Donald Trump will WIN ‘miracle’ second term in US election 2020, claims leading psychic

stunned the world in 2016 when he beat the odds to clinch victory from the hands of rival Hillary Clinton. The incumbent President is now in the midst of an equally heated race to the White House as he squares off against Democrat candidate before the November 3 election day. And although the latest polls appear to give Mr Biden a narrow lead, a psychic renowned for his work with the police has said Mr Trump’s second term in office is on the cards.


Krzysztof Jackowski, a Polish psychic who shot to fame in the 2000s for his work on missing person cases, is convinced Mr Trump’s sometimes controversial approach to politics and foreign policy has surprisingly netted him enough supporters.

Discussing the earlier this year, the psychic was asked whether Mr Donald Trump was going to win.

After a moment of contemplation, Mr Jackowski came to the conclusion that by “some miracle” another victory is assured.

He said: “Personally, I do not like the politics of Mr Trump’s presidency, even though I am no political expert.

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Donald Trump 2020 prediction: President Trump

Donald Trump: A psychic believes President Trump will win a second term in office (Image: GETTY)

Donald Trump: President Trump on campaign trail

Donald Trump: The world did not expect Mr Trump’s victory in 2016 (Image: GETTY)

“But sometimes I am under the impression Mr Trump leads foreign policy in such a way that I am under the impression he is a sort of little hooligan who plays and befriends someone at the playground, only to later say, ‘I don’t want to play with you, I want to befriend you.’

“It doesn’t fit a bit the strength and rule of a power like the United States.

“But I think Trump’s controversiality, by some miracle, will allow him a second term.

“Maybe he has earned himself a little, even his opponents who certainly complain about him but will vote for him because he is controversial, radical at times in foreign policy, which might suit some Americans.

“However, not everyone else around the globe might, but Trump very frequently uses phrases that this is the end of American charity for the world, that America has to look after its own interests.

“Many Americans will buy it. I think this man, by a fluke, will be the President of the United States.”

And Mr Jackowski is not the only psychic who shared his thoughts about the upcoming election.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, a British psychic who runs the website, said earlier this month President Trump’s recent COVID-19 diagnosis will work in his favour.

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US election 2020: Swing states map

US election 2020: The swing states that could decide the November 3 election (Image: EXPRESS)

Donald Trump 2020: US President Donald Trump

Donald Trump: The US President is not leading in the polls right now (Image: GETTY)

He said: “This will be quite an important card for Trump actually because he will get a lot more public sympathy through this virus.

“I mean, Boris Johnson did and for a short time became extraordinarily popular because he was seen as like the warrior, in a way, because he fought through it all. His popularity is sliding much more now.

“But I think Trump will get a big boost in the polls about this.

“It makes you wonder doesn’t it, couldn’t this have been contrived actually, because it’s exactly what he needs in this situation where he has been moving down in the polls.

“But like I said, I have always felt that Trump would become the President for his second term.”

However, according to the latest election forecast collected by POLITICO on October 20, Mr Biden is in the lead by 290 to 163 electoral votes.

The figures are an amalgamation of polling figures by CNN, Cook Political Report, FiveThirtyEight, POLITICO and Real Clear Politics.

POLITICO said: “Several news outlets and organizations project Joe Biden as the favourite to pick up the more than 270 electoral votes necessary to win the presidency in the 2020 presidential election.”

Massachusetts Coastal Town Orders Locals To Stop Calling 911 About Giant Fish

The local government of Wareham, a town in southern Massachusetts’ Plymouth County, has asked locals to please stop calling the police about a big, blobby fish that has been spotted minding its own business in coastal waters.  

The fish — a whopper of a creature that has attracted dozens of emergency calls since Monday from locals mistaking it for a shark or a seal, according to The Cape Code Times — is an ocean sunfish.

Formally known by the genus name Mola, the ocean sunfish (Mola mola) can grow to nearly 10 feet in length, weighing in at more than a stunning 4,400 pounds.

An enormous sunfish in San Diego, California, with a diver nearby for scale. 

