UFO sighting: NASA ‘investigation’ as ‘silver flying saucer’ seen in killer storm in Spain

Alejandro Molla, a computer scientist from Spain, was filming an electrical storm that swept across the sky over northern Alicante. On closer inspection, what looks like a silvery flying saucer appear to dart around the top right hand corner of the footage.

Since the recording Spanish news outlet Agencia 6 (A6) says it has been inundated with requests from UFO and weather enthusiasts since sharing the clip online.

In addition to public interest, A6 claims it has been contacted by NASA, who asked for the original clip in order to investigate it further.

According to A6, a similar sighting was reported by NASA in skies over Wisconsin last July.

NASA would therefore be seriously interested in learning more about the apparent sighting.

Thunder and lightening reportedly woke Mr Molla up in the early hours of Saturday morning.

He quickly started to record the storm in an attempt to catch it in its might.

In doing so, the Spaniard inadvertently captured the orb that span out of control at a fast pace.

The University of Alicante then analysed the film – and spotted “something weird“, Alejandro claims.

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Torrential rain and vicious lightening has already killed six people, after parts of south eastern Spain severely flooded.

Majorca has had warnings of tornados.

Floods swept away cars and debris in the regions of Valencia, Murcia and eastern Andalucia, while motorway tunnels in some areas were close to being totally submerged.

Flash floods have proved lethal, with the speed at which they arrive combined with unknowing passers-by making for a deadly combination.

In the latest tragedy a man was killed after his car become trapped in a tunnel which filled with water within minutes in Almeria.

Police were quick to arrive at the scene and managed to save two of the three people trapped inside the vehicle.

The third person tragically died.

Other stranded drivers also had to be pulled from flooded road tunnels in Pilar de la Horadada, in the region of Alicante.

Sweden Rejects Man Who Wants TRUMP License Plate

He Has 9 Billion Dollars

Launching his Presidential bid last June, Donald Trump held up his financial statement to prove <a href=”https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2015/06/19/you-may-not-take-donald-trumps-candidacy-seriously-but-take-another-look-at-his-real-estate-business/” target=”_blank”>he had assets worth a total of $9 billion.</a>
In a tasteless boast, Trump went on to reveal he refused a bank’s loan of $4bn. <a href=”https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/digger/wp/2015/06/19/you-may-not-take-donald-trumps-candidacy-seriously-but-take-another-look-at-his-real-estate-business/” target=”_blank”>He said:</a> “I don’t need it. I don’t want it. And I’ve been there.”
While millions of Americans continue to suffer the effects of sluggish economic growth, Trump is blissfully unaffected. Well, that’s how he makes it sound.


Bible bombshell: Academic’s shock God argument revealed – ‘Scientific proof!’

Renowned atheist Christopher Hitchens was an English-American academic, who was the author and editor of more than 30 books. Before his death in 2011, he argued in favour of free expression and scientific discovery while regularly speaking out against religion. In 2007, Mr Hitchens featured in a two-hour special alongside Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett and Sam Harris, in the now-infamous ‘Four Horsemen’ debate.

During the discussion, the group laid out the possibility of the stories in the Bible being true.

Mr Dennet outlined his theory first, in a shocking attack on the Christian faith.

He said in 2017: “When somebody plays the faith card, they say ‘look, I am a Christian and we Christians just have to believe this and that’s it’.

“At which point, I guess the polite way of saying it is ‘well, okay, if that’s true you’ll just have to excuse yourself from the discussion’ because you’ve declared yourself incompetent. 

Scientists argue against the possibility of God and Jesus

Scientists argue against the possibility of God and Jesus (Image: GETTY)

The academics unleashed a shock attack on the Bible

The academics unleashed a shock attack on the Bible (Image: GETTY)

we can scientifically disprove the existence of God

Christopher Hitchens

“Now, if you really can’t defend your view, then sorry, you can’t put it forward, we’re not going to let you play the faith card.

