MH370: Expert reveals how Malaysia Airlines flight can still be found

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing on March 8, 2014, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 239 people on board. The plane has never been found, other than three pieces of confirmed debris and multiple other pieces that could be from the aircraft. That would be really useful in working out exactly what happened to MH370 would be to find the black boxes.

Commercial airlines are all fitted with two flight recorders – or ‘black boxes’ – which contain data vital to working out what went wrong in an accident.

The flight data recorder records information about the aeroplane itself and the cockpit voice recorder stores the sounds from inside the cockpit, including the pilots’ conversations.

The black boxes would reveal what was happening on board the plane when it went missing.

Graham Braithwaite, Head of Transport Systems and Professor of Safety and Accident Investigations at Cranfield University, explained how black boxes are found.

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He told Channel 5’s ‘Flight MH370’: “To find it if it’s gone underwater, one of the things that you would use is this beacon here which emits a signal for at least 30 days. 

“You have to have some idea of where the accident site is, so depending on things like the depth of the water, the temperature of the water, you might be able to pick this up from maybe only about five miles away.”

However, he added that this is still very difficult considering the huge expanse of ocean that would have to be searched to find where MH370 may have crashed.

He suggested the investigation may just have to get “lucky” when it comes to searching for these black boxes.

In November 2018, Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook said that the authorities would be open to resuming the search if “new credible evidence” was found.

Five years have passed since MH370 disappeared, but it has taken multiple years to recover black boxes in the past.

For example, when Air France 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, debris and bodies were recovered within five days but the black boxes, which sunk to the ocean floor, took longer to find.

It was a full two years before they were retrieved, yet they still contained all the information.

Aviation journalist David Learmount told Channel 5: “When Air France 447 sent into the south Atlantic, the boxes were there for more than two years and they worked and they yielded every bit of data they were capable of giving.”

Aviation expert David Gleave from Loughborough University added: “I’m fairly confident that if they found the black boxes, they would be able to extract some useful data.

“The black box is designed to withstand some terrific decelerations and still maintain everything inside it in a good and proper manner.”

Most of the search area so far has been in a specific area in the southern Indian Ocean west of Perth, Australia.

NASA conspiracy? Space agency’s Spirit rover destroys ‘alien dinosaur skull’ on Mars

Self-Proclaimed alien expert Scott C Waring took to his blog to voice his opinion about the unusual Mars anomaly spotted by US space agency NASA. He said: “I was looking through the old Spirit rover photos when I found a screaming face in the dirt. “It looks like something resembling a small alien reptile skull crushed underneath the Mars Spirit rover’s tread marks.

Mr Waring proceeds to zoom-in on the Mars anomaly to gain a better look of the NASA photo, time-stamped April 24, 2004.

The first Martian road kill. Hello from the human race

YouTube user Jimmy Yuma

He added: “You can see it right there. It has an open mouth and probably possessed a bird-like beak.

“You can see a horn-like object over its eye and neck area. It is buried after being run-over and moved by the NASA rover.

“And because it was moved we can see it now.”

Part of the NASA Mars Spirit rover is visible in the image beamed-back from the Red Planet’s desolate surface.

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nasa ufo conspiracy space nasa mars spirit rover alien skull fossil mars

NASA conspiracy: Waring claims NASA has deliberately destroyed evidence of ancient alien dinosaurs (Image: NASA/Getty)


NASA conspiracy: The Spirit Rover was active from 2004 to 2010 (Image: NASA)

The apparent Mars anomaly is positioned mere metres from the now-defunct unmanned NASA robot.

The proponent of alien life conspiracy theories continued: “US space agency NASA is there to explore and discover new life and yet all they are really doing is running over it with their very expensive metal tyres.

“It had been run over, because that’s the only thing NASA is good at doing on mars … running over alien artefacts and evidence.

“Spirits’s tread marks have broken alien artefacts like this one.

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“To me, this looks like some part-reptilian, part bird-like alien skull. Is it just a rock or a figment of our imagination?

“If I found this on Earth I would probably instantly think it is some sort of dinosaur skull from some kind of prehistoric reptilian animal.

“Some of them had wings while others had feathers, beaks and claws, so who knows what they had on Mars?

“The fact that its on Mars alone should rock the world of palaeontology.”

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NASA conspiracy: The Mars image was taken by the Viking probe (Image: Getty)


NASA: Liquid water is believed to have once flowed on the Martian surface (Image: NASA)

The alien UFO advocate’s bizarre claims instantly attracted scores comments on YouTube

YouTube user Jimmy Yuma commented: “The first Martian road kill. