Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper’s Mom, Dead at 95 After Cancer Battle

Gloria Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper’s Mom Dead at 95

6/17/2019 7:25 AM PDT

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Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune and creator of the wildly popular Vanderbilt jeans, has died.

It appears she died of stomach cancer, which was so advanced she was taken to the hospital earlier this month.

Gloria, the mother of Anderson Cooper, was a woman of many trades, including model, fashion designer and actress. She was also one of the biggest socialites in New York City.

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During the ’70s, Gloria launched a line of designer jeans with her signature, designer swan. One of her slogans is “My bottoms are tops.”

Gloria was married 4 times … one of her husband’s was famed director Sidney Lumet. She was linked over the years to a number of famous men, including Howard Hughes, Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

Her life was not without tragedy. Gloria’s oldest son with Wyatt Cooper, Carter Vanderbilt Cooper, committed suicide at age 23 back in 1988 by jumping out of the family’s 14th floor window.

She was also embroiled in a famous custody battle. Her dad died when she was a baby and her mom and aunt fought over who should raise her. The custody trial became the basis for the 1980 book and subsequent miniseries, “Little Gloria … Happy at Last.” It was nominated for 6 Emmys.

She was super close to Anderson. In 1995, Gloria sold her mansion and moved in with Anderson to write her book, “A Mother’s Story” … which dealt with coping with Carter’s suicide. In 2016, the two also released a book and a documentary on HBO together titled ‘Nothing Left Unsaid.’

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Anderson just gave a tribute to his mom, saying, “Gloria Vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman who loved life and lived it on her own terms.  What an extraordinary life.  What an extraordinary mom.  What an incredible woman.”

Gloria was 95. RIP.  

Cardi B Performs in Bathrobe at Bonnaroo After Outfit Splits

Cardi B Doesn’t Crack After Suit Does … Bathrobe Mode at Bonnaroo

6/17/2019 6:59 AM PDT

Cardi B‘s rainbow-colored jumpsuit couldn’t take the pressure of a full concert worth o’ booty shaking, but she made sure the show went on … slightly more covered up.

The rapper had just taken the stage Sunday night at the Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival when — a couple songs into her set — she suffered a wardrobe malfunction … a split right down the middle of her ass.

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Cardi left for a few minutes after announcing her outfit had ripped, but after the crowd entertained themselves by singing “Old Town Road” … she reemerged in a white bathrobe and declared, “We gonna keep it moving, baby.”

Even with her setback, Cardi’s set was a super quick 45 minutes, but was jam-packed with all of her hits … including “I Like It,” “Money” and “Bodak Yellow” to close it out. She also vowed to “keep it sexy” and managed to do so … even in a robe.

As we reported, Cardi’s had to cancel some shows lately due to complications with her recovery from cosmetic surgery — lipo and a boob job.

Good to see her back on the road — but we know Dr. Terry Dubrow‘s concerned with how long it’s taken Cardi to bounce back.

Justin Bieber Poses by New Drew Motorcycle for Hailey

Justin Bieber How Do I Drew? On a New Motorcycle!!!

6/11/2019 3:41 PM PDT

Justin Bieber might be going through a mid-20s crisis — first, he’s challenging Tom Cruise to a fight out of the blue … now he’s gifting himself a fancy new crotch rocket.

At least he’s got a loving Instagram wife by his side.

The Biebs got a brand new motorcycle delivered to his home Tuesday, wrapped in the brand name of his new Drew clothing line … and Hailey snapped some quality pics of her hubby for the ‘gram.

The 2-wheeler also features his favorite number, 6 … as if it’s going to be entered in some sort of race.

Wouldn’t put it past JB.

As we reported … Justin surprisingly challenged the famed 56-year-old actor to an MMA fight this past weekend and enlisted Dana White to set it up. His motive for beefing with Cruise is still unclear.

Also unclear … whether or not Justin took Hailey for a spin on his new hog. Either way … their photo shoot was a success.

Hailey captioned the final product, “Boys and their toys,” followed by 3 eye roll emojis. That seems about right.

Jonas Brothers Team Up with Chris Lilley for Faux Fashion Project

Jonas Brothers Keith Dickin’ Around … With Comedian Chris Lilley

6/11/2019 11:14 AM PDT


The Jonas Brothers are teaming up with a new fashion designer who’s sure to have a huge impact on their style … possibly for worse.

