Whoopi Goldberg Cooked A Meal On TikTok, And The Results Were Horrifying

Quarantine has Whoopi Goldberg trying her hand at skills she really has not mastered.

The comedian really toed the line of what can be considered an acceptable amount of garlic in her recent attempt to make a meal, which she filmed and posted on TikTok.

In the footage, the 64-year-old says she was breaking her vow to never enter the kitchen again and proceeds to chop up a mound of garlic while dunking another 20 or so cloves into a pan of oil. “Is there such a thing as too much garlic? I don’t know,” she ponders aloud.

She also provided a disclaimer: “I am not good at this.”

“Here’s the meal,” she declares, presenting a lump of garlic bread and this, which one can only assume is spaghetti aglio e olio (heavy on the aglio):

Spaghetti aglio e aglio e aglio e aglio e olio.

Whoopi Goldberg / TikTok

Spaghetti aglio e aglio e aglio e aglio e olio.

“I could’ve just chomped on some garlic and been fine,” Goldberg admits. “Just know I had a good time trying to do it.”

She might’ve failed at making a meal, but she succeeded in entertaining her Twitter fans:

Going forward though, she said she’s just going to stick with takeout.

Probably a good call. At least she tried!

Sam Smith And Demi Lovato Are Action Figures In Reimagined ‘I’m Ready’ Video

Pop culture may be at a near standstill during the coronavirus pandemic, but that didn’t stop Sam Smith and Demi Lovato from filling the void with a sterling new single this month. 

Smith has described “I’m Ready,” which dropped April 16, as “2020 ABBA.” Indeed, the song’s thumping bass line and empowering lyrics have the feel of a dance-pop classic. 

Sadly, it may be a while before “I’m Ready” will be heard as Smith and Lovato had intended it ― that is, at maximum volume amid a sweaty crowd of revelers on a dance floor. Nonetheless, the duet gave writer and director Jake Wilson the chance to envision what that might eventually look like by staging a “toy version” of their music video. 

Released last week, Wilson’s “I’m Ready” replicates the feel of Smith and Lovato’s original, with action figures of Disney’s Hercules and “X-Men” superhero Storm taking the place of the two pop stars. Together, the characters lead other toys ― including a Britney Spears Funko doll and a miniature Barack Obama ― in a pint-sized LGBTQ Pride parade before executing a stop-motion dance routine. 

Wilson, who has worked with Lizzo and the Jonas Brothers on videos and other musical projects, told HuffPost he was “itching to be creative” while self-isolating in Los Angeles during the coronavirus crisis. 

Using his toy collection to reimagine Sam Smith and Demi Lovato's new video "made me feel like a kid again," said director Ja

Courtesy of Jake Wilson

Using his toy collection to reimagine Sam Smith and Demi Lovato’s new video “made me feel like a kid again,” said director Jake Wilson. 

“I ran into problems I’ve never had with actors before,” Wilson explained, “like Storm falling over mid-take and knocking down half of her castmates, or me spending 90% of the shoot literally laying on the floor, as our ‘locations’ were primarily on the ground.”

“I also ran into problems I have on normal shoots, like losing daylight through my blinds as 20 toys and a tripod were set up in their precise places, meaning I’d have to pick up filming the following day,” he continued. 

The end result, Wilson said, required five days of shooting and editing, but “made me feel like a kid again.”

“The whole idea felt like a perfect quarantine project,” he added.  

After Wilson posted his reimagined “I’m Ready” on social media, the video was liked by Olympian Gus Kenworthy, NPR journalist Ari Shapiro and former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts, among others. No one’s praise, however, was greater than Smith’s, who reposted the clip to their Instagram account with the caption, “I am SCREAMING!”  

Calling Wilson “so fucking clever and brilliant,” Smith added: “The thought of you making this during isolation makes my heart cry.”

Watch Jake Wilson’s reimagined “I’m Ready” video:  

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Prince Harry Heads To Netflix For A Very Nostalgic Reason

Prince Harry is heading to Netflix this week to celebrate a beloved children’s TV show ― and his appearance may give royal fans a clue to the new title he now prefers. 

The royal recorded a sweet introduction to mark the 75th anniversary of “Thomas & Friends.” He appears in a special episode of the program called “The Royal Engine,” which heirs ― um, airs ― on Netflix in the U.S. on Friday. The prince recorded his part in January.

