Alien news: Huge UFO found in crater of the Moon – shock claim

Despite there being no scientific evidence to support the notion that live on the Moon, some alien-hunters are still convinced by the idea. And now a supposed ship found in NASA images has only added fuel to the fire. The alleged ship was found in the Messier A crater – which has a diameter of over 11 kilometres.

enthusiast Scott C Waring was the first to spot the “ceramic style” ship, and used the size of the crater to give an estimate on the alien craft’s size.

Mr Waring wrote on the website ET Database: “I found a 300 meter long ship in a small crater on earths moon today.

“The ship is parked along the edge of the crater upper wall and is actually hovering above the ground. The shadow below it really shows the detail of its hight and size.

“This is a white ceramic style ship. That means its reflective like shiny white ceramic and this makes it near impossible to get a detailed photo of unless it is in the shadows.”

This is not the first time a mysterious structure has been found on the lunar surface.

Some conspiracy theorists claims the Moon could be occupied by aliens and that is the reason NASA has not returned since the Apollo missions ended in the 1970s.

However, sceptics and NASA say the UFO and other similar findings are just the effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

Driver Accused Of Hitting Squad Car While Looking For ‘Saved By The Bell’ Clip On Phone

In case you weren’t aware, driving on the open road is not the time for looking up “Saved by the Bell” TV show clips on your phone.

A Vermont man learned that lesson the hard way Thursday afternoon when he sideswiped a police car while trying to find an episode of the venerable 1990s sitcom on the internet.

Police arrested 55-year-old Kevin Bacon ― who, it must be emphasized is NOT the actor ― after he hit a Thetford Police Department squad car, according to The Smoking Gun.

The officer was aiding a motorist on Interstate 91 when Bacon collided with the police cruiser, according to WCAX-TV. 

Bacon didn’t seem to notice what happened and continued to drive for a short distance. He then stopped the car before “fleeing the scene of the crash,” the station reported.

Bacon was nabbed a mile from the crash scene.

According to a Vermont State Police report, Bacon was looking down at his phone at the time of the crash.

The object of his attention, the report said, was “Screech’s Spaghetti Sauce,” an episode from 1992 that, according to IMDB, centers on a particularly flavorful spaghetti sauce that Screech makes during a campus TV show.

The police report does not note why Bacon was interested enough in that episode that he allegedly had to research it from behind the wheel. 

Bacon was charged with gross negligent operation of a vehicle and leaving the scene of a crash. He was also issued a traffic citation for texting while driving.

His next scheduled court date is July 31. 

Vermont State Police

MH370: Why stress expert’s verdict on captain’s final message could reveal jet’s fate

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was on route to Beijing, China, from Kuala Lumpur Airport, when the plane disappeared over the South China Sea with 227 passengers on board. Radar data showed the jet suddenly changed course and flew back across Malaysia before turning south of Penang and then towards the southern Indian Ocean, leading some to claim Captain Zaharie Shah played out a suicide mission. However, leading air crash investigator Christine Negroni has another theory and she believes the flight transmission data proves it.

She wrote in the Weekend Australian Magazine in 2016: “The 12-year-old plane transmitted a routine status report via ACARS, the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System.

“Such reports can be done manually if the pilots want to request or send information to the airline, and are also triggered by a novel condition on the plane requiring immediate notice. 

“In the absence of either of these, an automatic status report is transmitted on a schedule set by the airline. 

“At Malaysia, it was every 30 minutes and neither Zaharie nor Fariq had anything to add to the 1:07 am scheduled ACARS report, and it showed nothing amiss.”

However, Ms Negroni believes disaster struck on board after Mr Shah had handed over the controls to First Officer Fariq Hamid.

She added: “Around the time the ACARS report was being sent, it appears control of the flight was transferred to the first officer because Zaharie was now making the radio calls. 

“He confirmed to air traffic control that the plane was flying at cruise altitude.

“He said: ‘Ehh… Seven Three Seven Zero [an error, as the flight, was Three Seven Zero] maintaining level three five zero.’

“The controller replied: ’Malaysian Three Seven Zero contact Ho Chi Minh one two zero decimal nine, good night.”

However, Ms Negroni revealed how a stress analyst delivered her verdict on his voice.

She continued: “‘Good night, Malaysian,’ Zaharie said. 

“It was 1.19am. 

“His voice was calm, according to a stress analyst who listened to the recording as part of the investigation. 

“There was no indication of trouble.”

