Ever Wondered How A Tranquilizer Dart Works? In Slow Motion, It’s Mesmerizing

Who knew that watching a tranquilizer dart working its magic could be so mesmerizing?

YouTube stars The Slow Mo Guys ― aka Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy ― captured the process in stunning slow motion (3,000 frames per second at some points) in their latest video released Wednesday.

The 13-minute explainer soon shot up the YouTube charts, garnering more than 5.5 million views in its first 12 hours online.

Check out the full clip here:

Samsung shuts down Galaxy Z Flip factory following coronavirus case

Samsung has temporarily closed one of the factories that makes the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip after one of its employees was confirmed to have the coronavirus.

The factory, which is in Gumi City, South Korea, will reopen the morning on Feb. 25 at the earliest. According to SamMobile, other employees who came into contact with the infected employee are now under quarantine. 

Per CNN, there were over 430 coronavirus patients in South Korea at the time of writing. Over 220 new cases were reported in 24 hours, doubling the country’s total.

The Galaxy Z Flip sold out quickly after its initial release online and has since been difficult for consumers to find. On Thursday, Samsung claimed the phone was still available at “select retailers and carrier stores around the country.” It also restocked its own online store. However, many would-be buyers have still had a hard time getting their hands on the phone.

However, the factory in Gumi City only makes up a small portion of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip production. Most of its smartphones are produced in Vietnam and India, according to Reuters.

Please watch this dog gaze at its forbidden lover, a blueberry

[embedded content]

Not all fruits are safe for dogs, but blueberries are perfectly fine. In fact, they’re a healthy, antioxidant-rich treat. 

Unfortunately, this particular blueberry is on a glass table, and this dog is under it. She doesn’t seem to have quite grasped the concept of “glass,” though, and keeps swiping at the berry as if to scoop it out of the air.

It’s a tragedy, ultimately, but it’s still really cute.

Fear not: United Airlines is not getting rid of Biscoff cookies forever

Biscoff cookies are the perfect plane snack. They’re sweet but not too sweet, they’re crumbly but not too crumbly, and they’re the ideal accompaniment to a bad cup of plane coffee. Luckily, they won’t be missing from United Airlines flights for long. 

The airline announced Friday that it would replace Biscoff cookies with the fine-I-guess quasi-cookie known as the Oreo Thin. Oreo Thins, while acceptable in a pinch, do not provide the same decadent dunking experience that Biscoffs do. How could they? They are defined not by what they have, but what they lack: the heft and thickness of a full-size Oreo.

Fortunately, I won’t be forced to dunk an Oreo Thin into my coffee — not past this spring, anyway. A United spokesperson told Eater on Friday that the swap will only last until May, at which point Biscoff cookies will return.

There’s nothing like a cookie dustup to inspire some competitive ribbing, though. Delta, which also offers Biscoff, used the kerfuffle to point out on Twitter that it has no plans to phase out the cookies anytime soon. 

The cookies are also offered on WestJet, Alaskan Airlines, and American Airlines. You know, if that’s how you’re choosing how to fly.

NASA officials ‘baffled’ after space cameras catch UFO following ISS for over 20 minutes

Astonishing footage of a UFO hovering above Earth has been caught by NASA cameras. The incredible video, captured on the US space agency’s live camera sees the cone-shaped object keep pace with the International Space Station (ISS) above it. In a bizarre twist, the NASA camera zooms in on the object, appearing to show the US space agency acknowledges the UFO.

The footage was posted by UFO enthusiast Scott Waring on his YouTube channel ET Data Base and has since gone viral across social media.

The 22-minute long footage shows the bus-sized UFO moving at the same speed as the ISS, which moves at 78km/second.

At the end of the live feed stream, the UFO shoots upwards and disappears, leaving behind a green burst of light.

During the NASA footage, the space agency workers are discussing maintenance on the space station.

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However, at one point, the NASA live camera suddenly “notices something down there and begins to zoom in on it”.

Scott Waring said: “That is NASA zooming in on the UFO, not me.

“They are as baffled by it as I am. They don’t know what it is or why it is there

“During the feed, they mention coordinates, and that could be secret code as to the location of the object. They don’t want to be too obvious.

Coronavirus: Chilling 40-year-old book PREDICTED ‘Wuhan biological weapon’ outbreak

Coronavirus has now taken the lives of more than 2,100 in China as the number of confirmed cases reaches 76,000 worldwide, as South Korea reports a surge of cases has led to their first fatality yesterday. US Senator Tom Cotton raised eyebrows earlier this week when he claimed the virus was either an experiment gone wrong, or a purposely released biological weapon. But, a book from 1981 chillingly predicts a similar rhetoric.

Written by Dean Koontz, “The Eyes of Darkness” is a story about a mother who discovers her son Danny is being kept in a military facility after being infected with a man-made microorganism called “Wuhan-400”.

Chapter 39 reads: “To understand it, you have to go back 20 months. 

“It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the US, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade.

“They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan and it was the 400th viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research centre.”

The Coronavirus outbreak may have been predicted 40 years ago

The Coronavirus outbreak may have been predicted 40 years ago (Image: GETTY/TWITTER)

The outbreak has surged in South Korea

The outbreak has surged in South Korea (Image: GETTY)

Wuhan-400 is the perfect weapon

The Eyes of Darkness

Some have suggested this research centre could be referring to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is where China’s only level four biosafety laboratory is located. 