“Now if you want to defend what your holy book says, in terms we can appreciate, then fine, but just because it says it in the holy book, that doesn’t cut any ice.

“And if you think it does, you’re arrogant, it is a bullying move and we’re not going to accept it.”

Mr Hitchens then chipped in, citing a book he had read that apparently disproved the existence of God.

He added: “Could I just ask you something, all three of you, what do you think of Victor Stenger’s book [God: The Failed Hypothesis] that we can scientifically disprove the existence of God?

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Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens was in his element (Image: YOUTUBE)

“Either a creating one, or a supervising one, and certainly an intervening one, I think that’s fairly exhaustive.

“My view has always been that since we have to live with uncertainty, only those who are certain leave the room before the discussion can become adult.

“Victor Stenger seems to think we have now got to the stage where we can say with reasonable confidence that it’s disproved not vindicated.

“It matters a lot to me that our opinions are congruent with uncertainty.”

Mr Stenger’s book became a New York Times bestseller, where he put forward evidence of cosmology, astrophysics, nuclear physics, particle physics, statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics.

Daniel Dennet revealed his own views

Daniel Dennet revealed his own views (Image: YOUTUBE)

The Four Horsemen in 2007

The Four Horsemen in 2007 (Image: YOUTUBE)

While the book seeks to prove there is no God, it actually states the idea is not impossible, but improbable.

Mr Harris chipped in later on in the debate, where he launched a personal attack on the miracles of Jesus Christ.

He said: “I was a big fan of the book and actually blurbed it, but I think the weakest link he identified is this foundational claim on the texts is this idea that we know that the Bible is the perfect word of an omniscient deity.

“That is an especially weak claim and it really is their epistemological gold standard.

“I mean it all rests on that, but the Bible is not a magic book, Christianity, in this case, evaporates.

Sam Harris attacked the tellings of the Bible

Sam Harris attacked the tellings of the Bible (Image: GETTY)

“When you look at the book, and ask yourself ‘is there the slightest shred of evidence that this is the product omniscience?’

“Is there a single sentence in here [the Bible] that could not have been uttered by a person for whom a wheelbarrow would have been emergent technology?”

In the Bible, the miracles of Jesus are supernatural deeds that include faith healing, exorcism, resurrection, control over nature and forgiveness of sins.

In the Gospels of Mark, Matthew and Luke, Jesus refuses to give a miraculous sign to prove his authority.

However, in the Gospel of John, Jesus is said to have performed seven miracles from changing water into wine to raising Lazarus from the dead.

The academics attacked the idea of miracles

The academics attacked the idea of miracles (Image: GETTY)

Some of the stories of the Bible can be verified

Some of the stories of the Bible can be verified (Image: GETTY)

For many Christians these are seen as actual events, but others, including many liberal Christians, consider the stories to be figurative.

Moreover, there is scientific evidence that proves Jesus existed.

Two ancient documents, dated 48AD and 104AD discovered matched a testament given by Luke in the religious text, a documentary revealed.

Amazon Prime’s “Jesus: The Great Debate” uncovered documents showing that people like Joseph had been ordered back to the city of their birth – Bethlehem – by Emperor Augustus of Rome. 

Lee Strobel, author of “The Case for Christ” told viewers how the document urged people to return to Bethlehem for tax reasons.

He said: “The truth is that modern archaeology has illuminated this issue in such a way that we can have great confidence that Luke was essentially accurate.

“In fact, we have an ancient document that’s dated 104AD that confirms that people who were living away from their provinces needed to return home for the census. 

“We also have another document dated 48AD that confirms entire families were involved in this. 

“And so we have documents which talk about the same kind of census that Luke records in the New Testament.”

Among scholars of the New Testament, there is little disagreement that Jesus actually lived.

Lawrence Mykytiuk, an associate professor of library science at Purdue University and author of a 2015 Biblical Archaeology Review article, said in 2015: “Jewish rabbis who did not like Jesus or his followers accused him of being a magician and leading people astray.

“But they never said he didn’t exist.”

