Jennifer Lopez Dances With Ex Diddy On Instagram Before Alex Rodriguez Cuts In

While many of us are texting our exes to fight the quarantine boredom, Jennifer Lopez is out here dancing on Instagram Live with hers, proving yet again that she does everything better. 

The “Hustlers” star reunited with Sean “Diddy” Combs, whom she dated from 1999 to 2001, on Sunday night to raise funds for health care workers in underserved communities amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Their reunion had everyone online feeling their early aughts fantasy and reminiscing over one of the most beloved couples of the time ― remember, JLo walked the red carpet in that Versace dress with the rap mogul ― as they laughed, danced and drank together just like the old days. 

Diddy announced last week that he’d be raising funds for COVID-19 relief on Instagram Live, telling his millions of fans, “Me and my family are having a dance-a-thon, the whole world is invited. We on lockdown, but we want to dance.”

And if there’s anyone you’d want to have at a dance-a-thon, it’s Jenny From the Block ― and that’s exactly what she did.

The two showed off their considerable moves to Elvis Crespo’s merengue hit “Suavemente” with Lopez joking, “I probably taught you that.”

And before anyone could raise an eyebrow at the reunion, Lopez’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, appeared on camera to share a beer with Diddy. 

Lopez even let slip that the former Yankee player is a major fan of the rapper-turned-entrepreneur.

“Puffy, you have to know this because I don’t think you know this — this guy right here is your biggest fan,” Lopez said, adding that he is always the one to request Diddy and Mase songs at every party.

While the trio appear to be on good terms now, there were a few bumps in the road ― like that time Diddy fell directly into Lopez’s thirst trap.

The Golden Globe nominee essentially broke the internet by posting a pic of her world-famous abs back in January, which elicited a flirty response from Diddy that apparently rubbed Rodriguez the wrong way. 

“OMG,” Diddy posted in the comments under the photo, before A-Rod chimed in with, “Lucky Me.”

After Diddy’s comment made all sorts of headlines, he reached out to Rodriguez to clear the air. 

“He wrote Alex after [commenting],” Lopez revealed during an interview with “The Breakfast Club.” “He was like, ‘I didn’t mean anything by it. I have nothing but respect for you guys. I’m so happy for you guys.’ We were together so many years ago. It’s just like … we were kids, you know?”

Lopez hinted that Rodriguez is the jealous type, adding, “He doesn’t play. He’s a crazy Dominican. … Do not disrespect that man.”

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the Tom Ford show in February.

Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez attend the Tom Ford show in February.

But Sunday’s livestream was all in good fun and actually managed to do some good.

Diddy revealed that he raised over $3 million for the cause with Kelly Rowland, DJ Khaled, Megan Thee Stallion and LeBron James also participating. 

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Stephen Colbert Reaches His Limit Of Trump Hissy Fits: ‘Y’Know What? Who Gives A S**t!’

Stephen Colbert has just about reached his limit for watching President Donald Trump’s daily news briefings on the coronavirus pandemic. Or, as the “Late Show” host described it, the president’s daily “hissy fits” given that Trump routinely hurls insults at reporters who ask him basic questions. 

Earlier this week, Trump lost it with ABC News reporter Jonathan Karl, who asked him about a Department of Health and Human Services inspector general’s report detailing shortages of essential supplies and testing equipment for COVID-19. Trump called Karl a “disgrace” and said, “You will never make it.” 

“What is wrong with him?” Colbert asked. He then began correcting Trump’s misstatements on the inspector general before cutting himself off.

“Y’know what?” he said. “Who gives a shit!” 

Colbert said Trump doesn’t realize that no one cares about his daily “hissy fits” anymore. He also shared a blunt message for the president: 

All of this drama no longer plays to the camera, Sir, not even to your own supporters ― because it doesn’t matter who you voted for. Everyone just wants to know the truth, because that’s how you stay alive. So grow up and do your damn job. We have to, you should, too.

See his full “Late Show” monologue below: 

Hilaria Baldwin And Alec Baldwin Are Expecting Their Fifth Child

The yoga instructor and “Mom Brain” podcaster announced the pregnancy by sharing a video on Instagram in which the baby’s heartbeat is audible.

“Here we go again,” she wrote in the caption.

“I’ll let the baby do the talking because I don’t have the words to express how this sound makes us feel 🤍,” she wrote. “Just got the great news that all is well and all is healthy with this little munchkin. I wanted to share this with you🤍 Here we go again.”

My, oh my,” her husband wrote on his own Instagram.

The couple has four children ranging in age from almost 2 to 6. Alec Baldwin mentioned in September that his wife wanted to add a fifth child to their family. But in November she announced that she had her second miscarriage of the year.

