Melania Trump’s White House Christmas Decor Compared To A Scene In ‘The Shining’

First lady Melania Trump unveiled this year’s White House Christmas decorations, and critics already have a lot to say about them. 

Last year, her “blood red trees” caused a stir on social media. In 2017, her stark hallway of leafless sticks prompted comparisons to “The Blair Witch Project.”

This year’s theme is the “Spirit of America,” with patriotic decor mixed in with the holiday ornaments as well as references to the first lady’s “Be Best” campaign. 

“The Spirit of America” is shining in the @WhiteHouse!” she tweeted. 

But many critics on Twitter saw something else “shining.” 

Specifically, references to the 1980 horror movie “The Shining,” based on the Stephen King novel, along with some other cracks and complaints: 

2019’s Holiday Ads Will Give You All The Festive Feels

1. Don’t Over-Shop

Every host&rsquo;s worst nightmare is to have guests leave their home hungry, so people tend to purchase and prepare far too much for large meals, leading to mountains of&nbsp;<a href=””>uneaten leftovers</a>.&nbsp;<br><br>When grocery shopping, <a href=”″>pre-plan</a>&nbsp;your list to make sure you don&rsquo;t over-shop. If you have some vegetarians, opt for a smaller turkey. If there are a lot of kids, try making something picky-eater-friendly, like mashed potatoes.<br><br>Most of all, prepare food that makes for good leftovers: There&rsquo;s nothing like a cold turkey and cranberry sandwich. But day-old fondue? Not so much.

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Evacuation Slide Falls From Delta Jet Into Massachusetts Man’s Front Yard

TSA Checks Woman’s Afro For Weapons

September 2011: A Dallas-bound woman was angered by TSA agents after <a href=”” target=”_hplink”>they stopped and searched her afro</a> while she went through security at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Isis Brantley, a hairstylist, was rocking her signature haircut while going through security to make her American Airlines flight to Dallas. Brantley, who has not cut her hair since she was 12 (she is now 53), said, “I just heard these voices saying, ‘Hey you, hey you, ma’am, stop. Stop — the lady with the hair, you,” Brantley told the station. She then claims that TSA agents stopped her so they could “check for weapons.” A female agent started “digging in her scalp.”

Life after death: Seven ‘dead’ school children come back to life in shock breakthrough

A BBC documentary called ‘Life after Death: How seven kids came back from the dead’ depicted how the six children who died when their boat tipped over in an icy lake managed to come back to life. The documentary showed how one survivor called Katrine – who is now in her mid 20s – and Casper revealed how back in 2011 their school trip went disastrously wrong. The children, who were a part of a bigger group, fell into icy cold water and “died”.

Allegedly, their hearts stopped beating for several hours.

In the largest known incident of its kind, all seven children came back to life.

Eight years later, Katrine, who was 16 at the time, broke down in tears as she returned to the Danish fjord where she almost died.

Katrine said: “I remember now. It was so freezing – it was so cold. There was ice on the water.”

Other known survivor Casper added: “It was hard weather. It was very windy. The boat flipped in the middle of the sea, then all the people fell out.”

Katrine reflected on the nightmare, saying that everyone was screaming and panicking.

She said: “When I came up from the water, the nightmare began. Everybody was screaming and everything was unreal.

“You could just see the panic. The teacher said that we had to swim in, because otherwise we would die.”

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Katrine managed to swim to shore but didn’t have enough strength in her legs to get to any emergency services.

Luckily for the children, one of her school friends ran over a mile to alert emergency services.

By the time the medics arrived, the children had been dead for over two hours.

The man who helped the children was Dr Michael Jaegar Wansche who said: “They felt cold – they were ice cold. When you’re as cold as they were, we know we can resuscitate. They are dead, but they’re not really dead. We still had a chance.”

The hypothermia stopped their hearts but had also managed to slow down their metabolism so their organs could still warm up and start working again.

He added: “At that point, we aimed at warming the blood one degree per 10 minutes.

“Casper was 17.5 when he came in. He recovered and had his normal heart rhythm back around 26 degrees.

Man Too Intoxicated To Work His Steak ‘n Shake Shift Robbed Place Instead: Cops

OAKWOOD, Ga. (AP) — Police in Georgia say a man called out of his Steak ’n Shake job because he was “intoxicated,” then showed up anyway and demanded money while holding a co-worker at gunpoint.

