Bella Hadid Goes Sheer for Nearly Nude Malibu Photo Shoot

Bella Hadid Peek-A-Boob!!! Sheer for the Win in Malibu

5/13/2019 9:38 AM PDT

Bella Hadid is a tease — to a photog’s lens — but she definitely aims to please too … artistically speaking, of course.

The supermodel was hanging out, in more ways than one, over the weekend in Malibu for a photo shoot. Obviously, she had the photographer’s full attention, but we’re willing to bet more than a few passersby on the beach stopped to get an eyeful.

More than once, Bella’s girls nearly made appearances during the shoot. 

Check out the pics … there were a number of wardrobe changes including an elegant green sheer outfit — and yet another see-through piece that left almost NOTHING to the imagination.

Even when she put on a proper shirt … she was literally busting out of it.

Fact is, it’s hard to keep some good underboob down — but we salute Bella’s shirt for fighting the good fight.

Dennis Rodman & Crew Returned to Yoga Store, Allegedly Stole Again

Dennis Rodman & Crew Returned to Yoga Store … Allegedly Stole Again

5/11/2019 12:50 AM PDT


One day after Dennis Rodman and his friends allegedly shoplifted from a Newport Beach yoga shop, the crew RETURNED to the business … and allegedly stole MORE clothing!!!

TMZ Sports spoke with the owner of VIBES Hot Yoga who tells us Rodman and his pals came back to his yoga studio on May 8 … with Rodman’s female pal WEARING one of the outfits she stole the day before. 

The owner tells us … the staffer working the register on May 8 thought Rodman’s behavior was bizarre — he was gyrating and hip-thrusting at the counter. 

Once staffers went through the surveillance footage, they noticed Rodman and his friends left with more clothing … and we’re told nobody paid a cent. 

The owner is also adamant NOBODY on his staff told Rodman and his crew they could take items as “gifts” … as Rodman claimed when TMZ Sports spoke with him Thursday evening. 

As we previously reported, Rodman and his pals first appeared at the yoga shop on May 7 — where cameras caught DR’s female friend taking clothing off the rack and stuffing it into her purse. 

One of Dennis’ pals also dropped a $2,500 crystal in the store — which they placed on a dolly and wheeled out of the store. The owner insists nobody paid for the crystal. 

A rep for the Newport Beach PD previously told us they’re investigating. So far, no arrests have been made. 

As for Rodman, he told us Thursday night (May 9) that he didn’t “steal sh*t.”

Rodman is currently on probation stemming from a 2018 DUI arrest and could go to jail if officials determine he violated the terms of his deal. 

Ariana Grande’s Imitation of Audrey Hepburn for Givenchy is Unoriginal

Audrey Hepburn’s Son Ariana Grande Imitating Mom for Givenchy … I’d Fire Her Team!!!

5/11/2019 12:40 AM PDT


Ariana Grande as the spitting image of Audrey Hepburn for Givenchy has set off strong feelings from Audrey’s son … who applauds the tribute, but also thinks Ariana should fire her team.

Audrey’s son, Sean, tells TMZ … he’s happy with the tribute to his late mother, but he’s baffled that Ariana’s team wasn’t more creative to build something original. Sean says he’d fire her team if he could because all they did was make Ariana a look-alike.

As you know by now … the French luxury fashion house tapped the “7 Rings” singer as the new face of its 2019 Fall and Winter campaign that’ll be unveiled in July. Givenchy announced the news Friday with an Ariana video … featuring her in a black dress super similar to the one Audrey wore in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Ariana’s also posing kinda like Audrey did in the opening scene.

The double nod to Audrey didn’t go unnoticed, and it’s also no surprise given Ariana’s obsession with the film. She has the movie’s famous phrase “mille tendresse” (meaning a thousand tendernesses in French) tattooed on the back of her neck. It’s Ariana’s favorite movie … and if you needed more evidence, the opening lyrics to “7 Rings” goes, “Yeah, breakfast at Tiffany’s and bottles of bubbles.” 

[embedded content]

Don’t get it twisted … Sean’s down with the tribute because it’s clear Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy will forever be synonymous because he says Audrey and designer Hubert Givenchy not only collaborated but built the brand together.