Actor Rosamund Pike will voice a new train engine character on the show — the Duchess of Loughborough. Animated versions of Queen Elizabeth and a young Prince Charles will also appear in the episode.

Prince Harry recorded a special introduction for the episode. 

Getty Images

Prince Harry recorded a special introduction for the episode. 

Mattel said it made a donation to one of Harry’s initiatives in lieu of payment.

“Thomas the Tank Engine has been a comforting, familiar face to so many families over the last 75 years — entertaining, educating and inspiring children on important issues through exciting stories and characters,” Harry said in a statement about his role. 

“I certainly have fond memories of growing up with ‘Thomas & Friends’ and being transported to new places through his adventures,” Harry said, adding that he was “very proud” to have been a part of the show’s special episode.

It’s certainly true that the prince is a longtime fan, as ITV News royal reporter Chris Ship pointed out that Harry carried a Thomas the Tank Engine bag as a child.

Prince Harry, then 3 years old, arrives for his first day of nursery school at Chepstow Villas in West London with a Thomas t

PA Images via Getty Images

Prince Harry, then 3 years old, arrives for his first day of nursery school at Chepstow Villas in West London with a Thomas the Tank Engine bag.

Prince Harry looks at photographers with a pair of binoculars as he leaves on his first day at Mrs. Mynor's nursery school on

Georges De Keerle via Getty Images

Prince Harry looks at photographers with a pair of binoculars as he leaves on his first day at Mrs. Mynor’s nursery school on Sept. 16, 1987 in Notting Hill, London. 

It’s interesting to note that in both a written statement and a video clip about the duke’s role in the TV special, the 35-year-old is referred to not as Prince Harry, but as “Harry, Duke of Sussex.” It could provide a clue as to what Harry would like to be called at future engagements. 

Earlier this year, after announcing his intention to step back as a senior working member of the royal family, Harry headed back to the U.K. for his final round of engagements. At a working summit for Travalyst, the sustainable travel initiative he launched last year, the duke dropped the titles for his introduction. 

“He’s made it clear that we are all just to call him Harry,” former Labour adviser and broadcaster Ayesha Hazarika said, according to Hello magazine. “So, ladies and gentlemen, please give a big, warm, Scottish welcome to Harry.”  

Both Harry and Meghan dropped the use of their His and Her Royal Highness titles in the terms of their step back, though they still retain them. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made an official visit to the Joff Youth Centre in Peacehaven, Sussex, on Oct. 3, 2018.

Chris Jackson via Getty Images

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made an official visit to the Joff Youth Centre in Peacehaven, Sussex, on Oct. 3, 2018.

Since stepping back, Meghan has headed back to film with her new Disney nature documentary, “Elephant.” The Duchess of Sussex recorded narration for the film in October in London.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex recently relocated to Meghan’s hometown of Los Angeles, where they’ve stayed busy amid the pandemic.

The couple were spotted delivering meals on behalf of Project Angel Food, a Los Angeles nonprofit that prepares and delivers food to people with AIDS and other critical illnesses. The couple is also making video calls for their U.K. charities.

Attorney In ‘Tiger King’ Says ‘No Question’ Carole Baskin’s Ex-Husband Was Murdered

The attorney for Don Lewis ― the missing and presumed dead ex-husband of Carole Baskin, one of the subjects of the “Tiger King” documentary ― says he knows what happened to his client. 

“In my view, there’s no question but that he was murdered,” Joseph Fritz told Nancy Grace of Fox Nation, adding that Lewis loved his tigers and “never would have just walked away from them ― ever.”  

Lewis went missing in 1997. His vehicle was discovered at a private airport, but no trace of him was ever found and he was eventually declared dead.

Fritz said Lewis was cheap despite his wealth and may have been lured to the airport with the promise of a good deal on a plane. He also said Lewis tended to fly low to avoid radar detection because his pilot’s license had been revoked. 

“What I had heard was that he was strangled from the backseat of an airplane over the Gulf [of Mexico] at 50 feet and dropped out over the Gulf,” Fritz told “A Tiger King Investigation.”

Fritz also predicted that whoever did it would eventually be caught. 

“One day one of these people is going to stub their toe and want a get-out-of-jail-free card and that’s when something’s going to happen,” he said.

Fritz did not name any suspects.