Amelia Earhart aircraft found? UFO hunter ’spies’ plane on Google Maps – ‘100% proof’

On May 20, 1937, Amelia Earhart and navigator Fred Noonan left Oakland, California on the first leg of their historic round-the-world flight. They disappeared 43 days later while trying to locate tiny Howland Island in the vast Pacific Ocean. In her last in-flight radio message heard by Itasca, Earhart reported flying along the 157°/337° line.

Now an an alien life conspiracy theorist claims to have solved the Amelia Earhart mystery after following the plane’s trajectory on Google Maps.

This is 100 percent proof that Amelia Earhart landed her plane on Palmyra island

Scott Waring

Scott Waring took to his etdatabase.com site to elaborate on his claims.

He said: “I found the legendary Lockheed Model 10-E Electra on the island of Palmyra, considered part of Hawaii.

“The island is just a few hundred miles away from where she was last seen.”

A blurry aerial image of triangular shape at the atoll’s edge can be seen surrounded by foliage at the end of a runway.

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amelia earhart plane palmyra island found ufo hunter finds aircraft google maps

Amelia Earhart: Has the pioneering pilot’s Lockheed Model 10-E Electra been spotted on Palmyra? (Image: Google/Getty)


Amelia Earhart: A blurry aerial image of triangular shape is seen at the atoll’s edge (Image: Google)

But Waring claims this runway did not exist until several years after Amelia Earhart’s disappearance.

He proceeds to use sophisticated photo editing software to measure the Google Maps anomaly.

The supposed plane’s length is estimated to be 42ft (13m), while it is believed to span 53ft (16m) from wing-to-wing.

Ms Earhart famously flew a Lockheed Model 10-E Electra, and its dimensions do roughly match the Google Maps anomaly.

Waring said: “This plane on Palmyra is missing its tail or perhaps its buried in the bushes behind it.

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“However, its two engines are still visible as well as its in tack three blade propellers and cockpit.

“However, the plane was last seen with two bladed propellers, but she may have changed them on the trip or her last stop in New Guinea.

“Three bladed propellers may have caused a crash, as she was not supposed to use to them.”

“This all points to this being the Lockheed Electra Amelia Earhart was flying.

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Amelia Earhart: The pioneering pilot’s plane disappeared July 2, 1937 (Image: Getty)

“The front part of the nose cone of the crashed plane is missing, but most of it is still intact.

“This is 100 percent proof that Amelia Earhart landed her plane on Palmyra island.”

Conspiracy theorist Waring speculates about the reasons behind Amelia Earhart’s unscheduled visit to Palmyra Atoll.

He said: “They say the CIA was having Amelia photograph some military activity over some islands.

“Palmyra island may be the one the CIA was concerned with, because about five years later they built the runway and a US base there.

“But was she forced to land and taken prisoner by the Japanese Navy which was reported in that region?

“Also there is a report on the island of someone finding a old can with a woman skull in it and a woman’s watch in it, which just might be Amelia’s.”

However outlandish announcement was made all the more unlikely after it emerged other images of a crashed plane on Palmyra show it is different to Amelia Earhart’s.

The dubious claims made by Waring quickly attracted many comments on YouTube.

Nick Brown noted the difference between the crashed plane and the one Ms Earhart was flying, commenting: “Aren’t there three propellers on the found plane? Amelia had two.”

And Arnoldskit was also unconvinced, adding: “The number of props are different Scott. How’d you miss that?

“Besides, if it were her plane, they would have connected the dots when it was first found and solved the mystery.”

WATCH: Shocking video of China’s ‘Loch Ness monster’ swimming in Asia’s longest river

Loch Ness Monster believers were shocked when video of a creature in China very similar to the Scottish folklore was posted. In the video, a large eel-like creature can be seen swimming through the water. It is very long and dark, resembling what the Loch Ness Monster has been described as.

In Scottish tradition, the Loch Ness Monster is said to be a creature that inhabits Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.

