MH370 shock: Final disturbing moments revealed in flight data analysis, experts claim

The Malaysia Airlines 370 plane went missing in March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. While many still speculate over what happened on board, French investigators believe a murder-suicide is the most plausible explanation for the crash. Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was reportedly depressed at the time.

Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah was reportedly depressed at the time.

A source from the investigations team told Le Parisian: “Some abnormal turns made by the 777 can only be done manually. So someone was at the helm.

“It is too early to state categorically. But nothing is credited that anyone else could have entered the cockpit.”

Aviation experts have suggested the plane was hijacked, stolen or suffered a systems failure.

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After its disappearance, search operations began in the Indian ocean but the Boeing 777 has never been found.

US aviation writer William Langewiesche said Mr Shah was often lonely and sad during the flight.

He wrote in The Atlantic: “There is a strong suspicion among investigators in the aviation and intelligence communities that he was clinically depressed.”

Mr Langewiesche went on to claim Mr Shah reheated the crash in a flight simulator.

While investigating the flight simulator, Dr Victor Iannello revealed that of all the flight simulations the pilot ran, the one closest to MH370 was not a continuous flight.

Every other experiment involved Mr Zaharie taking off with the airplane and landing.

However, with the plane profile that matched MH370, the captain continually jumped forward before releasing some fuel until it was all used up.

Dr Iannello believes that the near identical simulation was the captain’s way of replicating his fatal crash.

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MH370 spotted? ‘Fireball’ seen in the sky near where Malaysia Airlines plane vanished

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. When it disappeared from air traffic control radar it was flying over the South China Sea near Vietnam. Mike McKay, an oil rig worker from New Zealand, spotted what he thought was MH370 in the area.

According to Channel 5’s documentary ‘Flight MH370’ there was a “flurry of sightings”.

The documentary listed this sighting, saying: “An oil rig worker sees a fireball in the sky near where the plane is thought to have disappeared.”

Mr McKay, 57, had been taking a smoke break when he thought he saw the aircraft.

He tried to contact Malaysian and Vietnamese authorities about his sighting but did not receive a response, so he sent an email to his employers.

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He wrote: “I believe I saw the Malaysia Airlines plane come down. The timing is right.

“I am on the oil rig ‘Songa-Mercur’ off Vung Tau. I observed (the plane?) burning at high altitude.”

The email was then leaked to the media, including his name and place of work.

After it was published, the rig operator Idemitsu and the rig owner Songa were overwhelmed with media inquiries that overloaded their means of communication.

Unfortunately, due to this, Mr McKay lost his job and was still out of work in 2016, according to Stuff.

He said it’s because “no one is looking for oil at the moment” but said he is enjoying his time off.

According to the Kiwi, Vietnamese authorities did send a search and rescue flight from Vung Tau but the operation stood down when another lead turned up.

Whilst at the time Mr McKay reported his sighting the plane was believed to have disappeared over the South China Sea, evidence from military radar and data from a satellite later revealed the plane flew south over the Indian Ocean.

In 2016, Mr McKay said: “Of course, I ended up looking like a fool.

“But what happened to me is of no consequence considering those who lost family on the flight.

“I sent an observation in a confidential email hoping it would help find the loved ones of the families.

“This was leaked to the media. I saw something but the distance from the last known position make my observation being the plane unlikely under the generally accepted route the plane took after contact was lost.”

Area 51: More than 600,000 vow to storm ‘alien’ base – but they may get a shock

“If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets. Lets see them aliens.”

Naruto is a reference to a popular Japanese anime character.

So far, 639,000 people have confirmed their attendance on Facebook – almost exactly the population of .

The idea also attracted significant interest from people posting on the #area51raid hashtag.

Nevertheless, one social media user pointed out a potential flaw, tweeting: “You do realise there are signs all around #area51 that state ‘Use of Deadly Force is AUTHORIZED’.

“‘FYI it’s not a joke or a suggestion. #idiots.’”

Area 51, located roughly 80 miles north-north-west of Las Vegas, is a remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, and the correct names for the facility are in fact Homey Airport and Groom Lake, with the popular name coming from a CIA document dating back to the Vietnam War.

Little is know about what its actual purpose is, though historical evidence suggests it is a development site for experimental aircraft and weaponry with the US Government only acknowledging its existence for the first time in 2005 as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request.

The site has been the subject of for decades, particularly among UFO conspiracy theorists, and is a popular tourist destination, with State Route 376 (SR375) now officially designated the Extraterrestrial Superhighway by the State of Arizona.

The website states: “This is a military base approximately 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada.

“To the USA government, this is simply the Nevada Test and Training Range.

“For the majority who have been influenced by the theories revealed through Magazines, TV and website reference call it .

