Everyone’s comparing their plans for 2020 to reality in this sad meme

2020 isn’t shaping up to what we all hoped it would be. 

That might be an understatement. With the pandemic an ongoing concern, social distancing measures are still in place in most parts of the world. Any expectations we had, from enjoying brunch with friends to seeing loved ones to traveling the world, is pretty much off the table. 

And what better to mourn 2020 than with memes? 

The “My plans vs. 2020” meme takes memorable scenes from movies and TV shows and compares them to happier beginnings. From the heart-wrenching conclusion to the tragic love story in Portrait of a Lady on Fire to the unfortunate fate of the cabbage merchant in Avatar: The Last Airbender, at least everyone can joke about how disappointing 2020 is shaping up to be. 

Of course, not everyone found their plans thrown into distanced disarray.

But hey, don’t despair too much. There are still plenty of ways to safely connect with your loved ones throughout this — from a distance. 

Watch NASA test the Mars Perseverance rover ahead of launch

[embedded content]

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover is getting ready for its big launch day, when it will become the envy of all and leave this cursed Earth behind. But before it can get its ass to Mars, NASA needs to be sure its rover can handle the adventure.

In a new video filmed in late 2019, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory puts Perseverance through its paces to make sure that it’s grown up big and strong. It seems like one giant leap to go from Rover’s first unassisted stand to a driving test within just four months, but apparently rovers mature much more quickly than humans.

Perseverance’s launch window opens July 17. It’s scheduled to land on Mars on 18 Feb. 2021, where it will search for aliens and collect cool rocks to show its parents.

The Fire HD 8 tablet is made for entertainment

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Pre-order the Fire HD 8 tablet for £89.99 on Amazon.

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The Fire HD 8 tablet is available to pre-order for £89.99, and the Fire HD 8 Plus tablet can be pre-ordered for £109.99. The choice is yours.

Improve your entertainment options with an all-new tablet from Amazon.

Aliens on Mars: UFO hunter’s shock discovery of ‘4m tall alien’ in NASA photos

But if the planet was similar to Earth millions of years ago, there is a chance simple microbial life developed on Mars.

NASA said: “Even if there were no life on Mars, it would be exciting to know whether there used to be life there.

“So in addition to looking for living bacteria, NASA will be searching for tiny fossils that might indicate life got a start early in Mars’ history but, unlike on our home planet, it did not survive and evolve into larger life forms.”

But what about the oddly shaped rocks UFO hunter keep discovering?

The most likely answer is pareidolia – a bizarre effect that tricks the mind into seeing shapes and patterns where they do not exist.

UFO sighting: Alien hunters claim to spot UFO leaving mouth of Mexican volcano

Eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists were watching the live camera footage of the Popocatepetl, near Mexico City, Mexico, when they spotted a strange object passing over the mouth of the volcano. Prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring spotted the object, which he claimed was a of extraterrestrial origin.

By analysing the footage, Mr Waring says the supposed UFO was over 100 metres long.

Furthermore, the conspiracy theorist believes have been using Popocatepetl, or El Popo as it is also known, as a base on Earth for thousands of years.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog ET Database: “Here is a great example of a triangle UFO passing over the mouth of Popocatepetl, a volcano in Mexico.

“It has been long believed that this volcano holds an underground alien base 5km below its surface.

“An ancient civilization of aliens that have existed there for tens of thousands of years.”


UFO sighting: Alien hunters claim to spot UFO leaving mouth of Mexican volcano (Image: ET DATABASE)


At 5,426 metres tall, Popocatepetl, which is 70 kilometres away from the capital Mexico City, is the second-largest volcano in North America (Image: GETTY)

“If we compare the size of the UFO with the mouth of the volcano, we can find its true size.

“The mouth is about 600 meters across and this UFO is about 1/6 the size of the mouth, that’s 100 metres across!”

This is not the first time Mr Waring has claimed El Popo is home to extraterrestrials.

A similar video last year from YouTube channel UFO Mania showed a bright, curved light can be seen making its way up the side of the volcano before it suddenly disappears.

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Are aliens here on Earth? (Image: GETTY)

Mr Waring said of that sighting: “Here is an amazing sighting of a boomerang UFO coming out of a volcano in Mexico.