The Gainesville Times reports 20-year-old Kentarias Gowans, of Flowery Branch, is charged with offenses including aggravated assault. Oakwood Police investigator Todd Templeton says Gowans called out on Thanksgiving, went to the restaurant that night, held a gun to a co-worker’s head and demanded money.

Police say responding officers arrived to see employees running from the business, which had customers at the time. Police say an apparently still intoxicated Gowans briefly raised the gun at officers before dropping it. He was arrested after a brief struggle during which a stun gun was used.

It’s unclear if Gowans has a lawyer.

Information from: The Times,

Kentarias Gowans

Hall County Sheriffs Office

Kentarias Gowans

UFO sighting: Space Shuttle photo sparks claims of NASA alien conspiracy ‘100% proof’

The self-proclaimed alien life expert took to his blog to speculate about the oddly-shaped anomaly he stumbled across. He said: “I was searching through NASA archive photos and saw this beautiful Moon photo taken from the Shuttle Discovery.

“I didn’t think I would find anything at the time, just thought it was a beautiful photo.

I have never ever reported a UFO of this shape

Scott Waring

“I enlarged it and put it into auto focus and found something amazing.

“There was a black lightning bolt UFO in the lower right hand corner of the photo.

“I have never ever reported a UFO of this shape.”

The UFO hunter added the tiny feature found in the photo’s bottom left-hand corner was “unlike anything I had come to expect.”

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ufo sighting space shuttle photo nasa alien life conspiracy theory

UFO sighting: Is the tiny feature found in the photo’s bottom left-hand corner evidence of UFOs? (Image: Getty/NASA)


The Space Shuttle Discovery STS 39 mission took place in April 1991 (Image: NASA)

He added: “And yet, there it its, above the sunset clouds in earths orbit on a NASA website.

“This is 100 percent proof of the existence of intelligent aliens watching over earth.”

This unusual anomaly, only visible after zooming into the image, was shot during the Space Shuttle Discovery STS 39 mission.

This mission took place in April 1991, while the image was taken with a high quality Hasselblad camera.

The anomaly is found only at the corner of a stunning portrait of the Moon as seen from space.

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Waring added: “The astronauts probably didn’t even see the UFO when they took the photo.

“The black lightning bolt UFO must have been flying above the clouds.

“The UFO looks like it is orbiting 138 miles (222km) above South America.”

Waring proceeds to process the raw NASA image using sophisticated photo editing software.

He said: The UFO looks like a black lightning bolt – what a cool design for a ship.”


Backdropped by a blue and white Earth, Space Shuttle Discovery approaches the International Space Station (Image: Getty)


An orbital sunrise brightens this view of space shuttle Discovery’s vertical stabiliser (Image: Getty)

The verified photograph is freely available to view and download on the Gateway to Astronauts Photography of Earth NASA website.

Waring’s controversial claims quickly garnered scores of comments online.

YouTube viewer Ken wrote: “Maybe the UFO was tilted in that moment the picture was taken so that we only can see the profile.”

Ali Naj was also impressed by the extraterrestrial explanation for the NASA image, writing: “That looks like a crack on the ceiling of the flat earth with the dome around it.

“And that’s a crack in the dome ceiling where UFOs enter and exit Earth.”

And Richard Gilbert added: “Could be a split or tear in the fabric of space allowing warp travel or also a ship of some kind.”

Bermuda Triangle mystery SOLVED? How researcher uncovered ‘nasty’ 18th century discovery

The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle, is a loosely defined region in the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircraft and ships have disappeared. The vicinity of this so-called triangle is among the most heavily travelled shipping lanes in the world, with vessels frequently crossing through it for ports in the Americas, Europe and the Caribbean islands. Popular culture has attributed various disappearances to the paranormal or even some kind of extraterrestrial beings, but there may be a far more logical answer.

Amazon Prime’s “Inside The Bermuda Triangle’ revelled how three similar cases, were the ships were actually found, but the crew missing, helped inspire another theory.

The 2007 series explained: “For at least three centuries, ships and their passengers have apparently vanished.

Passed down, these legends caused 19th-century seamen to nickname the area as the ‘sea of dew’ and ‘the graveyard of the Atlantic’.

“One of the earliest claims of an unexplained disappearance in the Triangle happened in 1780, when the United States warship – the General Gates – was inexplicably lost.

The Bermuda Triangle has interested researchers for years

The Bermuda Triangle has interested researchers for years (Image: GETTY)

Several boats have arrived without crews

Several boats have arrived without crews (Image: AMAZON)

Some of these ships may have have run afoul of some pretty nasty pirates

Rob Simone

“Many other mysteries purported to have taken place inside the triangle are similar in nature, in 1840, the French shop – the Rosalie – was found adrift with its cargo intact, but as for the cree, they were never found at all.

