Meryl Streep & Anna Wintour’s ‘Devilish’ Power Lunch in NYC

Meryl Streep & Anna Wintour The Devils Wear Overcoats … For NYC Powwow

5/8/2019 12:50 AM PDT


Meryl Streep and Anna Wintour must’ve felt like they were looking in a mirror when they grabbed a bite in NYC, but unlike their “Devil Wears Prada” alter ego … their reflections were friendly!

The 2 women — both icons in their own right — had what’s definitely the most powerful power lunch we’ve seen in a while. Eyewitnesses tell us they did Italian at a spot called Sant Ambroeus last week in NYC’s West Village.

The big question … who made who wait?? Our sources tell us it was Meryl who arrived first, with Anna arriving shortly after in a typically stylish ensemble … including her signature shades, natch.

After exchanging air kisses, we’re told Anna and Meryl sat down for about an hour-long meal that appeared to be salads. Good food, good conversation … and at the end each went on their merry way.

Low key, no drama … and probably disappointing for any ‘Devil Wears’ fans who might have been sitting nearby. If you didn’t know — and you should — Meryl’s character in the 2006 comedy was based on Anna. 

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It was long rumored Vogue’s head honcho wasn’t at all flattered — but they officially buried the hatchet in 2017 with a 1-on-1 interview.

Looks like they’ve remained good pals since then.

“That’s all.”

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2019 Met Gala Raised Record-Breaking $15 Million

2019 Met Gala Raises Record-Breaking $15M!!!

5/7/2019 1:19 PM PDT

The 2019 Met Gala‘s parade of overly-exaggerated outfits produced more than just some unforgettable photo ops … the event raised a record-breaking amount of money for charity.

The shindig held Monday night at The Metropolitan Museum of Art raised an astonishing $15 million … this according to a Met rep. That’s a jump from last year’s $13M figure. The Met Gala is the museum’s main source of annual funding for exhibitions, publications, acquisitions and capital improvements.

The stars didn’t disappoint this year. Lady Gaga strutted into the event with a giant pink Brandon Maxwell dress and she was barely getting started when a small army helped her make her way in. As we reported … Lady Gaga had several wardrobe changes and nearly stripped down to her birthday suit.

Gaga — along with Harry Styles, Serena Williams and Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour — co-chaired the evening. This year’s theme was dubbed “Camp: Notes on Fashion” to honor writer Susan Sontag‘s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp” about society broadening its attitudes toward sexuality … particularly homosexuality.

The Gala’s been going down since 1948 but it wasn’t until former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland became a consultant and transformed it into a glamorous affair. Vreeland’s first theme in 1973 was “The World of Balenciaga.”

Katy Perry in a Burger Costume Kinda Turned On Celine Dion at Met Gala

Celine Dion at Met Gala Nice Buns, Hun … Me Likey Katy’s Burger!!!

5/7/2019 7:11 AM PDT


Celine Dion‘s got a thing for hot beef patties, or at least hot beef on Katy Perry — ’cause she was jonesin’ hard when she spotted Katy’s Met Gala costume.

Queen Celine was making her way through The Standard, High Line hotel Monday night after the Gala when we asked which actress could best play her in a biopic. She’s had quite a life — so, Celine struggled to come up with an answer, and then … it happened.

Katy rolled through with what might be the most unique outfit of the night — a classic American cheeseburger suit, which got Ms. Dijon‘s juices flowing. Seriously, you gotta check out their delicious wordplay. 

Celine greeted Katy with a peck on the lips, and then a nice squeeze of her bun. Either she was starving at the end of the night or just loves her some Katy — or both.

Katy’s “dress” was a conversation piece all night … even before Celine feasted her eyes on it. She ran into J Lo in the bathroom, who was politely observational of Katy’s fashion choice.

She’s kinda known for her unique style at these type of events … so just another day in the life here, really. 

2019 Met Gala in NYC Once Again Brings Out the Outrageous

2019 Met Gala From Elegant to Outrageous … Celebs Bring It!!!

5/6/2019 4:21 PM PDT

This year’s Met Gala once again brought out the good, the rad and the funky.