Barcroft Media via Getty Images

An enormous sunfish in San Diego, California, with a diver nearby for scale. 

Sightings of the monstrously sized swimmer began popping up in Wareham’s Broad Cove, with enough locals calling 911 to eventually warrant personnel from the Warham Department of Natural Resources to take a look. 

Their verdict, as reported on Facebook: “The sunfish is doing normal sunfish activities. It’s swimming. It is not stranded or suffering. The sunfish is FINE. … PLEASE STOP CALLING THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ABOUT THIS SUNFISH!!”

Ocean sunfish are no strangers to New England, and in September, one was freed after it managed to wedge itself along a pier at the Scusset Beach State Reservation at Cape Cod Canal in Massachusetts, with footage capturing only a brief glimpse of the fish’s fin on the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance’s Facebook page. 

Carol Carson, president of the New England Coastal Wildlife Alliance, told The Cape Cod Times that sunfish sightings happen every fall and that the big swimmers are generally gentle giants — except for their tendency to spit at people when bothered.  

In July, researchers in Australia and New Zealand managed to identify the rarely seen larval form of the ocean sunfish — a surprisingly teeny tot despite its goliath adult form. 

Carly Rae Jepsen’s single anthems shine among her love-heavy discography

In Party for One, Mashable explores single life in 2020, from Carly Rae Jepsen’s iconic single anthems, to the beauty of alone time, and the fascinating history behind the single positivity movement.

Nestled in the latter half of Dedicated Side B, the companion album to Side A released last year, singer Carly Rae Jepsen invites you, the listener, to revel in your singlehood. She knows you’re lonely and your heart aches, but encourages you to get yourself off the floor — Jepsen can’t stand to see you crying.

So goes the pre-chorus to Jepsen’s B-side “Solo,” a song kindred to the last track on the original Dedicated (and the namesake for this series), “Party for One.” “Solo” then kicks into its chorus, a call to action: Dance by yourself.

So what, you’re not in love

Don’t go wasting your nights gettin’ so low

So what, you’re not in love

You shine bright by yourself dancing solo

Anyone familiar with pop anthems about singledom (and heartbreak) can trace the themes in both “Solo” and “Party for One” to Robyn’s huge single “Dancing On My Own.” In fact, Jepsen worked with Swedish producer Patrik Berger on Dedicated due to his co-writing and producing the hit from Robyn’s 2010 album Body Talk Pt. 1 (though Berger didn’t write or produce “Party for One” nor “Solo” according to the album notes). 

Unlike “Dancing On My Own,” however, Jepsen’s not watching a former lover kiss someone else from the corner, begging him to see her. “Solo,” like “Party for One,” is a celebration of singlehood. In both songs — which are bangers, but perhaps that’s a matter of opinion — Jepsen encourages her listener to move on from their past loves and to embrace being on your own, even encouraging making love to oneself. 

Songs don’t like this don’t appear often in Jepsen’s oeuvre. As Jia Tolentino wrote in 2016, Jepsen writes hymns for love. “The way Jepsen sings about love is as blissfully anachronistic as her current aesthetic,” said Tolentino of Jepsen’s Emotion Side B. “It’s as heartfelt and circumscribed as the soundtrack — and the fully offline young friendships — on ‘Stranger Things.'”

While Tolentino wrote this three years before Dedicated, it holds up. Many of Jepsen’s songs, including the Dedicated era, are about infatuation with a crush; yearning for love; wondering if you’re ‘too much’ for a potential lover. Even Side B begins with a song proclaiming, “This Love Isn’t Crazy.” 

But longing for independence is present in the album besides “Solo” too, particularly in the Bleachers feature, “Comeback.” The song starts with a lyric about how Jepsen’s at war with herself as she takes a lover back to her place, the reason of which becomes clear in the chorus:

I don’t know what I’m feeling, but I believe

I was thinking ’bout making a comeback, back to me

And I won’t say you’re the reason I was on my knees

But I’m thinking ’bout making a comeback, back to me

As Jepsen matures, both as an artist and as a person with a love life of her own, so do her tracks. She takes inspiration from the complexities of relationships, regardless of the pain that may come with it, Jepsen said in a Vogue interview last year. She went through a break-up while working on Dedicated, and the reverberations show up on the album.