That’s not a knock on the guy … because he’s Australian comedian Chris Lilley, playing one of his several characters from the new Netflix series/mockumentary, “Lunatics” — wannabe fashion guru, Keith Dick.

It’s unclear what Joe, Nick and Kevin are doing with Dick, but they were spotted walking around with him Tuesday in NYC, and based on the rack of clothing Keith’s dragging along … it’s going to be interesting.

As you know … the JoBros are so hot right now, on the heels of reuniting after a long hiatus and putting out a new album. We’re told the group’s in the Big Apple promoting “Happiness Begins” … and Dick got in on the action.

Gotta admire Keith’s hustle … and his ponytail.

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Rob Kardashian Pulls New Merch After Being Accused of Stealing Design

Rob Kardashian Pulls HALFWAYDEAD Merch After Accusation He Stole Design

6/10/2019 10:25 AM PDT


Rob Kardashian is pumping the brakes on a new fashion line, because he’s been accused of stealing a crucial design for it — so now he’s gotta pivot.

Fans of independent street artist Rx Skulls — who is well known for a signature toothy skull design — recently alerted him directly to a new line of hoodies and pins that Rob’s own line, HALFWAYDEAD, was advertising on social media. 

Check out the side-by-side comparison … the skull logo Rob slapped on his sweaters looks eerily similar to the Rx one — and, apparently, Rob thought so too. 

Sources close to Rx tell TMZ … he and Rob’s team got in touch with each other, and put the issue to bed amicably. We’re told Rx was even offered an explanation about how his skull design ended up on the hoodies and other merch.

It all worked out in the end though… our sources say Rob’s company deleted the photos of the hoodies and pins that featured the skull design, and promised Rx it wouldn’t peddle the merch.

No harm, no foul … we’re told Rx was good with that.

Rx Skulls itself alluded to the situation as well, saying the issue had been resolved … and went on to thank their fans for the overwhelming amount of support and help. 

As for Rob? Back to the drawing board, we guess.

From ‘I Believe’ to ‘Hesitate’: The Jonas Brothers’ Sweetest Lyrics About Their Wives on ‘Happiness Begins’

From ‘I Believe’ to ‘Hesitate’: The Jonas Brothers’ Sweetest Lyrics About Their Wives on ‘Happiness Begins’ | Entertainment Tonight

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Ripped Celebrity Booties — Guess Who!

Ripped Booties Guess Who!

6/9/2019 12:01 AM PDT

These ladies are cutting out the unnecessary and are ready to make some sexy statements!

Forget covering up, these babes in blue jeans are showing off what they’ve got in a whole new way. Skinny jeans are out, since these stars are starting to live on the edge and step out looking ripped … And are not afraid to show off some skin!!!

Get a good look at the famous faces showing off their new cheeky look by scrolling through our gallery of shredded celebrity booties. Take a really good look to see if you can figure out the hottie in denim.


DJ Mustard Celebrates 29th Birthday with Pricey Ketchup, Mustard Chain

DJ Mustard Ketchup & Get On My Level With $650k Chain!!!

6/5/2019 4:30 PM PDT


DJ Mustard treated himself on his birthday … with some expensive condiments.

The famed producer behind some of hip-hop’s sickest beats turned 29 on Wednesday and celebrated with new bling. DJ Mustard commissioned celebrity jeweler Eliantte, who came up with a clever pendant. Over 400 carats of VS diamonds and more than 2 kilos of gold make up a tiny ketchup figurine bottle chasing, naturally, a mustard one.

A bunch of diamonds also make out “10 Summers” on the center of the pendant … in homage to Mustard’s first studio album. Two brand new links designed by Eliantte complete the shiny birthday gift he received last night. The gift wasn’t cheap either … a cool $650k!!!

DJ Mustard — who earned the stage name because his first name is Dijon (as in Dijon mustard, get it?) — said the new pendant gives his stage name a whole new meaning. He wrote on Instagram, “Always be mustard, never have to Ketchup.”

The hitmaker listed some proud accomplishments … from winning a Grammy this year to moving “my sister and mom out of the hood” and putting countless of his friends in better positions to take care of their families.

Bottoms up!!!