The annual event’s fully underway right now in NYC at the Metropolitan Museum of Art … and once again it did NOT disappoint. As usual, TONS of celebs poured into the annual and glitzy fundraiser with some intense outfits. From French Montana and Harry Styles to Ashley Graham and Serena Williams.

Check out the pics … Tons of other celebs also dressed to the nines. Some were a little more laid back — looking at you, 21 Savage — while others were not shy going with a little bit of flair — yes, like Lady Gaga.

“Pose” star Billy Porter might rival Gaga with his royal entrance. Ya really gotta see it to appreciate it. We’ve also got some pics what celebs will see once inside the Met. It’s an eclectic exhibit.

And, that’s putting it lightly.

Lady Gaga Struts in Gigantic Pink Dress at Met Gala, Then 3 More Outfits

Lady Gaga Makes Huge Pink Wave at Met Gala … Then Strips Down!!!

5/6/2019 3:24 PM PDT

Lady Gaga made one hell of an entrance at the Met Gala … parachuting into the glitzy event in one super-sized outfit, and then rocking several more — including one that was almost nothing!

LG showed up in this MASSIVE Brandon Maxwell dress Monday evening in NYC … where she needed a small army to help her make her way into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Some of her accessories included a huge bow on her head, giant eyelashes and, of course, a jaw-dropping train. 

And, that was ONLY the beginning … upon arrival, she unveiled an elegant black dress before showing off another pink outfit. The final outfit … a shiny bra, underwear and heels mashed up with some fishnets.

In case you’re wondering … this year’s theme has been dubbed “Camp: Notes on Fashion” to honor writer Susan Sontag‘s 1964 essay, “Notes on Camp” about society broadening its attitudes toward sexuality … particularly homosexuality.

This year’s theme’s not as obvious as last year’s “Heavenly” bash … but as usual, Gaga still nailed it.

Btw, Gaga is one of the co-chairs for this year’s annual fundraiser — so, she’s leading by example. Several of them, actually.

Kodak Black Drops $180,000 on Custom Diamond Chain, Pacifier Included

Kodak Black I Got a Baby Binky … For $180,000!!!

5/6/2019 12:30 AM PDT


Kodak Black is taking his “Project Baby” nickname to a whole new level … because he just threw down an insane amount of cash for a pacifier covered with diamonds!!!

We’re told the “ZEZE” rapper plunked down 6 figures on a new custom chain complete with a blinged-out binky … spending a whopping $180,000 to freeze his neck and fill his mouth with ice!

Kodak Black hit up celebrity jeweler Eliantte for the pacifier charm dangling from a Hermes link chain … and Eliantte tells us the bling features 98 carats of blue and white diamonds.

We’re told Kodak Black and Eliantte have been talking about creating this custom piece for a few years … and it’s finally come to fruition. KB doesn’t have his baby bling yet, but we’re told it’s about to be delivered. 

Now that’s one seriously ballin’ baby!!!

Celebs Swag It Up for Kentucky Derby, Tom Brady Redeems Himself

Kentucky Derby 2019 Celebs All Swagged Up on Day of Race … Brady Redeems Himself

4:22 PM PT — A stunner down in Louisville … Maximum Security has been disqualified after a replay review of the final stretch. The second horse to cross the finish line, Country House, has now been declared the winner. MS was found to have been impeding another horse. 

3:59 PM PT — Maximum Security just won the 145th Kentucky Derby, beating out Game Winner … which was the pre-race favorite horse to win it. 

And by the looks of the race track and how far ahead MS broke out in the end, this baby loves the slop … just eats it up.

Hollywood didn’t skimp on the swank for the 2019 Kentucky Derby, including Mr. Tom Brady … who came back in a big way after temporarily being outshined by Baker Mayfield

Celebs were out in force Saturday at the Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, where much of the Patriots organization seemed to be in attendance … not to mention some Broncos stars, like Von Miller, and other footballers from the Packers and Browns. 

TB was there too, of course, and his Day 2 outfit definitely had a lot more swag than his Friday one did. You’ll recall … he was barely recognizable standing behind Baker and his pink suit.