“Why is the base restricted to the public? Why do you find on the ground stern signs and armed guards patrolling the fenced perimeters?

“Why do you encounter threatening warnings from air traffic control tower? Maybe the area 51 secrets are too heavy for the public.

“It is believed that Area 51 is that place where scientists reverse-engineered alien technology.

“This is the same technology that was recovered from the crashed saucer in Mexico.

“However, no reports have come out to reveal whether the Pentagon has made use of the advanced technology.”

Alien artefacts found on Mars in NASA images is PROOF of extraterrestrials – shock claim

hunters claim to have found “mechanical devices” on Mars which are “clear indications” that intelligent extraterrestrials live, or lived, there. While browsing NASA images, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists spotted two strange objects in the dusty terrain. One of the objects looks like a jar which has fallen on its side, but the object also looks as if it has machinery on it. Another of the objects looks similar to a radiator.

Prominent alien hunter Scott C Waring wrote on the blog ET Database: “Here are some cool ancient alien artefacts. The objects are clear indications that intelligent beings once thrived on this planet.

“One of the objects has a jar shape, but is fallen over on its side. It not a jar of course, its clear that its more high tech than that with all its pipes and tubes moving down its side.

“It looks very similar to a lot of jars seen recored from old roman digs. The other object has a lot layers and was obviously some kind of mechanical device.”

Another recent finding was that of a large black rock which was supposedly such strong evidence of alien life that NASA was accused of misleading the public.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog: “While looking at the front page of the Mars Science Laboratory website, I noticed that they placed a photo with a huge black fossil right on the freaking front page!

“How could anyone who has any experience at ancient fossils and artefacts have even possibly have missed that?”

However, sceptics and NASA would say the object and other similar findings are just the effects of pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon when the brain tricks the eyes into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns or textures such as a rock surface.

This would mean that the Martian ‘artefacts’ are likely just misshapen rocks

Alien life on Mars PROOF? ‘Ancient alien technology found’ in NASA Mars Curiosity photo

NASA’s Curiosity Rover has been exploring Mars since it landed inside the Red Planet’s Gale Crater in August 2012. The NASA Mars rover has since then covered 12.99 miles (20.91km) for its primary objective to identify biosignatures of basic molecular life. But an intelligent alien life conspiracy theorist now believes Curiosity has uncovered conclusive photographic proof that technologically advanced alien life once existed on Mars.

Whatsupinthesky27 Youtube channel’s presenter Will claims to have discovered an object resembling part of a statue amongst the desolate Martian landscape.

He said: “What makes this really interesting is you have a connecting block resembling a Rubik’s Cube to its top left.”

He goes on to speculate his latest “find” is yet more evidence of ancient, possibly now extinct, alien activity on Mars.

He said: “Mars got destroyed by something. Some people say it was an interplanetary war, others say it was an asteroid. But something jacked it-up.

“This was definitely an area which had water.

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“Obviously we know something was on Mars and the Moon.”

Well-known UFO conspiracy theorist Scott Waring hosted the video on his popular site.

And Mr Waring shares Whatsupinthesky27’s outlandish interpretation for the rock-shaped anomaly.

He wrote: “The object is a clear indication intelligent beings once thrived on this planet.

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“One of the objects has a jar shape that has fallen on its side.

“It not a jar of course, its clear that its more high tech than that with all its pipes and tubes moving down its side.

“It has a lot layers and was obviously some kind of mechanical device.”

Along with pointing out the oddly-shaped anomaly among the Red Planet’s rubble, Whatsupinthesky27 also critiques the apparent blurring of areas in this image and others on Mars.

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The YouTube presenter said: “They don’t seem to be here for any reason at all, other than either NASA put them there or Curiosity’s camera just can’t deal with them.

“I have always said, any time you get these straight blur lines, the images appear to have been doctored.

“Every time we see these blur marks, it upsets me, because who knows what was there?

“Squaring off the blocks just doesn’t make any sense to me, unless it occurs automatically.”

Area 51: Has a UFO been spotted in top secret military base?

One Youtuber discovered what looks like a strange circle in the middle of a Nevada desert, leading to theories that it is a UFO located inside the top secret military base. – a high security US military post – has long been associated with alien activity, and this discovery will not do anything to dampen that conspiracy theory. In the video, uploaded by channel TheLifeBeyondEarth, the narrator gives the coordinates as 37°18’20.41”N 116°28’21.13”W.

Those coordinates when placed on Google Earth take one to a spot in a desert in Nevada where a white circle can be seen.

Popular conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring believes the location is inside top-secret military base Area 51.

Mr Waring wrote on his blog UFO Sightings Daily: “Using Google Ruler we see that the is 31.36 feet across or 9.5 meters. Its shadow is 8.15 meters across or 27.8 feet across.

