EXCLUSIVE: Why President Donald Trump ‘could be about to announce that ALIENS EXIST’


Steve Bassett is convinced aliens exist and are here on Earth.

Steve Bassett has dedicated the past 20 years to campaigning for the US government to end an alleged “truth embargo” that prevents anyone from revealing the truth about alien visitations of our planet which are allegedly hushed up by the authorities.

Through the Paradigm Research Group he set up to push for “disclosure”, Mr Bassett became the only registered lobbyist in the states on the alien issue.

Now, in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, he has explained why he believes it could be around the corner.

Mr Bassett said a series of three events in the run up to the election of president Donald Trump gave him the feeling that the White House was softening the public up for the world-changing news.


Steve Bassett said last year President Obama may make the announcement before leaving office.

Conspiracy theorists believe that the truth about alien visitations has been hidden from the world since the July 1947 alleged flying saucer crash at Roswell New Mexico.

It is alleged that alien corpses were found inside the craft, but it was all taken away to a top secret military base amid fears of the impact the revelation would have on religion and the rule of law if people knew that we were “not alone”.

Mr Bassett said the first event was around “six months or so before the election”.

He said: “Tom DeLonge, the singer from Blink-182, who has a keen interest in the subject, went on Coast to Coast am radio and said, ‘the Pentagon has approached me and wants me to help get information out’.

There you had it – proof the Pentagon had approached someone popular in the music industry to help get out information about UFOs.

Steve Bassett

“He talked about being asked to produce a fiction book, non fiction, and a documentary.

“He said, ‘I have a 10 person advisory committee to help get me information’.”

Mr Bassett said Mr DeLonge’s claims were later proved true when emails between himself and Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta, discussing the project, were leaked by Wikileaks during the election campaign.

He said: “There you had it – proof the Pentagon had approached someone popular in the music industry to help get out information about UFOs.”


Steve Bassett does not believe Donald Trump is the man to lead a post-disclosure world.

The second event which gives Mr Bassett hope is said to have happened the day after Donald Trump’s win.

He said: “I received an encrypted text from someone inside.

“It was not signed, but I kind of know who it is.

“It said, ‘there are people inside the Department of Defence who are willing too cooperate if someone reaches down to them, if the secretary of defence reaches down to them’.”


Steve Bassett gave an exclusive interview in the Daily Express office in London.

He is convinced that Hillary Clinton hoped to be the president to announce aliens exist if she took office, and this was an attempt by those loyal to her to get the news out before Mr Trump took office.

It did not happen but he branded the third event, two days before Mr Trump took office in January, as remarkable.

He said: “The CIA announces that 13.5 million files about the CIA’s history, psychic research, and UFO stuff was available to the world online that day.”

He saw it as a final attempt to get the news out before Mr Trump’s inauguration.

Of course, that never happened, but he believes the series of events has made it inevitable for the embargo to be broken soon.

But, despite campaigning for years for the “truth to be out there”, Mr Bassett does not see Mr Trump as the right president to lead a “post disclosure” US.

He released a press statement last month branding him “too dangerous” to handle the transition.

In fact, he believes Mr Trump will be impeached before disclosure happens, and his successor will make the announcement.

It is not the first time Mr Bassett has predicted his campaign was nearing an end.


Despite claims he would, President Obama did not reveal that aliens exist.

Last May, he told Express.co.uk he believed President Barack Obama would break the news in 2016 before leaving office, because of a growing media storm about aliens both in the US and UK.

Asked by Express.co.uk why that did not happen, he blamed it on mainstream TV media in the US.

He said: “There was enough momentum in the print and online media, and when the Wikileaks stuff broke, it just needed someone from a primetime TV news channel to take this on.

“But, not one question was asked about the subject during the presidential TV debates, and that is why it did not happen then.” 

ASTONISHING CLAIM: Aliens EXIST and give ‘first ever interviews about why they abduct us’

Miguel Mendonça, 43, claims to have interviewed several REAL aliens in order to pen his latest book called Being with the Beings.

In it, alleged aliens reveal they are abducting humans from Earth and explain why, according to the author.

It is said to be an insight into the interactions with alien visitors from across the Universe with the humans they either abduct or contact.

Mr Mendonça, a former green energy expert who helped shape UK renewable power policies, interviews each of the human contactees in the book, before allegedly speaking to their “alien guides” through them.