“Bound for Genoa, the Mary Celeste carried a crew of 10, but when it was found on December 4, 1872, the search party discovered cups of coffee still warm.”

Award-winning journalist Rob Simone revealed how he the cases inspired him to believe the vessels were the victim of crimes on the seas.

He said: “Piracy has been around as long as ships have set sail, out on the high seas, it’s every man for himself.

“That’s part of the excitement, but it’s also part of the danger.

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Rob Simone made a breakthrough

Rob Simone made a breakthrough (Image: AMAZON)

“Some of these ships may have run afoul of some pretty nasty pirates.

“Their ships could have been plundered and their crew sold into slavery or worse, thrown off the side.”

Sarah Knott, Associate Professor at  Indiana University’s Department of history developed the idea.

She added: “Around the Florida keys and especially inside the Bermuda Triangle, prates were sailing around this area because it’s directly through the trade route from South America, Latin America, through to Europe.

“The most common pirates around that area were Blackbeard, which everyone knows about, Calico Jack and also Black Caesar.”

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Sarah Knott said piracy was quite possible

Sarah Knott said piracy was quite possible (Image: AMAZOn)

Blackbeard is a famous pirate

Blackbeard is a famous pirate (Image: GETTY)

Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, was a British pirate who operated around the West Indies and the eastern coats of Britain’s North American colonies.

Little is known about his life, except that he caused carnage between 1716 and 1718 when he captured numerous ships.

John Rackham, who went by the name Calico Jack, was a British pirate captain who operated in the Bahamas and Cuba from 1718 to 1720.

His nickname came from the calico clothing that he wore, while “Jack” was a nickname for John.

Black Caesar was a legendary 18th-century African pirate, who raided vessels along the Florida Keys for more than a decade and the inspiration behind one of the main characters in the 2006 film, Blackbeard.

Antarctica discovery: Melting ice reveals mysterious 300ft-wide ‘out of place’ object

A mysterious 300ft-object has surfaced on Google Earth in the middle of Antartica, appearing completely “out-of-place”. Video of the unexplained and unusual finding sparked a frenzy of speculation as to its origins from UFOs to natural phenomena. The peculiar discovery reveals a massive dark object unlike anything else seen in the nearby Antarctica region.

The finding was recently made by a leading conspiracy theory YouTuber MrMBB333 whilst browsing Google Earth – the authenticity of which couldn’t be immediately verified. 

The YouTuber noted that the object appears to measure 277 feet across and about 260 feet tall, “whatever this may be”.

He suggested that it may have been uncovered due to melting glaciers in the area.

The video was captioned: “Something REALLY Strange Shows Up On Google Earth In ANTARCTICA – Nearly 300ft Wide!”

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A mysterious 300ft-object has surfaced on Google Earth in the middle of Antartica (Image: IG)


The YouTuber examined the object from different angles and even showed heat signals coming from the object (Image: IG)

He told viewers: “Something appears to be in the ice and snow down in Antarctica. Looks like it may have been flying at the time it was taken.

“It doesn’t appear to be a shadow and it doesn’t appear to be soil. It looks totally out of place. 

“It doesn’t look like it belongs there. It actually looks intelligently designed.” 

The YouTuber examined the object from different angles and even showed heat signals coming from the object. 


One viewer claimed that “a lot of strange things are going on in Antarctica” (Image: IG)

He later pointed at another strange phenomena in the near vicinity, pointing out another object that appears to be “floating” in the shadow cast by a wall of ice.

The UFO appears on Google Earth overlooking a “rocky embankment”, and “reflecting light”.

The finding immediately sparked a frenzied discussion on the YouTube post, with many speculating on the rise in mysterious sightings in Antarctica in recent months. 


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The finding immediately sparked a frenzied discussion on the YouTube post (Image: YouTube)

One user remarked: “There’s something weird going on down there. There’s a reason why the world’s Government has made Antarctica off limits and only certain people can go to certain areas for Scientific research.”

Another social media user commented: “The rest is off limits. Interesting finds on Google Earth people have found. I wouldn’t be surprised when Google updates Google Earth it will not be there.”

One viewer claimed that “a lot of strange things are going on in Antarctica”, mentioning “crashed UFOs” and “holes to middle earth”. 

Others remarked that the “snow being disturbed in front of the black object” was interesting while another claimed it was a “crash landing” or “secret hangar”. 