It is often described as large in size with a long neck and one or more humps protruding from the water.

Popular theories have varied since it was brought to worldwide attention in 1933.

The first sighting of the strange creature is said to have have been in the 1870s, when a local claimed to have seen something “wriggling and churning up the water”.

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China Loch Ness Monster Spotted In River Yangtze

China Loch Ness Monster Spotted In River Yangtze (Image: GETTY•ASIA WIRE)

A large eel-like creature can be seen swimming

A large eel-like creature can be seen swimming (Image: AsiaWire)

This account was not published until 1934, however.

The best-known article that first attracted a great deal of attention about a creature was published on 2 May 1933 in Inverness Courier.

It described a large “beast” or “whale-like fish”.

The article was by the water bailiff for Loch Ness.

It described a large

It described a large “beast” or “whale-like fish”. (Image: GETTY)

There have been other sightings of Loch Ness Monsters in New Zealand and Antarctica.

In 2015, even Google joined the hunt for the creature.

The tech giant launched a cache of underwater and surface images of the lake.

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The video has led to new speculation

The video has led to new speculation (Image: AsiaWire)

The Street View series includes the ancient Urquhart Castle seen from the water, Fort Augustus Abbey and the lake seen “from Nessie’s perspective” under the peaty waters.

A Loch Ness expert, Adrian Shine, helped develop the project, saying it was “cloaked in secrecy”.

The most famous photo of the monster was published in 1934, and purports to show the monster’s head and neck emerging from the water.

The legend has been credited with bringing significant sums to Scotland’s economy, and Scottish tourism body VisitScotland called the project “hugely exciting”.

Even as recent as last year, a global team of scientists planned to scour the icy depths of Loch Ness using environmental DNA in an experiment that may discover whether Scotland’s fabled monster really does, or did, exist.

UFO sighting: NASA spies ‘living alien spacecraft’ shoot out of the Sun

Controversial alien advocate Scott C. Waring took to his etdatabase.com blog to speculate about the alleged evidence of an alien UFO. He said: “This is a unique UFO as this image has not cropped out the UFO. “Actually the alien object really is shaped this way.

“But I have never seen a UFO this close to the NASA SOHO satellite and in such great detail.

This is a unique UFO as this image has not cropped out the UFO

Scott Waring

“The alien spacecraft are usually further away or travelling in threes.

“This all makes this UFO really rare and an exciting find.

“But is it an UFO alien craft or is it or a living alien organism – I don’t know.

“All I do know is how huge it is measuring at least hundreds of metres across, if not larger.”

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ufo sighting nasa soho satellite alien spacecraft shoot out of sun

UFO sighting: An anomaly shooting past the Sun has been branded a UFO by a conspiracy theorist (Image: NASA/Getty)


UFO sighting: NASA SOHO has been orbiting the Sun for more than 20 years (Image: NASA)

Waring proceeds to zoom into the solar anomaly and transform into a negative format to get a closer look.

And he highlights the anomaly’s “strange” texture could be evidence of it could actually be alive.

He said: “It is not perfectly smooth and you cavan see bumps along it.

“That gives me some thoughts of it being a living alien organism.

“A lot of microscopic creatures zoom around on water, here on Earth.

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“And this craft looks a lot like those creatures, as it does not appear to possess much to propel itself.

“So who knows who knows how this alien anomaly propels itself, if this really is a living organism?”

The dubious find quickly attracted scores of comments on YouTube.

YouTube viewer Kronos wrote: “Great capture Scott tether incident comes to mind, that thing is a quarter the size of the Sun sphere beings what Corey Goode keeps on about must be giants in that thing – wow!”

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UFO sighting: The satellite studies the Sun from its deep core to the outer corona (Image: NASA)

However, Baran Bryan Güneş offers a more rational explanation, writing: “Could it be lens problem?”

NASA’s Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory provides a more prosaic explanation for the bizarre anomaly caught on camera.

A NASA statement said: “Occasionally one will see bright blobs or streaks appearing in the STEREO coronagraph images.