It has the highest-level classification of labs studying the deadliest viruses and is situated 20 miles from where the current COVID-19 first broke out.

Further excerpts of the book state that the virus as the “perfect weapon” as it cannot survive outside a host for more than a minute.

It adds: “Wuhan-400 is the perfect weapon.

“It afflicts human beings, no other living creature can carry it.

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A section of the book

A section of the book (Image: TWITTER)

“Just like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can.

“When the host expires, the Wuhan-400 within him perishes a short while later, as soon as the temperature of the corpse drops below 30C.

“They knew that the Chinese could use Wuhan-400 to wipe out a city or a country, and then there wouldn’t be any need to them to conduct tricky and expensive decontamination before they moved in and took over.”

Congress leader Manish Tewari tweeted screenshots of the book on his Twitter on Sunday night, clocking up more than 200 retweets and 700 likes since.

He wrote: “Is Coranavirus a biological Weapon developed by the Chinese called Wuhan-400?

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The biological weapon was named Wuhan-400

The biological weapon was named Wuhan-400 (Image: GETTY)

There are some key differences though

There are some key differences though (Image: GETTY)

“This book was published in 1981. Do read the excerpt.”

However, there are some key differences in the prediction and the recent strain of coronavirus.

The Wuhan-400 was apparently developed as a bioweapon with a 100 percent fatality rate, but COVID-19 has a fatality rate of 0.2 percent.

While the Wuhan-400 only has an extremely short four-hour incubation period, the COVID-19 requires an incubation period between 2 to 14 days.

Finally, the Wuhan-400 was said to only affect human beings, but the first cases of coronavirus are believed to have been from animal to human interactions.

Life after death: Terrifying NDE accounts recall ‘dark void’ in first moments after dying

“The beings were friendly but at the same time terrifyingly sad.”

Piotr’s account features in the book Polskie życie po życiu or The Polish life after life.

According to his account, the man felt as if he was being dragged into an afterlife that was a dark abyss.

He said: “When I noticed I was headed towards the black distance, I realised the tragedy of the whole situation.”

Eventually, Piotr said he was brought back to life by a “commanding voice”.

‘We are in the last days’ Locust swarm approaching Egypt sparks Bible apocalypse fears

The worst plague of locusts in 70 years is currently ravaging East Africa, endangering economies in a region heavily dependent on agriculture for food security. In recent days, the infestation has hit South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania, having already decimated crops throughout Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. The Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has called the situation “extremely alarming,” and Egypt could soon be invaded as they head northbound along the Red Sea.

Scientists are pointing the finger at climate change, blaming rapidly warming waters in the Indian Ocean off Africa’s eastern coast becoming the perfect breeding ground, but Biblical writer Mark A. Kellner has another theory.

He said earlier this month: “Rarely since the Exodus of Hebrew slaves from Egypt has the African continent seen such a sight, locusts swarming throughout Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan and Uganda.”

Mr Kellner is referring to the Plagues of Egypt – a story depicted in the Book of Exodus in which God inflicts 10 disasters, or plagues, on the Egyptian people after the Pharaoh refuses to accept Moses’ demands for the Israelites to be freed from their chains of slavery. 

Exodus 10:12-15 reads: “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘Stretch out your hand over Egypt so that locusts swarm over the land and devour everything growing in the fields, everything left by the hail’.

“So Moses stretched out his staff over Egypt, and the Lord made an east wind blow across the land all that day and all that night.

“By morning the wind had brought the locusts; 14 they invaded all Egypt and settled down in every area of the country in great numbers.

“Never before had there been such a plague of locusts, nor will there ever be again.

“They covered all the ground until it was black. They devoured all that was left after the hail – everything growing in the fields and the fruit on the trees.

“Nothing green remained on tree or plant in all the land of Egypt.”

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Create the perfect workspace with this electric height-adjustable desk

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Pick your personal comfort zone with this easily adjustable sit/stand desk.
Pick your personal comfort zone with this easily adjustable sit/stand desk.

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Unfortunately, most adjustable desks are not always budget-friendly, with the average price often well above $300. But you don’t have to take the sticker shock sitting down, because right now Amazon has the Flexispot height-adjustable desk for $40 off the normal price of $299, plus free shipping.

The Flexispot desk is an affordable choice that allows you to easily change up your workspace with a simple 2-button electric lift system that moves the desktop for you. And with a height range of 2.5 to 4 feet, you can find that sweet spot every time. The 48 x 30 work area is also plenty spacious, with room to fit multiple monitors, your laptop setup, all your Funko Pop! figures, or whatever else you need. The frame is also made from industrial-grade steel that handles up to 154 pounds, so go ahead and load up on those action figures… er, collectibles.

Not to freak you out, either, but sitting too much every day is basically proven to be a long-term health risk. But with simple adjustments to your routine, like taking a break from sitting every 30 minutes, you can make sure you are doing your part to improve your general well-being. So really, using the Flexispot height-adjustable desk is as much an investment in yourself as it is a really cool piece of office tech you can play with. No one is saying you can’t sit down, but wouldn’t it be nice to have the option not to?