“I think the album goes through that process of like, ‘Shit, what do I do now?'” she told Vogue. “And, at the same time, singlehood for the first time in a while, which I’m kind of new at! So there was an arc of like, full-on heartbreak to a new story.”

One can see, then, why “Party for One” would be the last track of Dedicated: it punctuates the break-up arc with a celebration of singlehood, shrugging off rejection, and acknowledging that one is whole by themself. “If you don’t care about me,” Jepsen sings, “I’ll just dance for myself.” 

Songs about love and, by extension, singlehood, are the bread and butter of pop music. But when compared to Jepsen’s contemporaries, her songs about being alone aren’t about reflecting on past loves (as in Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next”) or wanting someone new (as in Lady Gaga’s “Stupid Love”). So often, pop songs about being single are actually about dissing one’s ex (or going so far as wanting revenge), finding someone else, or being heartbroken. “Party for One” and “Solo” are neither of these. 

“Party for One” and “Solo” acknowledge heartbreak, but they don’t stew in it.

Both “Party” and “Solo” acknowledge heartbreak, but they don’t stew in it. Nor do the songs discuss jumping to the next person. This is a departure from most of Jepsen’s songs, especially her earlier ones, that are about the dizzying spell of a crush or wanting to spend the night with a lover. The first track of her 2015 album Emotion, for example, opens with the wail of a saxophone that precedes her invitation for her “baby,” as she refers to in the song, to run away with her. 

That’s not to say that “Run Away With Me” and Emotion are any less for their lovesick themes; the album is so good, in fact, that Jepsen garnered a cult following after its release. But maybe “Party for One” and “Solo” signal a new direction for her future music, more songs that instead of begging someone to run away with you, realize you can run away with yourself. 

“Call Me Maybe,” the song that catapulted Jepsen to fame, is eight years old now. And in those years, one can trace how she’s grown as an artist both sonically and lyrically. The overarching themes of her music — infatuation, love, and the like — remain steady, but as Jepsen said herself, it’s the complexities of love that inspire her. This is seen in both sides of Dedicated, particularly Side B with “Solo” and “Comeback.”

In May, Jepsen said she has a “little baby quarantine album” with Tavish Crowe, a co-writer on both “Call Me Maybe” and “Party for One.” It’s unclear how the album will sound, but if it’s like the rest of Jepsen’s discography, love (and its complexities) will be its driving subject. I wouldn’t, however, expect a repeat of her 2012 hit given her more recent music. In 2020 and beyond, you can call Jepsen, maybe — but she’ll just dance by herself if you don’t. 

New web app lets you take Game Boy Camera-style pics and pretend it’s 1998

The internet just got a bit more wonderful. 

On Saturday a coder, animator, and electronic musician by the name of maple “mavica” syrup published a free web app that lets anyone take Game Boy Camera-style photos with just their browser and a webcam. It’s super fun. 

Over Twitter direct message, mavica, who prefers it/it pronouns and a lowercase styling, explained that a 2014 app made by Christine Love led it to create an updated version of the late nineties classic camera toy. mavica recalled how Love’s app, “Interstellar Selfie Station,” helped it at an important moment in its life. 

“[She’d] made the app back in 2014 but after a few months it got pulled off app stores,” wrote mavica. “i found the original app when i was just starting my transition and the low-res pictures helped a lot with my dysphoria, so it meant a lot to me and i’ve wanted to recreate it in some form ever since then.”

The web app is super easy to use, and lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, and color pallet of your photos. 

mavica built the entire thing over the weekend, and confirmed over direct message that the camera app doesn’t store any of the photos people snap. 

“[The] app is entirely client-sided, there’s no storage anywhere in your device or the server, it’s all only a single page with some basic javascript,” mavica explained. 