“The UFO is 36.17 miles (58.22 km) from Area 51.

“The area where this UFO is hovering at is all part of Area 51 which covers hundreds of square miles. I checked out the UFOs on Google earth and they are there.”

However, many people commented saying that they were not buying into Mr Waring’s theory.

Youtuber VWman100 said: “If you look at the images on Google Earth, and scroll through times and years, they’re still there, so it’s obviously fake or some kind of structure.”

MH370: Hijackers pulled ‘classic con artist’ trick to fool investigators

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. What exactly happened to the jetliner remains a mystery, but communications with a satellite called 3F1 give some clues. For example, the communications with 3F1 show that the satellite data unit (SDU) was initially turned off and then turned on again.

Jeff Wise, author of the 2015 book ‘The Plane That Wasn’t There’, claimed hijackers may have been using the SDU to send out fake data.

British telecommunications company Inmarsat used Burst Frequency Offset (BFO) and Burst Timing Offset (BTO) values to work out where the plane went after it disappeared from air traffic control radar.

BTO is a measure of the time taken for a transmission round trip and can be used to calculate the distance between the satellite and the aircraft.

Meanwhile, BFO data is a measure of the relative motion of the satellite and the aeroplane.

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Combined, these can be used to piece together an estimated track of the plane.

The data seems to indicate that the plane flew out over the Indian Ocean before crashing into the sea west of Australia.

However, there are certain discrepancies in MH370’s case that mean these values are somewhat contradictory.

Mr Wise suggested that the BFO data could be a “false trail of breadcrumbs” used to put investigators off the scent.

He said: “This is a classic con artist technique – when you pull a ruse on a victim you can’t just walk away, you have to make sure they don’t come after you.”

He used an example from World War 2 when British intelligence carried out Operation Mincemeat – the body of a British officer washed up on the Spanish coast and on his person there were secrets about a planned assault from north Africa.

Documents on the body indicated the assault would be on Sardinia instead of Sicily.

The authenticity of the body, the clothes, the personal possessions and documents on the corpse led the Germans to believe it was real and moved forces to Sardinia.

However, it had been a ruse all along and the real invasion was in Sicily.

Similarly, if hijackers could make MH370 as inconspicuous as possible by providing fake data, it could slip away unnoticed.

Mr Wise said: “Given the oddities surrounding the case, MH370 may represent a deception crafted at the same level of complexity.

“For this plan to work out however, a very specific set of criteria would have to be met.

“As we’ve seen, the hijacked plane would have to be Boeing not an Airbus and it would have to be equipped with a Honeywell SDU not a Rockwell Collins one.

“What’s more, in order for the BFO spoof to clearly imply that the plane was traveling in the opposite of its true direction the flight would have to start close to the equator and the implied direction would have to be towards an oceanic basin in which the plane could we lost.

“MH370 of course met all these criteria.”

There was just one flaw in the plan: Inmarsat was also collecting BTO values that contradict with the BFO values and ultimately gave a more accurate indication as to the flight path of the plane.

However, this is just one theory and not one currently endorsed by the official investigation.

MH370 news: Could investigation into previous disaster help find Malaysia Airlines plane?

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. It is still unclear what exactly happened to the plane and those on board, but a crucial data clue was only made possible by a previous investigation. This investigation was the disappearance of Air France flight 447, which vanished on June 1, 2009 en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

AF447 was eventually found to have crashed into the Atlantic Ocean killing 228 people.

In his 2015 book ‘The Plane That Wasn’t There’, science journalist and aviation expert Jeff Wise explained that lessons were learned from AF447 to “make sure nothing like it ever happened again”.

It was as a result of the 2009 tragedy that satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat started recording Burst Timing Offset (BTO) values, which ended up being central to the MH370 investigation.

The hardware for this was installed just a year before MH370 disappeared.

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Along with Burst Frequency Offset (BFO) values, the BTO values allowed investigators to map out a route of MH370 over the Indian Ocean.

Mr Wise wrote: “It’s no understatement to say that if Air France 447 hadn’t happened, we wouldn’t have any pings today for MH370.”

These ‘pings’ are communications between MH370 and Inmarsat’s satellite 3F1.

On the other hand, there is a chance that hijackers may have also learned from the first disaster.

Mr Wise said: “As the search for MH370 unfolded however, I wondered if the case of the missing French jetliner might have supplied negative as well as positive inspiration.

“What if – I wondered – someone had taken Air France 447 as a lesson in how to make other airliners disappear?”

This might explain why there are so many “uncanny” similarities between the two plane catastrophes.

Mr Wise explained: “In both cases, the planes vanished after venturing beyond the range of land-based radar in the middle of the night.