It’s true … Audrey’s black dress in ‘Breakfast’ was designed by Givenchy … as was the wardrobe she wore in “Sabrina,” “Funny Face” and “Love in the Afternoon,” among others.

That being said … Sean thinks this was a complete missed opportunity by Ariana’s team to build her own identity with the brand instead of stepping into Audrey’s larger-than-life shoes.

‘Spider-Man’ Star Gets Spider-Man Shoes from NBA’s ‘Spida’

‘Spider-Man’ Star Gets Spider-Man Shoes … From NBA’s ‘Spida’

5/10/2019 2:52 PM PDT

Breaking News

What do you do when your nickname is Spida and you got your own shoe deal??

You send your shoes to SPIDER-MAN!!! … and that’s exactly what NBA star Donovan Mitchell did when he hooked up Tom Holland with a pair of his signature kicks!!

Fresh off the awesome trailer for “Spider-Man: Far From Home” … Holland showed love for the Utah Jazz baller by sporting his new D.O.N. Issue #1 sneakers in a pic.

In case you’re wondering … Mitchell got the “Spida” nickname from a parent of a former teammate … and it just stuck with him ever since.

We’re glad it did … ’cause now we have this cool moment with Holland (who some consider the best Peter Parker actor to don the red and blue spandex) sporting his fellow insect’s sneaks.

P.S. — if you still haven’t seen “Avengers: Endgame” yet … shame on you.

Meghan Markle Speaks on the Importance of Female Education in Pre-Recorded Message at CAMFED Gala

Meghan Markle Speaks on the Importance of Female Education in Pre-Recorded Message at CAMFED Gala | Entertainment Tonight

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Cardi B’s New Fashion Line Rakes in Over $1 Million on First Day of Sales

Cardi B New Fashion Line Rakes in Over $1 Mil … On First Day of Sales!!!

5/10/2019 12:40 AM PDT


Cardi B has the Midas touch … her new spring collection is nearly sold out after raking in over $1 MILLION bucks in the first 24 hours!!!

Our sources tell us Cardi’s second collection with Fashion Nova is already vastly outperforming her first collab with the fast-fashion giant, a pretty tall order considering her first venture sold out within minutes.

We’re told Fashion Nova prepared for “Season 2” of Cardi’s spring-summer line collection by having nearly 5 times the amount of inventory as the first go-round … and they’re still struggling to meet the demand, with the vast majority of styles selling like hotcakes. 

The numbers are impressive, but here’s something else to give you a sense of just how wildly successful Cardi the businesswoman is … Nasdaq is congratulating her with a massive billboard in Times Square!!! Now that’s clout. 

As we reported … Cardi rolled out her new line as only she could, by shaking her ass and rapping during a launch party at the Hollywood Palladium. Tons of celebs showed up to support Cardi, including Master P, YG, Romeo, Lamar Odom, Nikki Bella, Swaggy P and Jeremy Meeks.

If you didn’t get your hands on some Cardi B fashion merch, don’t give up hope yet … we’re told Fashion Nova is planning weekly drops for each style to give everyone a chance to snag her new designs.

Just be sure to keep your finger on the trigger, or you might miss out. Okurrr!!!

Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 Handcuffed in Hollywood Weed Bust, But Not Arrested

Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 Handcuffed in Weed Bust … But Gets Off Easy

5/10/2019 12:20 AM PDT


Skinnyfromthe9 found himself in cuffs at the end of fun night in Hollywood, but luckily … cops cut him a break.

Video of the incident — obtained by TMZ — shows the rapper standing outside a white ride being detained by a police officer, then led away toward the sidewalk in handcuffs.

Law enforcement sources tell us the car was pulled over for illegal tinted windows and for not having front plates, but during the traffic stop marijuana was found out in the open in the vehicle … so everyone was ordered out.

We’re told cops asked the rapper for his ID and he didn’t have it, but he informed them he was on probation and was approved to be in L.A. Once officers looked into it … they let Skinny and his crew go.

Our law enforcement sources say everyone got a warning, but that’s it. As you may know … recreational marijuana is legal in California, but it needs to be in a sealed container in a car or locked away in the trunk.

As for why he was in Hollywood … Skinnyfromthe9 had just come from Cardi B‘s booty-poppin’ performance down the street for the launch of her Fashion Nova X spring-summer line collection.