“I don’t know who is a murderer and who is not a murderer,” he said. “But I know who is a liar. And I can definitively state that that somebody is lying about it.”

The disappearance of Lewis spawned some of the sensational allegations detailed in the “Tiger King” series, including a music video by Joe Exotic, the show’s central figure, suggesting Baskin killed her husband and fed him to the tigers. Baskin has denied any involvement in her ex-husband’s disappearance, and slammed the Netflix series for spreading “lies and innuendos from people who are not credible.” She is not considered a suspect or a person of interest.

Police say they still want to know what happened.    

“I’m extremely suspicious, but not just of her, of this whole circle here,” Hillsborough County (Fla.) Sheriff Chad Chronister told TMZ earlier this month. “I don’t want to allude to the fact or insinuate that she’s a person of interest and that this is who we are focusing on. I’m not comfortable saying that yet.”

Chronister said he believes that if Lewis was killed there were several people involved. He urged all guilty parties to come forward.

“Deals are cut and every deal is on the table right now,” he said. “Help us solve this case.”

Joe Exotic ― real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage ― is currently serving a 22-year-prison sentence for attempting to hire someone to kill Baskin, among other charges.

Stephen Fry Reveals How Right-Wing Media Crippled America’s Coronavirus Defense

British screen icon Stephen Fry’s latest explainer video looks at the coronavirus pandemic and what it’ll take to protect the population. 

His new video for Pindex also examines the opposite: what has hurt the effort, especially in the United States, which is closing in on 50,000 deaths from the infection. 

“Misinformation spread through a rich network, crippling America’s defenses,” Fry said over clips of Fox News, radio host Rush Limbaugh and right-wing evangelicals.

Fry, who was once voted the most intelligent person on British television, noted that a 2012 study found “Fox News viewers to be less informed than people who don’t watch any news.” Then, he showed how President Donald Trump has repeatedly contradicted himself on the virus, first downplaying it before finally recognizing the extent of the crisis: 

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Prince Louis Hams It Up In Truly Adorable 2nd Birthday Portraits

Kate Middleton and Prince William rang in Prince Louis’ second birthday by giving royal fans the best gift possible: new photos of the little one. 

And it’s hard to believe just how grown up he is! 

“Sharing a sneak peek of Prince Louis’s handiwork ahead of his second birthday!” Kensington Palace said on Instagram Wednesday. “We are pleased to share images ahead of Prince Louis’s second birthday tomorrow, taken by The Duchess this April.” 


Louis is spending his birthday, which falls on Thursday, with his family at home, and staying occupied by playing outside, baking, and likely listening to his mom and dad homeschool his siblings

He’ll also probably get some birthday wishes over the phone, as Kate and William revealed in an interview with BBC Breakfast last week that they’ve begun video chatting with family members. 




“It’s been a really good way of keeping in touch and seeing each other,” William told BBC, while Kate added, “I think your father, and my parents and our families … have really loved keeping in touch with the children, because they know it’s really hard.” 

The last time we saw little Louis, he was standing alongside Prince George and Princess Charlotte in a sweet video made as part of the Clap For Our Carers campaign, which thanks those on the front lines of the fight against COVID-19. 

On Tuesday, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 94th birthday, but without the pomp and circumstance of years past.

Usually, flags are raised and there is a ceremonial gun salute to honor Her Majesty, but all of that was canceled this year, as the monarch continues to self-isolate at Windsor Castle with Prince Philip. 

Nevertheless, Buckingham Palace still posted a birthday message on behalf of Queen Elizabeth and shared footage of her as a young girl, playing with her sister Princess Margaret: 

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Bella Hadid Just Gave Herself Some New Quarantine Bangs. See For Yourself.

For example, her version includes horseback riding, sunbathing and successfully giving herself these fringed bangs over the weekend.

Hadid revealed the new ’do in an Instagram Story, a big change from the tousled bob she posted just a few days prior.

It prompted many followers to have this initial thought:

Sure, bang trims are generally lower risk than giving yourself a more complex haircut ― but that’s if you already had bangs. Hadid gave herself completely new bangs. A risky move, to be sure.

Princess Beatrice Cancels Wedding Amid Coronavirus: Reports

(Reuters) – Queen Elizabeth’s granddaughter Princess Beatrice and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi have canceled their royal wedding due to the lockdown in the United Kingdom amid the coronavirus pandemic, media reports said on Thursday.