“The UFO slowly moves up from the side of the volcano, glowing powerfully as it continues to rise and disappear above the volcano.

“This is 100 percent proof that there is an alien base 5km below this volcano as many UFO researchers and myself believe.

“The UFO itself is about 40 percent the width of the mouth of the volcano. The mouth is 600 meters across, thus the UFO is 240 meters.”

He again reiterated his claim later in 2019 when two objects were supposedly seen near El Popo.

Alien face on the Moon: UFO hunter claims sculpture is ‘100% proof
UFO panic: Navy jets in close encounters with EIGHT unknow aircraft
UFO sighting? ‘Absolute proof’ NASA photographed a ‘green UFO’


World’s most dangerous volcanoes (Image: EXPRESS)

Mr Waring said: “The large UFO and the small UFO appear to actual fly into each other on purpose, as if they both were dropping off passengers and cargo with one another.

“Why? Because its been long believed by researchers like me that there is an alien base about 4-6 miles below the surface of this volcano.”

At 5,426 metres tall, Popocatepetl, which is 70 kilometres away from the capital Mexico City, is the second-largest volcano in North America, but experts say that it does not pose a huge threat to locals due to its usually dormant nature.

In 2017, Popocatepetl erupted for the first time since 2000 when ash was propelled a staggering three kilometres into the sky. Since then, there have been several eruptions.

‘What the heck is that?’ How NASA scientists spotted ominous ‘Death Star’ near Sun

The video, captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory showed a mysterious dark object – the size of Jupiter – which looked like it was pulling energy from the Solar System’s biggest star. It soon gained popularity online, with the bizarre blob being sensationally dubbed a ’Death Star’ due to its similarity in appearance to the huge ominous space station seen in Star Wars. But, amazingly, leading scientists did not throw the theory out, claiming the fundamental idea of using the Sun to fuel a huge spacecraft was not only feasible, but quite a good idea.

The analysis was revealed during the Science Channel’s “NASA’s Unexplained Files,” where nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman exclaimed: “What the heck is that?”

The narrator said in 2014: “In March 2012, astronomers monitoring images from a solar telescope in Earth’s orbit see something ominous to the west of the Sun’s South Pole.

“Planet sized tentacles appear to connect the globe of darkness to the Sun’s surface.

“This connection fuels speculation that this presence near our star is no coincidence.

“The Sun burns hydrogen, the perfect fuel for a starship.

“But the three million-degree temperatures in the Sun’s atmosphere would destroy any human technology.”

Dr David Brin, a scientist who serves on the advisory board for NASA, claimed: “Why would anybody visit the Sun? Well, it might be a good place to refuel.”

Author Dr Bill Birnes came up with a more lurid explanation.

He added: “Could spaceships be re-fuelling by getting as close as possible to stars and taking their energy to fuel them through space?

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However, NASA claimed they had solved the mystery.

The series explained: “It’s an incredible idea, too incredible for NASA, who came up with their own information regarding the black ore, with an equally astonishing phenomenon.

“The tentacles were prominences, clouds of hydrogen clinging to the edge of the Sun’s atmosphere.

“And the Death Star itself was a solar magnetic bubble – the size of Jupiter – full of super-hot plasma.

“The only thing holding the ball in place is the magnetic field, which can shift at any moment.”

Banksy Jokes His Wife Is Sick Of Him Working At Home

Looks like Banksy is getting a little stir-crazy from self-isolation.

At least that’s the impression from a series of photos the elusive street artist posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

In the post, Banksy joked that his wife “hates it” when he works from home and then showed off photos of how he redecorated his bathroom in a rat theme.

As ITV noted, Banksy commonly employs rats as a method of social commentary, so they were natural inspirations for his bathroom renovation.

Of course, as the other photos showed, the devil was in the details.

British street artist Banksy is now tackling his bathroom.

Banksy via Instagram

British street artist Banksy is now tackling his bathroom.

Bansky's toilet.

Banksy via Instagram

Bansky’s toilet.

Banksy toilet seat.

Banksy via Instagram

Banksy toilet seat.