One alien called Sasha is allegedly a Pleiadian, from the Pleiades star cluster in the constellation of Taurus – one of a number of designated alien races according to UFO believers.

Sasha talks about working with humans to help them transcend to a higher state of consciousness that aliens have allegedly already reached, where there is a lack of ego, and therefore conflict, and the physical body becomes irrelevant.

Asked by the author “what is the most important message you can give to humanity ay this time?” Sasha replies: “To remind humans over and over again that they are not their bodies, they are not their minds or their thoughts or emotions. They are not singular beings. They are multidimensional beings having a human experience, anchored by an ego, here in a physical reality.”

She went onto explain once humans recognised this they could move from the “third density” to a “fourth” where there will be a feeling of “wholeness”.

She said: “It is very important in this crucial time of human transformation to not be pulled out of your awareness of your wholeness through the distraction of the physical world.”

Through another contact, Mr Mendonça claims to have had a strange conversation with a group of amphibious humanoid aliens said to be from the Betelgeuse star system, known as the Orion Council.

He asked them “why they worked with humanity.”

The aliens said: “We are also learning from you, and you are learning from us. It is an agreement. Many beings work with Orion Council. But though some haven’t believed that it is possible to communicate with beings from this Betelgeuse star system, it is and we are here to prove it.”

Nr Mendonça also spoke with aliens from the Fajan Race from an alleged planet in the Andromeda galaxy called Faqui.

The group said: “We are from a vibrational existence which is similar to what humans call the fifth dimension.

“Our physical bodies, way of thinking, way of living, technology, behaviour, and our understanding of all that is has expanded through the evolutionary process into a higher frequency of being.

“the exciting part is that Earth, and all living things on earth, are currently in a stage of wondrous evolution.

“This is a reason for the immense need for disclosure and willing reconnection with us – your cosmic brothers and sisters.”

Last May Express.co.uk revealed how Mr Mendonça had published an earlier book called Meet the Hybrids, which featured interviews with people who alleged that they had been implanted with alien DNA before birth.

They said it was their mission to help humans “evolve into higher beings”.

Since writing the books, Mr Mendonça says he believes he is now having contact with alien beings himself.

Sceptics argue there is no evidence to back up the existence of intelligent alien beings yet, and that the so-called contactees could have just been pretending to the author to be aliens.

They say there is no evidence alien contact or abductions are taking place and the numerous similar accounts could be copied from others online, as could the various recognised alleged races of aliens.

Mystery ‘shipwreck graveyard’ spotted on Google Earth by UFO hunter

Scott C Waring posted his discovery on website ufosightingsdaily.com which usually features details of alleged UFO or alien sightings. 

The alien chaser highlighted three dark, boat-shaped objects in a shallow area off the coast of Costa Verde, Mexico. 

He posted today: “You know me… always searchings for the hidden mysteries of life. 

“Well today I stumbled upon something thats not a UFO, but is still absolutely amazing due to its size.”

The first alleged wreck was 138 metres long, according to Mr Waring – more than half the length of the Titanic which was 269 metres in length.

He said: “I found an old shipwreck off Mexico… this one is huge! 

“Its 138 meters across according to Google Ruler. The detail is outstanding.

“Oh, and by the way, it is a treasure – 138 metres of iron is roughly $10 million plus recycled. 

“Let alone the other artefacts it must still have on it. 

“It’s not a freighter because it’s thin along its ends, more like an old battle ship. I researched old sunken ships in the area there, but couldn’t find any that match.”

Mr Waring said he found a second smaller ship of about 61 meters across that he estimated had a wooden hull, to the north west of the larger one. 

He said: “It’s on the same island as the first ship, but is on opposite side.”

And to the south west of the larger one, he believes to have found the remains of a 12-metre long fishing boat.

So has Mr Waring found some undiscovered shipwrecks on Google Earth?

Sceptics would argue it could just be the effects of pareidolia, when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes such as faces or animals in textures or patterns like clouds or rock surfaces.

Was this mysterious giant bible written by the Devil himself?

The Codex Gigas, the Latin for ‘Giant Book’ is an eight century old leather-bound manuscript that is thought to have been influenced by Satan.

The huge 89 centimetre tall, 49 centimetre wide book weighs 75 kilograms and is currently on display at the National Library of Sweden.

Across its hundreds of pages include a complete version of the Vulgate Bible – the Catholic Church’s official Latin Bible – and many texts pertaining to the teaching of medicines and magic.

But what has caught most people’s eye is the large, full page, colour drawing of the Devil on 577.