Princess Beatrice had earlier in March scaled back her wedding plans and canceled a planned reception which was due to be held at Buckingham Palace in May.

Princess Beatrice and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi attend the wedding of Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon and Olymp

Luc Castel via Getty Images

Princess Beatrice and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi attend the wedding of Prince Jean-Christophe Napoleon and Olympia Von Arco-Zinneberg at Les Invalides on Oct. 19, 2019 in Paris, France. 

“There are no plans to switch venues or hold a bigger wedding. They aren’t even thinking about their wedding at this time. There will come a time to rearrange, but that’s not yet,” People magazine reported, quoting a spokesperson for the couple.

The Buckingham Palace could not immediately be reached for a comment.

Tony Award-Winning Actor Brian Dennehy Dies At 81

Actor Brian Dennehy, who appeared in films like “Tommy Boy,” “Cocoon” and “First Blood,” has died at the age of 81.

The actor’s daughter, Elizabeth Dennehy, announced her father’s passing Thursday on Twitter.

Dennehy died at his home in New Haven, Connecticut, of natural causes.

Born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Dennehy served in the Marines from 1959 to 1963 before attending Columbia University on a football scholarship, according to Variety.

He studied history as an undergraduate and subsequently earned his MFA in dramatic arts from Yale.

Dennehy broke out as an actor in 1982 when he starred with Sylvester Stallone in “First Blood.” That led to roles in many other films including “Cocoon,” “Romeo + Juliet” and “F/X.”

However, he is likely best known to movie fans for his role as Chris Farley’s father, Big Tom, in 1997′s “Tommy Boy.”

Dennehy won Tony Awards in 1999 and 2003 for playing Willy Loman in “Death Of A Salesman” and Tyrone in “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.”

He is survived by his wife, Jennifer Arnott; daughters Elizabeth, Kathleen and Deirdre; and seven grandchildren.

Britney Spears Shouts Out Justin Timberlake Breakup On Instagram And He Responds

Continuing to bring chaotic energy to her Instagram, Britney Spears took a virtual walk down memory lane by shouting out her most famous ex-boyfriend: Justin Timberlake

The superstar and the former NSYNC boy-bander were the it couple of the early-aughts ― in case their twinning denim formalwear isn’t seared into your memory. Their romance dominated headlines for years as each of their careers blasted into the pop stratosphere. 

While their much-publicized romance from 1998 to 2002 didn’t exactly end well, Spears all these years later apparently harbors no ill will. On Wednesday, the “Gimme More” singer posted a video of herself dancing to Timberlake’s “Filthy,” joking about their split in the caption. 

“I know we had one of the world’s biggest breakups 20 years ago,” she wrote alongside a video of herself sticking out her tongue and twirling for the camera. “But hey the man is a genius !!!! Great song JT ✨ !!!!”

Spears’ post almost immediately went bye, bye, bye. She deleted the video minutes after sharing.

But she apparently heard the calls of fans desperate for some ’00s nostalgia and put it back on her page soon after. 

The question remained, however, whether Timberlake would respond, given the couple’s rocky history.

The “Man of the Woods” singer has repeatedly dragged Spears, especially when he has an album to promote, mentioning her in interviews years after they went their separate ways. One of the biggest hits of his career, “Cry Me A River,” is believed to be about the split. The music video features Timberlake casting himself as a scorned lover and Spears as a doppelganger.

Alas, Timberlake finally dropped in on the comments in Spears’ post, writing a string of emojis in response to her shoutout. 

″😂🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼” he wrote back. 

Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake arrive at the 28th Annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles.


Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake arrive at the 28th Annual American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

A few other famous types weighed in on the virtual Spears-Timberlake reunion. Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn predicted the inevitable media frenzy. 

“Blogs are already plotting their outrageous stories,” she wrote in the comments. “You keep having fun and looking cute tho!!” 

The pop star’s current boyfriend Sam Asghari added: “Snapchat, Instagram, tiktok, Facebook, even MySpace was inspired by you 🔥🙌❤️.”

Spears, however, paid the comments little mind. She proceeded to post an almost identical second video of herself dancing within the hour.

And, who knows? An IRL reunion might be a possibility. 

Spears revealed back in 2016 that she’d be open to collaborating with Timberlake in the future, describing him as “very good.”