“[My] favorite part that people have shared with me so far have been other trans people who also noted that the filter helps their dysphoria and i’m so glad to have spread the same feeling i had 6 years ago,” wrote mavica.  

In other words, mavica’s web app is not just fun — it’s providing real value to people (though, of course, fun by itself is also plenty valuable). 

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So go take some rad pixelated photos, update your profile pic, and feel a little better about the world — even if only for a brief moment. 

‘Mandalorian’ Season 2 sneak peek promises more action, more Baby Yoda, and more Mandalorians

[embedded content]

A new sneak peek at The Mandalorian‘s second season has just dropped, giving us a look at the titular bounty hunter’s continued cosmic road trip with his tiny green baby. He’ll also apparently be looking for other Mandalorians to help him, because a road trip’s no fun without friends,

Season 2 of The Mandalorian will follow the Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal) on his journey to deliver Baby Yoda (aka The Child) to the Jedi. He doesn’t seem terribly pleased at being saddled with this task, which is way more dangerous than your average hitchhike across the galaxy, but sometimes a space dad’s gotta do what a space dad’s gotta do.

Returning characters include Cara Dune (Gina Carano), Greef Karga (Carl Weathers), and Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), who will undoubtedly cause a few problems for the Star Wars universe’s best parent-child duo. Hopefully this means we’ll get more information about Moff Gideon’s sick darksaber as well.

Season 2 of The Mandalorian will be eight episodes long, and premiere Oct. 30 on Disney+.

End of the world prophecy: Bible expert claims Antichrist could rise with aid of rogue AI

However, the blog noted rogue AI could still have a role to play in the end days.

The blog explained: “On the other hand, the global Antichrist world system is quite likely to be based on artificial intelligence and robotics, along with digital commerce, (the cashless system), biometric tracking and surveillance, (Mark of the Beast), along with genetic manipulation, (humanity 2.0).

“These are all current developments that are driving the world to a point of singularity where AI will take over the globe and humanity would be eliminated.”

The blog added: “We live in unprecedented times; Some might even say perilous times. Jesus Christ is ready to re-enter our time and space.”

But there is no evidence any of this is unfolding now or will in the foreseeable future.

UFO sighting: Claim ‘ancient alien face’ spotted on NASA Mars photo – ‘Intelligent creator

A rocky area in the upper left-hand corner has been described by some to look unerringly like a humanoid head.

The apparent anomaly does indeed have a forehead-like shape and an indent where eyes are commonly found.

And there are also slight protrusions very roughly where ears are commonly located.

Self-styled expert in all things alien Scott Waring is the man responsible for the odd claim.

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He took to his Sightings Daily site to speculate about his highly-controversial, so-called discovery.

He said: “I found a face on Mars, but this one has a doorway built into his chin.

“The face is a little bit similar to that of a human face, but the nose is smaller with one nostril and the ears are much higher and smaller on the forehead.

“The actual photo is on Gigapan and I made the false red photo into original colour to see Mars as it really is.

“It doesn’t sound like the huge human-eating aliens the movies make them out to be does it?”

However, even to the most ardent believer in extraterrestrials on Mars, this is clearly nothing more than a rock sitting on the red planet’s desolate surface.

Experts commonly agree there are there main explanations for such alien evidence claims.

These are fanciful thinking, a wish to deliberately deceive and also a fascinating tendency to anthropomorphise inert objects.

In this instance, perceiving a rock as an alien culture can be explained through a phenomenon known as pareidolia.

Pareidolia is a category of apophenia describing human’s well-known propensity to see recognisable shapes and patterns where they actually do not exist.

This effect has been widely-documented as causing people to see UFOs in clouds or alien artefacts in otherwise mundane objects.

US space agency NASA said in a statement: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people see recognisable shapes in clouds, rock formations, or otherwise unrelated objects or data.

“There are many examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space.”

Theory of EVERYTHING: Has double slit experiment finally been solved?

“But because a ‘particle’ has been detected passing through the slit, the subjective reality that we inhabit instantly registers the effect of particles.