Looks like he had a great time.

Cardi B’s Booty-Poppin’ Performance Steals New Fashion Line Show

Cardi B Come for My Fashion Line, Stay for My Booty-Poppin’ Show!!!

5/9/2019 7:09 AM PDT

Cardi B was glowing at the launch of her new spring collection … literally and figuratively.

The rapper looked bootyful in more ways than one Wednesday night … performing at the Hollywood Palladium as she launched “Season 2” of her Fashion Nova X Cardi B spring-summer line collection. She mentioned last week at her Billboard Awards acceptance speech a new line was coming … and here it is!!!

But, it wouldn’t be a Cardi B event without a little rapping and a whole lot of booty-shaking. She performed a slew of tracks … including “Money Bag.” The sizzling performance — seriously, look at her douse herself with some H2O — included sets with some of her famous friends.

YG showed some love while Lil Nas X strutted out his cowboy-wearing self to perform his hit “Old Town Road” … which Cardi raved about for hitting No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and staying there.

There were tons of other celebs there too … including Lamar Odom, Master P, Romeo, Jeremy Meeks, Swaggy P and Nikki Bella to name a few.

Raz B Claims Lyft Driver Jacked Louis Vuitton Bag After Falling Asleep

Raz B Hey, Lyft … Your Driver Jacked My Louis!!!

5/9/2019 10:26 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

10:26 AM PT — A rep for Lyft tells TMZ … the driver has dropped off the items at a central secure location. The rep adds, “We have let the rider know where he can collect his items. We’re glad that this issue could be resolved quickly.” So, case closed. 

Raz B is desperately seeking Louis … as in the high-priced Louis Vuitton bag he forgot in a Lyft ride — because he caught one too many Zzz’s — and now he claims the driver won’t give it back.

Sources close to Raz tell TMZ … the singer jumped in a ride-share vehicle early Thursday morning and fell asleep for the entire 27-minute drive through Jacksonville, FL. We’re told when he woke up, he was still half asleep and just got out … forgetting his LV bag.

The bag’s worth $2,500, and also had an iPad in it. We’re told Raz B called the driver to see if he’d turn around and return the bag, but Raz says the driver hung up on him. He also shot off a text message to the driver about the bag, to no avail.

Adding insult to injury … we’re told Raz even tipped the driver!!!

Raz is in Jacksonville with B2K for their Millennium Tour, and we’re told he’s trying to get in touch with someone from Lyft to help before they leave after a Friday night gig. If that doesn’t pan out, he plans to file a police report. 

Just more drama for “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” … which Raz just joined. We’ve reached out to Lyft, but no word back. 

Originally Published — 8:37 AM PT

NBA’s Brandon Jennings to Ayesha Curry, ‘Stop Trippin’, You’re Beautiful!’

NBA’s Brandon Jennings Hey, Ayesha Curry ‘Stop Trippin’, You’re Beautiful!!!’

5/8/2019 6:56 AM PDT


Ex-NBA star Brandon Jennings COULDN’T BELIEVE the comments Ayesha Curry made about being jealous of the attention her husband gets from the opposite sex. 

And, now … Jennings has a message for Steph Curry‘s wife — stop trippin’!!!

You know the backstory … Ayesha went on “Red Table Talk” and admitted she’s “bothered” by the lack of attention (in a desirous way) from men over the years while she watches groupies throw themselves at Steph. 

“I don’t have any of that,” Ayesha said … “I have zero — this sounds weird — but, like, male attention, and so then I begin to internalize it, and I’m like, ‘Is something wrong with me?'”

Jennings — who now runs his own Tuff Crowd clothing line — was so shocked by the comments, he had to discuss out outside of Joey in Woodland Hills, CA. 

“She said guys don’t lust over her enough … why would you want to lust over a woman who’s married?”

Jennings says it’s human nature to want to be desired by the opposite sex, but when it comes to Ayesha — it’s hard to watch her complain because she has “the best life.”

Jennings points out that Ayesha is rich as hell, has a faithful husband, a beautiful family and an incredible career as a chef … so, don’t trip! 

There’s more … Brandon also talks about his future basketball career. He’s only 29 and feels he’s got LOTS of game left. 

Check out the clip and see where he wants to play next.