called out Cruise. 

Bieber not only challenged Cruise to an MMA brawl, but he pulled that schoolyard bully move, saying … “Tom if you don’t take this fight your [sic] scared and you will never live it down.”

Now, we’d laugh this off as just a joke, except for the fact, he tagged UFC honcho Dana White — and then Conor McGregor chimed in … saying he’ll host the fight IF Tom has “the sprouts to fight, like he does in the movies.”

Something about this doesn’t seem like a fair fight, although we’re not sure who’s the favorite.

Remember, Justin actually has boxing skills. His pal Floyd Mayweather Jr. has even vouched for him in the ring.

Then, there’s age: Justin is 25, Tom is 56 (going on 57). JB’s also about 2 inches taller than TC, and probably has a longer reach too.

Then again, Tom has experience AND … he jumps out of tall buildings!!! That’s gotta count for something, but apparently not for bookies.

Yes, BetOnline is already taking wagers, and has Bieber as the 2 to 1 fave over Cruise.

Side note: McGregor not only wants to host, but he’s now challenging Mark Wahlberg. That one’s a much easier bet. Sorry, Mark.

LL Cool J Says Give Andy Ruiz Jr. $50 Mil for Joshua Rematch

LL Cool J Hell Yes, Ruiz Jr. Deserves $50 Mil … That’s the Price for the Belts!!!

6/8/2019 9:22 AM PDT


Don’t call it a comeback, call it a payout — LL Cool J‘s coming out swinging for Andy Ruiz Jr., saying if Anthony Joshua wants back the belts, he’s gotta pay the guy who took ’em. 

We got LL at LAX Friday, and the famous fight fan wasn’t just riding the “Pay Ruiz” train … he was the freakin’ conductor!!! We asked him about the new WBO, WBA, IBF and IBO heavyweight champ demanding $50 MILLION, if the Joshua rematch is held on AJ’s turf in the UK. 

LL didn’t hesitate, telling us … “He should get more than that. Gotta get every dime you can get, baby!”

Cool J says people gotta stop looking at Ruiz as the relatively unknown guy he was before he shocked the world by upsetting Joshua last weekend in Madison Square Garden. 

As LL put it, “He got the belts now and this is the price.”

He added you also have to take into account the kinda beating boxers take every time they step in the ring. He gave a shout out to Canadian boxer Adonis Stevenson, who was left in critical condition with a brain injury last year.

That’s why LL says, Ruiz is “supposed to charge. They work hard, they risk their lives.”

As for who would win the rematch — LL isn’t willing to lay a bet just yet — but when it comes to a possible Ruiz-Deontay Wilder bout? He’s 100% on that one.

Boxing Champ Andy Ruiz Jr. Enjoys Low-Key Mexican Meal with Mariachis

Andy Ruiz Jr. Loosens Up His Belt … on Modest Mexican Grub w/ Mariachis!!!

6/8/2019 11:30 AM PDT

Andy Ruiz Jr. ain’t one to let a little thing like a boxing title change up his dining preferences — the dude digs authentic Mexican … even if it means getting it from a hole-in-the-wall joint. 

The newly-minted heavyweight champ — who recently stunned the world by defeating the heavily-favored Anthony Joshua — was spotted chowing down at a low-key Mexican chain Friday with his girlfriend and the rest of his fam in El Centro, CA … almost 2 hours east of San Diego.

The restaurant of their choice … La Resaca — known for their seafood and with a nearly 5-star rating off a ton of good reviews. It’s a modest joint, but it was perfect for Ruiz and co.

You’d think after becoming the toast of the town everywhere he’s gone since the upset last weekend, he MIGHT just treat himself to something a bit more swanky in, say, L.A., maybe? Seems like that isn’t his style though — he’ll stick to chips and salsa … and live mariachis.

We gotta say … it’s been a while since we’ve come across a guy like Andy Jr. here. He certainly doesn’t fit the mold for what we’ve come to expect of a ringside champion but at the same time … it’s refreshing to see homeboy flip the script on everyone and their mom.

Speaking of moms … happy birthday to Andy’s ma, Mrs. Ruiz! We’re told they were all out there celebrating her 58th birthday. Never change, ARJ.