“These have been seen before by the SOHO mission, and are caused by micrometeorite impacts knocking off small pieces of the multi-layer insulation blankets which are wrapped around the spacecraft.

“These small debris particles are brightly illuminated by the Sun, and are easily seen by the coronagraphs if they wander into the field of view.

“They are tremendously out-of-focus, and often appear as “donut” shapes in the COR1 and COR2 telescopes because of the central occulter in these telescopes.

“The bigger the piece of debris appears, the closer it is to the telescope.

“Because the COR1 and COR2 images are generally built up from a series of images, the same piece of debris will often show up multiple times.”

MH370 bombshell: How surprise debris discovery helps pinpoint search location

MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur Airport on March 8, 2014, destined for Beijing, China, with 239 people on board, including captain Zaharie Shah. The Boeing 777 last communicated with air traffic control at 1:19am while travelling over the South China Sea, before disappearing altogether. Since it vanished five years ago, there have been countless conspiracies, spearheaded by a collection of so-called experts who have made wild claims over its final resting place – from the Cambodian jungle to former Soviet States.

However, air crash investigator Christine Negroni detailed during her book “The Crash Detectives” why a discovery in 2015 helped to pinpoint where the jet went down.

She wrote in 2018: “It would take nearly a year-and-a-half before the first debris from Malaysia 370 was found on a beach on Reunion Island, on the coast of East Africa.

“By then, the wing section had traveled too far and arrived too late to provide any clue as to where the plane landed in the water.

“At its smallest, the search area is three times larger than the one in which Air France 447 was found.

MH370's search area has been helped by the discovery

MH370’s search area has been helped by the discovery (Image: GETTY)

MH370 went missing in 2014

MH370 went missing in 2014 (Image: GETTY)

It shut down the theory that once it disappeared from radar, the plane had turned north

Christine Negroni

“Still, the discovery of the wing flap was useful in one way, it shut down the theory that once it disappeared from radar, the plane had turned north, towards Asia and the Caucasus Mountains.”

Ms Negroni then went on to pull punches at other investigators over their own theories.

She added: “One of the most popular proponents of that line of thinking was Jeff Wise.

“He was not the only person who thought the plane was hiding in a remote part of the world.

“Thomas McInnerney, a retired lieutenant general and military analyst for Fox News, told the network’s morning news programme in 2015 that the plane could be in ‘the stans,’ referring to countries whose name ends in ‘stan’.”

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Families hope to find out what happened to the flight

Families hope to find out what happened to the flight (Image: GETTY)

Finally, Ms Negroni went on to suggest we may not have received the full story over MH370 from the Malaysia government.

She continued: “I’ll leave that kind of worrying for Fox News watchers, I’m more concerned with a disturbing discovery made while working on the book.

“For all the apparent effort to try to solve the mystery of MH370, authorities may not be as committed to finding out what went wrong.

“That would not be unprecedented.”

Her claim comes just days after an anonymous source who works for a group dedicated to uncovering the truth told Express.co.uk he had been questioned over handing flyers in Putrajaya, a city south of Kuala Lumpur.

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The team discovered part of MH370 on Reunion Island

The team discovered part of MH370 on Reunion Island (Image: GETTY)

He said: “When me and my team went to Putrajaya, we had an unexpected moment there.

“I went to distribute flyers at Putrajaya Square, my friend at Alamanda Shopping Centre, and my other friend at Putrajaya Central.

“When I first arrived in the morning at Putrajaya Square, I was about to start distributing flyers, but a group of police came up to me and grabbed all the flyers that I was going to distribute.

“They asked me: ‘What is this?’

“It is MH370 and I told them it is from the organisation I work for.

More than 239 people were on board the jet

More than 239 people were on board the jet (Image: GETTY)

A campaigner claimed he has been arrested by authorities

A campaigner claimed he has been arrested by authorities (Image: GETTY)

“They took me to the police station nearby.

“I was very shocked at this moment.