The origin of the Codex Gigas is unknown, but according to stories which have been past through generations, it was written by a doomed Benedictine monk in a Bohemian monastery.

It is believed the monk was sentenced to death after he broke his vows.

In a bid to escape his fate, he told authorities that if he could write an entire book in one night that contained all human knowledge as well as praising the monastery, then he should be let off.

Upon starting his task however, he realised that it would not be able to be completed in one night.

In desperation, the monk allegedly turned to the Devil for help.

According to the National Library of Sweden: “The Evil aided him, had his portrait painted in the book and asked the monk’s soul in return. 

“The monk was saved but no peace, he was never seen again. He turned finally to the Holy Virgin and the prayer of salvation. 

“Virgo handed him his helping hand, but the penitent died just at the moment when he would have been resolved by its contract with the devil.”

Tests carried out on the ancient bible have revealed that the entire book was indeed written by one person as the handwriting is consistent throughout.

According to a report in the Line Up, it would have taken five years of non-stop writing to complete.

The report adds: “Clearly, the author of this massive tome was possessed by something to create such a masterwork. Whether it was the power of light or darkness, is lost to time.”

HoloLens system uses augmented reality to aid spinal surgery

Augmented reality (AR) isn’t just for Pokémon Go and Snapchat masks, the technology will can have practical applications in areas like medicine, too.

At least that’s the promise of the new Scopis Holographic Navigation Platform, which is designed to be used with the Microsoft HoloLens to help doctors perform spinal surgery.

The company claims that its system can use 3D tracking with the HoloLens to help accurately find spinal screw positions faster during surgery. The system also allows the medical team to place virtual monitors above the surgery space, giving the surgeon a hands-free way to refer to charts and images while operating. Scopis also employs the HoloLens’ familiar finger gestures (which look like you’re pinching the air) to allow the surgeon to control the AR content.

Of course, the $3,000 HoloLens is still mostly in the hands of developers, so we’re still learning about just how reliable it is during pressure situations like surgery, but this short video is an encouraging look at the possible near future of AR as a practical tool beyond gaming and casual apps.

Free Comic Book Day is now a geek family affair and here’s the proof

Zounds! ‘Tis Free Comic Book Day, when younglings and olds alike descend upon their local comic book merchants in search of the only nourishment that will slake their savage geek thirst: MOAR COMIC BOOKS. 

But despite the feeding frenzy focused on the wonder secreted in the pages of these paper treasures, Free Comic Book Day is actually a sweet moment for many families when friends and family get to unapologetically share their collective guilty pleasure. 

No, this isn’t the day to haggle over a rare issue of an obscure superhero series, or eye the comic book shop owner suspiciously as she darts into the back room where they keep “the good stuff.” 

Nope, today is just about sharing the love of comic books, and we managed to find a number of moments on social media that capture that warm and fun sentiment. 


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But hark! There are still hours yet left to pillage your nearby purveyor of comic paraphernalia. We beseech you, if you haven’t already darkened the door of a comic book shop today, let these images inspire you to action. 


Chris Pine reminds us he’s not Hemsworth, Evans, or Pratt in ‘SNL’ monologue

It’s good to be a “scruffy and squinty and jacked, but in a sweet way” guy named Chris who acts in movies. 

But apparently not if you don’t want to be confused with the other scruffy, beefy guys named Chris who act in movies.

Chris Pine, tonight’s Saturday Night Live host, used his monologue as an opportunity to differentiate himself from Hemsworth, Evans, and Pratt.

He did a song and dance to the tune of “Uptown Girl.” (Who knew Chris Pine had pipes?!)

He used visual aids.

But he ultimately came to the conclusion that, yeah, they are actually pretty indistinguishable. Still hot, though!

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‘SNL’ pokes at a ‘missing’ Kellyanne Conway in Carmen Sandiego tribute

After a few media missteps, the once ubiquitous Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway has all but vanished from TV. 

So Saturday Night Live tasked a couple of precocious young children with answering the question, “Where in the World Is Kellyanne Conway?”

“She hasn’t been seen in weeks; no one knows where she is or what she’s up to,” Sasheer Zamata opened as the iconic Chief, Lynne Thigpen.

And the Carmen Sandiego sendup was complete with Rockapella, featuring Chris Pine.

But the game show didn’t even make it to the first clue.

“We don’t wanna find her,” one of the contestants said.

That makes all of us, kid.