Alec Baldwin, who made regular appearances on “Saturday Night Live” playing President Donald Trump, also has a 24-year-old daughter, Ireland Baldwin, with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

J.K. Rowling Says She’s ‘Fully Recovered’ After Suffering From COVID-19 Symptoms

J.K. Rowling revealed she’d been suffering from “all the symptoms” of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, for the last two weeks.

The “Harry Potter” author shared a health update on Twitter Monday morning, assuring her millions of followers that she’s since “fully recovered,” although she hasn’t been tested for the respiratory illness. 

J.K. Rowling passed along a bit of medical wisdom that she believes aided her recovery from the coronavirus.

Taylor Hill via Getty Images

J.K. Rowling passed along a bit of medical wisdom that she believes aided her recovery from the coronavirus.

She also passed along a bit of wisdom from a U.K. doctor on the recommendation of her husband, Neil Murray, himself a doctor. 

“Please watch this doc from Queens Hospital explain how to relieve respiratory symptoms,” she wrote alongside a YouTube video. “For last 2 weeks I’ve had all symptoms of C19 (tho haven’t been tested) & did this on doc husband’s advice. I’m fully recovered & technique helped a lot.”

The technique Rowling endorsed entails a series of deep breaths, coughing and lying on your front in order to get a “good amount of air into the lung.” 

Symptoms of COVID-19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

In a separate tweet, Rowling thanked her followers for their concern and urged them to stay safe.

“Thank you for your kind and lovely messages! I really am completely recovered and wanted to share a technique that’s recommended by doctors, costs nothing, has no nasty side effects but could help you/your loved ones a lot, as it did me,” she wrote. “Stay safe, everyone x.” 

Two of Rowling’s “Harry Potter”-related projects have been affected by the pandemic, with production on the latest chapter of her “Fantastic Beasts” film franchise shutting down last month to keep cast and crew members safe. Performances of the award-winning play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” have also been suspended in various locations around the world, including New York City and London, for the foreseeable future. 

Rowling has, however, done her part to spread a bit of magic amid the coronavirus crisis.

Last week, she announced the launch of her new site, Harry Potter at Home, to help those trying to keep children occupied while in quarantine. The site is a virtual wizarding hub for fans that promises to “cast a Banishing Charm on boredom” with various quizzes, articles, videos and puzzles. 

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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Burns Laura Ingraham: ‘Why Are You On TV Again?’

Looks like Fox News personality Laura Ingraham’s attempt to burn Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) blew up in her face.

Really badly.

It all started when the New York congresswoman tweeted that the coronavirus pandemic is disproportionately affecting people of color thanks to long-standing racial and economic inequalities.

Ingraham apparently wasn’t happy that Ocasio-Cortez was pointing out the negative effects of inequality, so she decided to belittle the congresswoman’s previous job as a bartender.

Ocasio-Cortez has previously said that people who try to insult her by bringing up her bartender past are just “clowning themselves.”

So she turned the joke around by pointing out the terrible job Ingraham has done reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Didn’t you just put a doctor on your show who faked their employment at Lenox Hill hospital and touted a COVID ‘treatment’ that you tweeted & Twitter had to remove because a man may have died trying self-administer it?” she responded.

Then she added this burn: “I’m sorry, why are you on TV again?”

Then she added receipts.

Ingraham tried to spin things by claiming the doctor she interviewed had “admitting privileges” at Lenox Hill, ignoring the fact that Twitter removed her tweet because it fell under their “misleading information policy” with its “Heightened-risk health claims.”

Still, Twitter users were impressed by the heat of the congresswoman’s burn.

One Twitter user did show concern for Ingraham’s condition after the takedown.

Adam Schlesinger, Fountains of Wayne Co-Founder, Dies From Coronavirus At 52

Songwriter Adam Schlesinger died Wednesday from complications of the coronavirus. He was 52.

Schlesinger’s attorney of 25 years, Josh Grier, told Variety that the songwriter had been “very sick and heavily sedated” in an upstate New York hospital for more than a week at the time of his death.

Schlesinger was best known for composing “Stacy’s Mom” — a 2003 hit for Fountains of Wayne, the band he co-founded — as well as the songs for the CW musical-comedy show “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” for which he won three Emmy Awards.

He was also nominated for an Oscar in 1996 for composing the title song to the Tom Hanks film “That Thing You Do.”

Schlesinger was nominated for two Tonys in 2008 for a stage musical version of the Johnny Depp film “Cry-Baby.”

Most recently, Schelesinger was working with Sarah Silverman on a stage adaptation of her memoir, “The Bedwetter,” as well as a musical adaptation of the TV show “The Nanny” with “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom.

Lizzo Treats Hospital Workers To Lunch Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Medical professionals across the country got a special treat this week, courtesy of Lizzo

The three-time Grammy winner donated lunches to a number of hospitals across the country to thank staff members for their work during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit shared a short video on its Twitter account Monday in which Lizzo expressed her gratitude to those “on the frontlines” of the global crisis. 