Consequently, Ms Negroni believes Mr Shah then left the cockpit for what is known as a “biological break” to get a cup of tea and go to the toilet.

At around this time, she thinks a rapid decompression took place in the cockpit causing what is known as hypoxia for Mr Hamid – the severe loss of oxygen to the brain.

As a result, the inexperienced pilot, dazed and confused too, passed out and the plane carried on flying on autopilot until the fuel ran out.

This is supported by a discovery made by an investigation team appointed by the Malaysian government in 2015 to probe the missing plane.

They found the emergency oxygen system on the flight deck of MH370 had to be repaired shortly before takeoff.

A pressurisation fault was one of eight defects reported to maintenance staff the morning before the doomed flight took off, according to the team.

However, this idea is just one theory among hundreds of others proposed over the last five years.

Some state the plane was hijacked, either by terrorists on board or through remote cyber hacking.

While more outrageous ideas have claimed the plane was a “flying bomb” due to the cargo of five tonnes of mangosteens and 221kg of lithium-ion batteries.

Over the years there have been all sorts of claims over possible sightings, from Maldive islanders to oil rig workers in Vietnam.

However, we are still no closer to knowing the truth.

House of Horror: Couple forced out of Wales home after hearing ‘people screaming’

Alan and Christine Tait, both 62-years-old have recorded several hours of footage in which they claim to have heard a woman screaming, dogs barking and even a police siren coming from their home. Following their investigation into the supernatural, the pair planted recording devices all over the Ammanford house and could not believe the results. Mr and Mrs Tait were so terrified they now live in a camper van. Mrs Tait told Wales Online: “It was like a flushing noise that I heard first.

“I told Alan about it and that I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. He left his phone in the bathroom with the recorder on to try to pick up the source of the noise, and then we could hear a machine running.

“We started to record all over the house, and we picked up the sounds of chains, a motorbike starting, and people screaming.”

The pair claim to bizarre sounds have been occurring since June 2018 and coming from below the ground.

He added: “We put microphones at the front of the house, at the back of the house, inside and out, and in the basement.

“The device we left in the basement picked up the screaming and other noises.

“The other devices, which were recording simultaneously at the front and back of the property, picked up nothing at all.”

Mr Tait has said hundreds of people have been in contact with him about the supernatural experience.

Dyfed-Powys Police has confirmed it attended the area in November 2018.

The force did not find any evidence of any wrongdoing.

The couple also invited reporters from the WalesOnline into the property, however the only ghostly experience recorded on their listening device, turned out to be a single spike as they left the propery.

However this has not deterred the couple into proving their theory and have vowed to travel the country to raise awareness.

Colorado Will Leave House-Sized Boulder Along Highway

DENVER (AP) — A boulder the size of a house that tumbled across and gouged a southwestern Colorado state highway last month will stay put. State officials plan to rebuild the highway next to it, saving taxpayers money and possibly creating a tourist attraction.

Democratic Gov. Jared Polis said Tuesday that Colorado will save about $200,000 by not blasting the 8.5 million pound (3.9 million kilogram) boulder. He said people will also have the opportunity to see the boulder dubbed “Memorial Rock,” which fell on Memorial Day weekend.

It was the largest rock in a rockslide on Colorado Highway 145 near the town of Dolores on May 24 and ended up just off the road.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says the total cost of fixing the road, adding a guardrail in front of the boulder and cleanup will be about $1.3 million.

This story has been corrected to say that the highway will be rebuilt in its existing location and not re-routed around the boulder.


MH370: Why experts claim passengers were unable to use mobile phones

MH370 left Kuala Lumpur Airport on March 8, 2014, destined for Beijing, China with 239 passengers on board. However, the Boeing 777 jet last communicated with air traffic control at 1:19am, before mysteriously vanishing over the South China Sea. Over the years, many have questioned why none of the passengers on board used their mobile phones to raise concerns, should an emergency have broken out.

Many cite the 9/11 attacks and how passengers scrambled to make calls at the final moments.

However, experts have revealed why they may not have been able to do the same on MH370.

According to radar analysis, the plane is believed to have been flying as high as 45,000 feet and as low as 23,000 feet.

Yet, even at the lowest possible estimates, Vincent Lau says the plane was too high to register with mobile towers.

The wireless communications specialist told CNN in 2014: “If you look at the data, in this case, the altitude at which the plane was traveling is too high.