“They asked me ‘Why are you bringing this issue up after so long? Why didn’t you a long time ago?’

“I didn’t know how to answer the questions.”

Ms Negroni detailed her full theory on what happened later in her book.

She stated: “My theory is that an electrical malfunction knocked out the systems on the Boeing 777 and that the plane lost pressurisation incapacitating the pilots.

“Whatever happened, it could not have caused damage serious enough to affect the airworthiness of the plane, since it flew on until running out of fuel many hours later.

“Likely, the men in the cockpit were overcome by the altitude sickness known as hypoxia, which robbed them of the ability to think clearly and land the plane safely.

“Many of the links in the bizarre chain of events that night can be explained by hypoxia, because past cases have shown how rapidly those who fall victim to it turn imbecilic.”

However, this idea is just one of thousands that are seeking to piece together aviation’s biggest mystery.

Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Cute Kitten From Busy Road

There’s a clever play on words about this adorable ginger kitten losing one of its nine lives that could be written here.

But this story is more about a hero motorcyclist who saved the cute kitty from the middle of a busy road in Mons, Belgium, last month.

The man spots the kitten, quickly stops his bike and runs to its rescue in a video that’s going viral this week. The man, helped by a car driver who also stopped to help, waves away an oncoming vehicle and then lifts the kitten from the roadway to safety.

The helmet camera footage then cuts out, so it’s unclear what happened to the kitten next.

Check out the video above.

Asteroid warning: Deep impact predicted for 2069 claims Nostradamus prophecy expert

The will hit Earth in our lifetimes, triggering widespread tsunamis and a firestorm of destruction on a global scale. The asteroid impact was supposedly foretold by the 16th century mystic and French prophet Michele de Nostradame. Michele de Nostredame, or Nostradamus, has been at the heart of conspiracy theories and wild predictions about the future for centuries. Nostradamus’ followers believe the writer correctly predicted, among other things, the 1666 Great Fire of London and the rise of Adolf Hitler to power in 1933.

During his life, Nostradamus wrote cryptic four-lined poems or quatrains, which have inspired generations of .

Mario Reading, author of Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies for the Future, believes the quatrains hold clues about a future asteroid impact.

In particular, the author cites Nostradamus’ Quatrain 1, 69 as evidence of an impending cataclysm.

The passage, which was originally penned in French, speaks of a great mountain, flooding, war and hunger.


Asteroid warning: Giant space rock striking Earth

Asteroid warning: A giant space rock sill supposedly strike the Earth in the year 2069 (Image: GETTY)

Asteroid warning: Space rocks destroying Earth

Asteroid warning: A book author thinks Nostradamus predicted an asteroid cataclysm (Image: GETTY)

The quatrain reads: “The great mountain, seven stades around

“After peace, war, hunger, flood

“Will roll far, destroying great swathes of country

“Even antiquities, and mighty foundations.”

According to Mr Reading’s analysis of the enigmatic poem, the mountain in question is a giant asteroid crashing into Earth.


He wrote: “A state was a unit of measurement equivalent to about 180 meters, so a ‘mountain seven stades around’ would measure 1,260 meters in circumference, or 1380 yards.

Nostradamus would seem to be indicating the year 2069 as a possible strike date

Mario Reading, Nostradamus expert

“One presumes that Nostradamus is talking about an asteroid strike here, for we know that an asteroid of more than one kilometre in circumference, travelling at circa 30 kilometres per second, would have a humungous impact on all terrestrial life, equivalent to maybe 5,000 times the most powerful atomic warhead we possess.”

Interestingly enough, astronomers have just discovered an  at speeds of around 30km per second or more than 67,000mph.

Mr Reading went on to say the asteroid would trigger tsunamis between 984ft and 2,624ft (300m to 800m) above sea level.


The impact would blot out the skies with ash, dust and smoke for two years.

As a result of the unnatural darkness, global food chains and the breeding cycle would be disrupted.