“And in both cases air traffic control were late in realising that something untoward had happened, because their screens continued to display the aircraft symbol as if everything were normal.”

The main difference between the two incidents is that AF447 was eventually found.

The aircraft had been sending regular maintenance update to Air France HQ, which included GPS data.

This meant the airline company could track the exact location of its aeroplane when it disappeared.

The black boxes were eventually retrieved after around two years.

The BTO and BFO data seem to indicate that MH370 crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.

While a wreckage has yet to be discovered, this remains the most likely scenario.

If a future expedition proves successful, it will have been down to this satellite data.

NASA Conspiracy: US space agency observatory films ‘alien’ UFO trio fire from Sun

NASA’s Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) is an audacious attempt by the US space agency to understand both the internal structure and outer atmosphere of the Sun. Since it began orbiting our star, NASA’s space telescope has since 1996 been a categoric success, from understanding the Sun’s complicated gas currents hidden beneath its surface, to discovering more than 3,000 comets. But UFO hunter Scott Waring believes the NASA Sun observatory has now uncovered its most incredible discovery to date – spying three alien UFO as they shoot out of our star.

Waring took to his blog to speculate about the seeming solar anomaly.

The UFO enthusiast begins by accusing the esteemed space agency NASA of being part of a conspiracy to cover-up the existence of extraterrestrials.

He wrote: “This video contains many UFOs shooting out of our sun and around the SOHO satellite.

“It’s amazing so many videos of UFOs exist and yet the US government won’t take any of them seriously.

“This means they are deliberately hiding the truth from the public.”

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The video was originally posted by Youtube user SolarBug.

Enlarged screenshots of the grainy black and white footage does show three black shapes firing out of the Sun at high speed.

Waring takes this to be evidence of oddly-shaped UFOs existing the Sun, in defiance of all known laws of physics.

He goes even further, writing: “Yet just 3 seconds earlier there were three white UFOs in the exact same position also shooting out of the sun.

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“It would be logical to conclude the aliens crafts caused the solar flare to take place.”

The Sun is a huge, glowing sphere of hot gas, comprised of 70 percent hydrogen and 28 percent helium.

This star beams so brightly because it is converting hydrogen into helium via the process of nuclear fusion in its extremely hot core.

This means that as time goes on, the Sun has less hydrogen and more helium.

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NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO):

SOHO moves around the Sun in step with the Earth, by slowly orbiting around the First Lagrangian Point (L1), where the combined gravity of the Earth and Sun keep SOHO in an orbit locked to the Earth-Sun line.

The L1 point is approximately 1.5 million km away from Earth – about four times the distance of the Moon, in the direction of the Sun.

Here, SOHO enjoys an uninterrupted view of our daylight star.

All previous solar observatories have orbited the Earth, from where their observations were periodically interrupted by Earth.

MH370 found? Investigators discover ‘precise’ new search area for missing plane

The mystery behind the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has baffled investigators who have searched 25,000 square kilometres (9,700 square miles) in the Indian Ocean. But an independent group have theorised a new search area of manageable size and one with a reasonable chance of success. The study led by aerospace engineer Richard Godfrey aided by fellow independent group member Victor Iannello has examined hundreds of flight paths to come up with alternative coordinates.

The study noted the scientists scanned the Southern Indian Ocean for possible MH370 flight paths using a degree of precision they believe had not been applied previously.

They said: “The goal was to find all possible MH370 flight routes that fit the data within appropriate tolerances.

“Additionally, the data would be checked using a set of correlations.”

The scientists used satellite data assuming the flight was without a pilot after it completed its turn south.

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They looked at seven parameters: start time, latitude and longitude, flight level, lateral navigation method, initial bearing and speed control mode.

The paper said: “All possible MH370 endpoints of flight routes in any navigation mode and any speed mode have already been searched, within at least ± 25 NM of the 7th Arc (partially ± 40 NM).

“This means that MH370 has either been missed in a previous search or recovered from a steep descent of around 15,000 fpm and glided out to an endpoint outside the previously searched area.

“There is only one Region of Interest, where we recommended a further analysis and search at around 34.4 °S near the 7th Arc, following a flight route from close to waypoint BEDAX using the LNAV lateral navigation mode with an ultimate waypoint of the South Pole on a track of 180°T due south, in long-range cruise speed mode and at a flight level between FL390 and FL403.”

The experts have previously been called the ‘Bletchley Park of aeronautical sleuthing’ since they began their search for the plane that disappeared on March 8, 2014, with 239 people on board.

The aviation experts came together following the Malaysian Government’s release of data claiming the plane was at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

They called themselves the ‘Independent Group’ because they were investigating MH370 outside the official channels.

The Independent Group had a blog where interested parties flocked to and discussed data and theories in the comments.