Bob Odenkirk, Jack Black, Patton Oswalt, and loads more comedians deliver heartfelt cover of Weird Al’s ‘Eat It’

[embedded content]

Before he was Saul Goodman and Jimmy McGill and then Saul again, Bob Odenkirk created one of the oddest, most beloved sketch shows around with David Cross. Mr. Show had a Zoom reunion last week (they’re all the rage) and so, naturally, they called up a bunch of people whose faces you recognize to make fun of Gal Gadot’s ridiculous celeb-packed “Imagine” singalong. And what better tribute could there be to this moment than Weird Al Yankovic’s ode to overcoming pickiness, “Eat It”?

As well as a good chunk of the Better Call Saul cast, the pair used up perfectly good favors from Bryan Cranston, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Rachel Bloom, Fred Armisen, John Hodgman, Amber Tamblyn, Paul Scheer, Michael Mando, Al Franken, and even banjo legend Béla Fleck — not to mention an extra special cameo at the end.

It’s not the first video to parody the bizarre, wildly uneven earnestness and production values of Gadot’s tone-deaf tribute, but it is the only one with a former U.S. senator.

John Krasinski gets emotional sharing ‘Some Good News’ highlights, celeb bloopers, and adorable guest anchors

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John Krasinski’s YouTube show Some Good News has served up sweetness and light in the midst of All This, and racked up over two and a half million YouTube subscribers looking for something to smile about.

This week’s episode is apparently the last before a little hiatus, which is fair given it can’t have been easy planning a star-studded prom, graduation, potluck, wedding, and all those celebrity weather reports and charity donations in the space of eight weeks. So Krasinski turned over the good news reporting and forecasts to some of the show’s many fans, including a promising young sports reporter, international correspondents, and an IRL Spider-Man, and shared some Zoom bloopers from his famous guests (they’re just like us! They can’t work out the mute button!). 

He also brought back some highlights of people surviving the coronavirus pandemic in various ways, whether it’s walking out of hospital after beating the odds, finding creative methods to connect with sick or vulnerable family and friends, or just finding pockets of joy. And then Krasinski delivered an emotional little speech about what the show’s meant to him.

“The truth is I have been so blown away by the messages I have received telling me how joyful this show makes you, how uplifted and inspired you all can be, but I assure you all the pleasure and all the inspiration has been mine,” he said, his voice cracking. 

“I told you from the very first episode, I only deliver the good news, you are the good news. And that’s why every single week, if you can look past the goofy guy wearing half a suit, you’d see what resilience really looks like. What unbroken really means. And through witnessing each and every simple act of kindness and generosity, you would see what the true definition of good really is.” 

Alex Jones Says He’s Considering Eating Neighbors If COVID-19 Lockdown Continues

Think you’re going stir crazy from the coronavirus lockdown? Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones can probably top whatever disturbing thoughts you might be having. 

He said on his far-right radio talk show Friday that he’s willing to go full cannibal.

If COVID-19 shutdowns continue, he said, he has “extrapolated this out” and may have to resort to drastic and disgusting methods of survival.

“I’ll admit it. I will eat my neighbors,” Jones said, predicting a dystopian future plagued by food shortages. 

“I won’t have to for a few years ’cause I got food and stuff ― but I’m literally looking at my neighbors now and going, ’I’m ready to hang ’em up and gut ’em and skin ’em. My daughters aren’t starving to death. I will eat my neighbors. … I will.”

Although Jones’ admission could make neighborhood watch meetings awkward, he said he plans on gobbling “globalists” who imposed the lockdowns first. 

“You think I like sizing up my neighbor?!” Jones bellowed. “I’m gonna haul him up by a chain and chop his ass up! I’ll do it! My children aren’t going hungry! I’ll eat your ass! And that’s what I want the globalists to know — I will eat your ass first!”

It’s unlikely Jones will ever go hungry, thanks to a fortune amassed in part through scams like selling fake coronavirus cures. He was ordered to pay Sandy Hook elementary school parents $100,000 for legal fees last year in a lawsuit they filed over his lies that the 2012 school massacre was a hoax.

Here’s a clip from his radio show diatribe on neighborliness: 

Naturally, people on Twitter had strong reactions to Jones’ tasteless commentary.

Some offered Jones food for thought. 

Others suggested Jones may regret his raw remarks.

And one insightful person put things in finger-licking perspective.