“Even on the ground it wouldn’t be easy to pick up from that distance, and if you are flying it’s even more difficult because at those angles you are only picking up what we call leakage from the side loops of the antennas, which are substantially weaker than the signals from the main loops of the base stations.”

Bill Rojas, director of telecom research at IDC Asia Pacific revealed the plane would need to be flying at a much lower altitude to stand any chance of picking up a signal.

He said during the same interview: “In terms of the altitude it would have to be no higher than around 10,000 feet, anything higher would be problematic.

“If the plane was flying over northern Malaysia or southern Thailand – basically the rural area – then it’s very possible that a cell tower could register the signal from the phones, assuming they were on.

“Technically it is possible.”

However, Mr Rojas admitted that there was a flaw to the theory.

He detailed that the aircraft would have had to be flying at speeds of under 150mph in order for passengers to make or receive calls.

Most planes cruise at roughly 450 to 500mph, which would make the possibility of making a call impossible.

However, there could be another reason why passengers could not use their phones. 

Some experts have claimed it is possible that the passengers suffered from hypoxia – a lack of oxygen to the brain – after a fire broke out on board.

This is supported by a discovery made by an investigation team appointed by the Malaysian government in 2015 to probe the missing plane.

They found the emergency oxygen system on the flight deck of MH370 had to be repaired shortly before takeoff.

A pressurisation fault was one of eight defects reported to maintenance staff the morning before the doomed flight took off, according to the team.

This led the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, who headed up the search for MH370, to suggest that a catastrophic event on the aircraft such as oxygen starvation might have caused those aboard to become incapacitated. 

It would then have continued flying on autopilot until the fuel finally ran out.

However, this idea is just one theory among hundreds of others proposed over the last five years.

Some state the plane was hijacked, either by terrorists on board or through remote cyber hacking.

While more outrageous ideas have claimed the plane was a “flying bomb” due to the cargo of five tonnes of mangosteens and 221kg of lithium-ion batteries.

Over the years there have been all sorts of claims over possible sightings, from Maldive islanders to oil rig workers in Vietnam.

However, we are still no closer to knowing the truth.

Russia bear attack: Shock twist in story of man ‘saved from Siberian bear den’ revealed

Reports emerged that the body had been found this week in a cave after the beast allegedly dragged the man to the den. Following the discovery of the man, who was named only “Alexander”, several publications told the story of the man and shared a video of what appeared to be a severely injured Alexander, lying in hospital. Reportedly the man was diagnosed with a broken spine from his clash with a bear.

However, despite reports saying that it was a “miracle” that he didn’t die the story has been revealed as completely untrue according to The Independent.

Local journalists at the time had reported that the video had first emerged on messenger applications with an attached audio file explaining that the man was found in a coffin in a rural district of Sochi.

The report then gained circulation from news agency, Eurasia Daily before becoming a widespread media sensation.

However, a spokesman for the health ministry in the Tuva Republic, told East2West News: “We cannot confirm the case happened in Tuva.

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“It was not registered by the Ministry of Health, the Emergencies Ministry or any other official body in the region.”

Speaking to The Independent, Alexei Demin, editor of Eurasia Daily, confirmed that he had received the video from a local news source.

He, in turn, had received the video from his “hunter friends via social media”.

Moreover, Mr Demin confirmed that his website was awaiting additional details on the story.

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According to Demin, local police had contacted the publication accusing them of faking the bear story.

On June 19, however, a similar also was reported after the discovery of a man in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

Like the recent story, the person was also called Alexander and had also survived an incredible attack.

Local teenagers shared picture and videos of the near-dead Alexander on social media.

Soon after, local officials revealed that the story was fake.

MH370 news: How investigators focused on ‘two suspicious passengers’ with stolen passports

The men were travelling with the stolen passports of Italian Luigi Maraldi and Austrian Christian Kozel. However, they were actually both Iranian men called Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and Delavar Seyed Mohammadreza. Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board.

According to Channel 5’s ‘Flight MH370’ investigators homed in on these two individuals.

Former civil aviation authority Azhaniddin Abdul Rahman told a press conference: “We have the CCTV recording of the passengers from check-in right to the departure point.”

The men were photographed boarding the flight with the stolen passports.

At first, there were suspicions that they could be a terror link between these passengers and the disappearance of MH370.

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The documentary’s narrator said: “Having tracked down the genuine passport holders, police reveal their two passengers were Iranian.

“Could they be linked to terrorism in the Middle East?”

However, it soon became clear these young people were just seeking a new life in Europe.