“In order for the subjective reality to be altered in this way, the only explanation is that all humanity is connected at a subconscious level.”

He argues if this subconscious interconnectivity seems far-fetched, then why is this observed in other species, such as birds in flight, migrating animals and colonies of insects.

He said: “Why should we be any different? If matter being an illusion seems far-fetched, then atomic physics clearly reveals that the true nature of matter, the atom, consists of a balance between positive and negative electromagnetic energy in a bound form.”

Danbury, Connecticut, To Rename Sewage Plant For John Oliver

It’s official. Every time residents of Danbury, Connecticut, flush, they will be sending their special deliveries to the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant.

The City Council voted 18-1 Thursday night to rename the sewage plant after the comedian, who began a tongue-in-cheek battle with Danbury when he went on an expletive-filled rant against the city on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” in August.

Mayor Mark Boughton didn’t waste any time responding on social media. He posted a video of himself at the sewage plant saying the city was going to name it after Oliver.

“Why?” the Republican mayor asked. “Because it’s full of crap just like you, John.”

That drew a delighted response from Oliver, but he went off against the city again because Boughton later said he was just joking.

Oliver upped the stakes on his Aug. 30 show by offering to donate $55,000 to local charities if Danbury actually followed through with renaming the plant.

“I didn’t know that I wanted my name on your (expletive) factory but now that you floated it as an option, it is all that I want,” Oliver said.

Boughton said Friday that the feud has been a good distraction from the coronavirus and other troubles of the times. He also said Oliver’s promised donations have helped spur local fundraising efforts for area food banks that could end up collecting a few hundred thousand dollars to feed needy families.

The mayor added he will be offering tours of the sewer plant for $500 donations to local food pantries.

“I think it’s been a home run. It’s been a lot of fun,” Boughton said of the spat. “If I can put food on people’s table for Thanksgiving by naming a sewer plant after a very popular comedian, we’ll do it all day long.”

Oliver has offered to provide the new sign for the plant that includes his name, as well as attend the ribbon-cutting, Boughton said. A timeline has not been finalized.

Representatives for Oliver and HBO had no immediate comment Friday.

It’s still not clear why Oliver singled out Danbury for a tongue-lashing. He first brought up the city during an August segment on racial disparities in the jury selection process, citing problems in a few Connecticut towns from decades ago. He noted Danbury’s “charming railway museum” and its “historic Hearthstone Castle.”

“I know exactly three things about Danbury,” he said. “USA Today ranked it the second-best city to live in in 2015, it was once the center of the American hat industry and if you’re from there, you have a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver — children included — (expletive) you.”

Twitter is so shocked at the sight of a TV news host doing her job, the clip went viral

After four years of Donald Trump, it’s easy for a U.S. resident to believe that TV news reporters aren’t permitted to ask tough questions or push back when given inadequate answers. So it can be quite jarring in 2020 to see such things happen in a live interview.

That’s why this clip from a New Zealand news broadcast is getting so much attention. Newshub’s Tova O’Brien sat down for a chat with Jami-Lee Ross, a controversial New Zealand politician with some decidedly Trump-y qualities who lost his seat in Parliament following the country’s just-concluded 2020 election.

The four-minute clip highlights an exchange that’s marked primarily by O’Brien’s incisive questioning and unwillingness to let Ross dodge. She steers the conversation in a way that’s meant to hold the ousted politician to account for his more questionable behavior.

For U.S.-based TV watchers who have lived on a diet of domestic news coverage for the past four years, O’Brien’s disposition throughout the interview might seem overly aggressive or hostile. But no, this is actually a professional reporter doing the job of digging into the sorts of questions viewers should want answered.

She doesn’t let Ross get away with anything, and in fact openly calls him out because his attempts to dodge and re-frame the conversation are so shameless.

Predictably, the clip went viral on U.S. Twitter, accompanied by expressions of shock at O’Brien’s approach and wistfulness for the American news media to reach a place where this kind of no-nonsense attitude is an expectation rather than a rarity.