UFO sighting: NASA conspiracy claims after archive photo reveals ‘organic alien craft’

NASA has been accused of a major cover up over an archive photo which some claim shows an “organic alien craft”. Scott Waring presented photographic and video “proof” of alien activity captured by the NASA astronauts during the Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS-115) mission.

Speaking on his blog, Waring said: “I found an organic UFO which I believe to be a living animal recorded with a digital still camera by astronaut Daniel Burbank.

I found an organic UFO which I believe to be a living animal recorded with a digital still camera by astronaut Daniel Burbank

Scott Waring

“This living UFO was spied outside of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

“It looks just like a jellyfish and it even appears to have laid some kind of small egg beneath it.

“This is an unusual UFO as most alien technology looks metallic.”

Waring then refers to a previous interview with STS-122 shuttle astronaut Leland Melvin, which he believes corroborates his claims.

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ufo sighting nasa conspiracy theory atlantis space shuttle photo organic alien

UFO sighting: A photo & video shot during a 2006 Space Shuttle mission has supposedly captured UFOs (Image: NASA/Getty)


US space shuttle Atlantis docked to Kristall module of Russian Mir space station (Image: Getty)

He said: “He told me he saw something ‘translucent, curved, organic looking’ object floating past the window when he was working with colleague Randy Bresnik.

“NASA refuted this claim, suggesting the anomaly was just debris.

“However, in the video NASA describe the ghostly item as an ‘unknown object’.

The verified NASA image is freely available on the US space agency’s site.

The image is captioned: “This picture of unidentified possible small debris was recorded with a digital still camera by astronaut Daniel Burbank onboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis around 11am CDT.

Does Google Mars photo show crashed UFO on Mars? [VIDEO]
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“Engineers do not believe this to be the same object seen in video taken by shuttle TV cameras earlier in the day.”

Waring proceeds to examine never-before seen raw STS-115 footage of what he claims records a UFO in upper Earth’s orbit for three minutes.

He said: “This is unedited footage that his totally 100 percent original.

“You can see a UFO apparently floating over the clouds, right below the Atlantis Space Shuttle.


Atlantis lifts off of launch pad 39-a at Kennedy Space Center (Image: Getty)


Atlantis and her crew return to Kennedy Space Center and approach a landing before sunrise on Runway 33 (Image: NASA)

“This is just of the many UFOs spotted during the 2006 NASA mission.

“There were also three alien craft spotted lurking behind the Space Shuttle. “

NASA shuttle managers in 2006 debated whether simple camera views, a third heat shield survey or possibly even a spacewalk were required to address a mystery object near the space shuttle Atlantis that delayed the spacecraft’s planned Wednesday landing.

NASA’s shuttle program manager Wayne Hale told reporters at the time: “We have ruled out nothing and we’ll take the time that it needs to take.

Waring’s photographic and video claims quickly attracted scores of comments on YouTube.

YouTube viewer Bhami was not convinced: “My take: not lens flare, but simply debris such as plastic wrap.”

But Ollie Webb disagreed, writing: “How did a plastic wrap get out into space?

“But I think this is essentially a magnetic field in flux, or whatever an inter-dimensional craft phasing between dimensional plains looks like.”

Runaway Pig Squeals The Spotlight From Journalist On Live TV

There was pig news coming out of Greek morning TV on Tuesday.

A large speckled sow took a liking to ANT1 journalist Lazos Mantikos, pestering him throughout a live broadcast as he attempted to report on the devastation to the beach town of Kineta, which was lashed by torrential rains on Monday.

The key word there is attempted. The lovestruck pig persistently chased a grunting and yelping Mantikos as he ran in circles trying to deliver his report.

As the viewers of “Good Morning Greece” watched, anchor Giorgos Papadakis announced that they were going to Mantikos for an update on the serious situation on the ground.

“Good morning, we have an issue,” a breathless Mantikos said as they cut to his shot. “Giorgos, can you hear me? We have a pig here that has been chasing us since the morning…. Sorry guys, I can’t stand because it’s biting me.”

The presenters in the studio, unable to contain their laughter (Papadakis at one point was doubled over), told Mantikos they’d give him some time to get his affairs in order. “Try to repair your relationship. I’ll leave you to repair,” Papadakis said, moments before the feisty sow chased the reporter out of camera range. 

Mantikos clearly wasn’t too disgruntled by his ordeal. He had a laugh, sharing a number of reports about his hog-wild story on Twitter.