Mr Mehrdad, 18, was hoping to join his mother in Germany and seek asylum.

Former Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakar said publicly: “We believe that he is not likely to be a member of any terrorist group and we believe he was trying to migrate to Germany.”

Mr Mehrdad apparently chose a long a circuitous route from Iran to Kuala Lumpur, through to Beijing, Amsterdam and Frankfurt, presumably to avoid detection.

Officials added: “His mother is waiting for him,” confirming that she had been in touch.

Interpol identified the other man as Mr Mohammadreza, 29, but less is known about his origins.

However, a young Iranian in Kuala Lumpur called Mohammad told the BBC that both men had stayed with hm before taking the flight to Beijing.

He confirmed they had wanted to settle in Europe and insisted they were not terrorists.

Mohammad told BBC’s Jonathan Head: “They were nervous. They were like me. Pouria was quiet, nice, he was never naughty.

“So was his friend. I heard them talking – they wanted to go to Europe to seek asylum.

He said that Mr Mehrdad’s mother had called from Hamburg after MH370’s disappearance to ask him how her son’s stay in Malaysia has been.

Hundreds of comments were left on Mr Mehrdad’s Facebook page.

He had posted a status update of “feeling excited” upon his arrival in Kuala Lumpur from Karaj two weeks before.

MH370 shock: Heartbreaking final message from passenger washes up on beach, expert claims

An MH370 expert who has committed his life to finding debris from the missing Malaysian Airlines plane believes he may have found a final message from a passenger. Blaine Gibson, a retired lawyer, became perplexed by the disappearance of the aircraft and wondered if debris has washed up on a beach somewhere. After searching countless beaches, Mr Gibson drew his attention to Madagascar where he found several items including a message.

Mr Gibson said he found three pieces from MH370 on the first day of his search, the Atlantic reported.

He has found a few backpacks and purses which have all been empty.

But he also found a baseball cap with a message in Malay written on the underside.

The message read: “To whom it may concern. My dear friend, meet me at the guesthouse later.”

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Heartbreakingly for that passenger, they wouldn’t meet their dear friend.

Mr Gibson is responsible for finding a third of the MH370 debris in the search but has yet to discover where it’s coming from.

The US investigator has received death threats for searching for the missing craft.

William Langewiesche, a pilot turned writer, said Mr Gibson had “began receiving death threats” after he found the first piece three years ago.

Mr Langewiesche wrote on the Atlantic: “One message said that either he would stop looking for debris or he would leave Madagascar in a coffin.

“Another warned he would die of polonium poisoning.

“He has been traumatised.”

The self-styled investigator added: “He largely avoids disclosing his location or travel plans, and for similar reasons avoids using email and rarely speaks over the telephone.

“He frequently swaps out his Sim cards. He believes he is sometimes followed and photographed.”

Illuminati PROOF? Angela Merkel seen making ‘Illuminati sign’ at G20 Summit

Angela Merkel was spotted making the diamond shape with her fingers at the G20 Summit, which is currently being held Osaka, Japan, while lining up for a photograph with other world leaders. The German Chancellor is known for making her infamous “diamond” hand sign, which has been branded of masonic-style and a symbol of the alleged Illuminati by . The Illuminati is supposedly a secret organisation made up of world leaders and powerful celebrities who actually run all world governments from behind the scenes and intends introducing a New World Order which will see just one government running the entire world.

According to an Illuminati website, the diamond sign is representative of a pyramid, which symbolises “wealth, success and power”.

This is not the first time the Ms Merkel has been spotted making a diamond shape with her fingers.

Just a few months ago in February she was seen doing it when she met outgoing British Prime Minister Theresa May where the pair discussed the possibility of extending Article 50 and delaying Brexit.

But Mrs Merkel, who has led the Christian Democratic Union party for 16 years, explained the reason she makes the unusual gesture in a 2013 interview, and denied there was anything sinister behind it.

She told a German magazine: “There was always the question, what to do with your arms, and that’s how it came about. It contains a certain symmetry.”

Other famous faces including Gordon Brown, the Duchess of Cornwall and Recep Tayyip Erdogan have also been spotted making the ‘Merkel diamond’.

US President Donald Trump has previously made other hand gestures which have been alleged to be Illuminati signs.

Some conspiracy theorists claim Mr Trump is a fully signed up member of the Illuminati, but others believe he is an enemy of the Illuminati who has managed to infiltrate its top position – the US presidency.