“Thank you so much for being the heroes in this story,” Lizzo, a Detroit native, said in the clip. “We’re staying inside and we’re praying and thinking of you every single day.” 

Turns out, Lizzo didn’t stop there. 

Staff at the University of Washington School of Medicine, Seattle’s Virginia Mason Hospital and Minneapolis’ M Health Fairview also shared photos of themselves displaying lunches they said were donated by the pop star. 

The full extent of Lizzo’s donation is unclear, but on Tuesday she shared a short video on Instagram that showed other photos from medical professionals, as well as a link encouraging her followers to contribute. 

The singer admitted last week that she was feeling “helpless” after speaking with a friend’s mother who is an emergency room nurse in Ohio. 

“I wish I could send you face masks,” she said in an Instagram Live session. “I wish I could send you supplies, and I wish I could send you more hands and arms. I wish I could be there.”

As part of her general outreach to fans in self-isolation, she has also been posting regular mediation videos in which she plays her flute. 

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Quibi’s ‘Gayme Show!’ Is A Comedic Celebration Of LGBTQ People And Allies

New York comedians Matt Rogers and Dave Mizzoni hope viewers will embrace their series “Gayme Show!” as both a “sweet pit stop from everyday life” and a celebration of the LGBTQ community. 

HuffPost got a first look at the competition series, slated to debut April 6 on the short-form streaming platform Quibi, via the trailer above. In each episode, two straight-identifying contestants go head-to-head with a celebrity “life partner” as they face a series of physical and mental challenges. 

The winner of each round is given the tongue-in-check title of “Queen of the Straights.” Special guests include Rachel Bloom, Guy Branum and drag queen Trixie Mattel. 

Mizzoni, known nationally for his live performances on the stand-up comedy circuit, said he and Rogers developed the concept of the show around a cheeky and subversive take on the now-archaic use of “gay” as an insult. 

“When I was in middle school, getting called ‘gay as fuck’ was probably the most humiliating thing one could say to me,” he told HuffPost. “Flash-forward to 2020, and our show has guys literally competing to be crowned just that.”

"Gayme Show!" hosts Matt Rogers (left) and Dave Mizzoni.  

Darren Michaels, SMPSP/Quibi

“Gayme Show!” hosts Matt Rogers (left) and Dave Mizzoni.  

“Our goal was always to create an environment where everyone’s represented, and everyone can come be dumb in the same place,” he continued. “We embark on the journey together, and if you have the most fun, you win!” 

Rogers, best known as a co-host of the pop culture and comedy podcast “Las Culturistas,” admitted to having behind-the-scenes concerns about launching “Gayme Show!” amid the coronavirus pandemic. Still, he’d like the series to be seen as a pleasant diversion in challenging times. 

“I want smart, interesting queer people to watch it and recognize it as being a real product of our community and a real celebration of what we really talk about in our group text threads, what we’re really searching online, of who we are in our little gay hearts,” he said. “If anything about 2020 is good, it’s that this show can get made.” 

“Gayme Show!” is one of several LGBTQ-inclusive shows on the lineup for the April 6 launch of Quibi, a short-from platform founded by Hollywood mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg. 

Others include “Dishmantled,” a “high-octane cooking competition” hosted by “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Tituss Burgess, and the eight-episode docuseries “Nightgowns,” which follows drag icon Sasha Velour of “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fame.  

Britney Spears’ Connection To This ‘Tiger King’ Docuseries Star Is Truly Wild

If you’ve tuned in to the Netflix docuseries, “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness,” then strap in because have we got some trivia for you.

Over the weekend, one of the main players in the series ― which dropped on the streaming service earlier this month ― was discovered to have had a connection to none other than Miss Britney Spears.

Mahamayavi Bhagavan Kevin Antle, aka Doc Antle, as we meet him in “Tiger King” was once on stage with Spears, specifically during her famous 2001 MTV Video Music Awards performance

Britney Spears during 2001 MTV VMA Awards at Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, New York, United States.

Jeff Kravitz via Getty Images

Britney Spears during 2001 MTV VMA Awards at Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, New York, United States.

The director of The Institute for Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (T.I.G.E.R.S.) in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and self-described big cat conservationist was the caretaker for the tiger seen onstage with the pop star. 

This revelation went viral after an image of the trio was posted on Twitter:

While “Tiger King” primarily follows the antic of Joseph “Joe Exotic” Schreibvogel Maldonado-Passage, Doc Antle is featured prominently and wasn’t too happy about it.

The series gives viewers a look at his unusual lifestyle, which includes plenty of wild animals and several, uh, girlfriends who live on his property with him. According to Women’s Health, Antle has said of the documentary that he was “disappointed” to have been included in the docuseries and that Joe Exotic is “not representative of experts in the wildlife sector or world class facilities like ours here in Myrtle Beach.”

You can watch “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness” now on Netflix.