Mr Reading wrote: “We can predict one such asteroid strike roughly once every 100,000 years, and Nostradamus would seem to be indicating the year 2069 as a possible strike date.”

Thankfully, scientists do not know of any asteroid or comet that currently poses a threat to the safety of the planet.

The European Space Agency (ESA) said: “Today, no known object merit any worry, but many remain undiscovered, so we need to keep searching.”


Asteroid warning: Michele de Nostredame

Asteroid warning: Nostradamus was a 16th century apothecary, mystic and supposed prophet (Image: GETTY)

Asteroid warning: Quick facts about asteroids

Asteroid warning: Scientists do not expect a dangerous impact anytime soon (Image: GETTY)

And Nostradamus sceptics debunk all claims the French writer had a true gift of foresight.

Brian Dunning, the author of the Skeptoid podcast, attributes all of Nostradamus’ prophecies to the fantasies of those who read them.

He said: “Nostradamus’ writings are exploited in a number of fallacious ways.

“Ambiguous and wrong translations, ‘creative’ interpretations, hoax writings, fictional accounts, and the breaking of non-existent codes within his quatrains all contribute to a vast body of work, all of it wrong, and many times the size of everything Nostradamus ever actually wrote.”

UFO sighting: Conspiracist claims ‘alien structures’ on the Moon – Can you see them?

Highly controversial alien life adherent Scott Waring made the claim about the alien infrastructure on his etdatabase.com blog. Waring examined resurfaced photos from 2005’s Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas by Charles Byrne. The book’s CD apparently contains eight photographs shot by 1967, Lunar Orbiter Mission 4, showing white fungus-like structures on the dark side of the Moon.

Waring begins by examining a wide angle shot of the Moon, containing structures he describes as “absolute proof of life on the dark side of the Moon.

Absolute proof of life on the dark side of the Moon

Scott Waring

He said: “There is not really a dark side of the Moon, as that is really a myth.

“As you can see, there is actually quite a bit of light.

“What is really interesting about these structures here is how they are throwing shadows.

“If they were not structures and they were this tall, they would not be throwing shadows.

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ufo sighting alien fungus structures far side moon space nasa conspiracy

UFO sighting: (Image: Getty/Charles Byrne)


UFO sighting: The images originated from Lunar Orbiter Photographic Atlas by Charles Byrne (Image: Charles Byrne)

Waring proceeds to speculate whether US-based space agency NASA has been involved in an alien conspiracy theory cover-up.

He said: “These structures are dotted along along the darken edge.

“I am not sure why the Moon’s edge is so dark at the edges.

“I am kind of wondering whether NASA deliberately made it darker.”

The extraterrestrial advocate then zooms into the image of the pockmarked orb to get a closer look at the strange shapes.

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And after adding brightness to the image, the shadows left by the baffling bacteria-like structures is all the more apparent.

He said: “They are throwing shadows in both directions.

“Now, if these structures are not real, then why are they throwing shadows?

“A lot of people say here structures are artefacts from the photographic process.

“But, honestly these are original photos from the dark side of the Moon.

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Conspiracy claim: The Moon photographed following trans-Earth injection during NASA’s Apollo 10 mission, May 1969 (Image: NASA)


Conspiracy claim: The beautiful image was shot by the Apollo 11 in July 20, 1999 (Image: Getty)

“So why have areas been black-out at the top of the image?

“Why would NASA black some areas out, but not the strange fungus structures?

The puzzling photo is next made darker in an attempt to bring-out the 3D-ness of the supposed alien structures.

Waring bizarrely added: “These structures are not actually on the surface, but are above the surface.

The emergence of the suspect photos immediately led scores of people to comment via YouTube.

YouTube user K Bell wrote: “They look like the spoil/slag from a mining/tunnelling procedure to me.

While Bhami pedantically corrects Waring’s use of lunar terminology, writing: “Please stop saying ‘dark’ side of the moon.

“You mean FAR side. All points on the moon get approx. 14 earth days of sunlight followed by approx. 14 earth days of night.”