All is well now though — Tom looked great, as did his teammates. In fact, everyone was dressed to the nines on the day of the big race … even the non-athletes. 

Some other A-listers who showed up include Wilmer Valderama, NeNe Leakes, Backstreet Boys singers Kevin Richardson and Howie D, Joey Fatone, Stormy Daniels, Jeff Bezos, Richie Sambora … and even Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, who wore her mom’s iconic KY Derby look from 2004. Anna died of an overdose in 2007.

At the Kentucky Derby, it’s always hard to figure out the best of the best-dressed. Everyone was looking fantastic, if we do say so ourselves.

Originally Published — 3:31 PM PT

The Game Says F*** the Hypocrites Who Boycott Chris Brown

The Game F*** the Hypocrites … Who Boycott Chris Brown

5/4/2019 7:29 AM PDT


The Game just jumped into the fray, expressing contempt for people who are boycotting Chris Brown with a simple message … “F*** you!”

We got Game Friday in WeHo outside the super-expensive clothing store, Maxfield, and asked about the heat Justin Bieber has been taking for daring to say Chris Brown is a cross between Michael Jackson and Tupac.

Game scoffs at the critics, saying a couple of things. First, Chris Brown is deeply ingrained in hip-hop culture, which influences everything. Second, most people who say publicly they don’t like Brown are full of s*** because they listen to him privately.

The criticism against Brown, of course, is associated with his violence toward women. As you know, he was convicted of beating Rihanna.

Bieber drew fire for saying, “Everyone wants to wait til people die to give them the credit they deserve.  I’m calling it now when CB passes away after a long full life, you will miss what you had in front of you the whole time the people who have over looked this mans talent because of a mistake he made … you need to reevaluate.”

There is some undeniable truth to what Bieber says … e.g., Michael Jackson, e.g., Tupac.

Kim Kardashian Says She Makes $1 Million Per Instagram Post!

Kim Kardashian I Make $1 Million … FOR EACH INSTAGRAM POST!!!

5/3/2019 7:04 PM PDT


11:11 PM PT — An industry source tells us Kim actually pulls in $1 Million per Instagram post … and it’s likely her legal team will re-file the docs with an adjustment.Kim Kardashian just filed legal docs revealing just how incredibly powerful and influential she is … and that power and influence translates into insane cash.

Kim is embroiled in a lawsuit against Missguided USA clothing company, a fast fashion brand. She claims the company used her image to hawk its wares. The company apparently didn’t respond to her claims, and she’s now going in for a default judgment for $5 mil.

That’s not why we’re telling you about this. In the docs, Kim justifies the $5 mil by explaining her capacity to make big money. She says she gets between $300,000 and $500,000 FOR A SINGLE INSTAGRAM POST!!!

And, get this … in the docs, she says she frequently turns down offers for that kind of money because she doesn’t want to be associated with the brands.  

As for the lawsuit, Kim says her brand is being damaged by Missguided USA associating itself with her. 

It’s no secret … Kim can literally make a business by giving it a thumbs up. It’s like Oprah, only arguably bigger. 

Baker Mayfield Outswags Tom Brady at Kentucky Derby

Baker Mayfield Outswags Tom Brady … at Kentucky Derby

5/3/2019 3:12 PM PDT

Breaking News

Can you spot the G.O.A.T.?!

He’s behind the dude in SWAG pink suit! 

Check this out … a bunch of NFL stars are hanging together in Kentucky right now — gearing up for the Kentucky Derby. 

Baker Mayfield‘s front and center — with an incognito Tom Brady blending in behind him. 

Indianapolis Colts QB Jacoby Brissett — Tom’s former backup — is in the bottom left … standing next to Julian Edelman

Also in the mix … ex-Patriots’ Lonie Paxton and Dan Koppen.

TB12 is a regular at the Derby — so is his coach, Bill Belichick. Unclear if Bill has made it to Churchill Downs yet. 

We already reported L.A. Rams head coach Sean McVay is in town with his smokin’ hot girlfriend

Expect a TON of other huge stars to make their way to Louisville before Saturday’s big race!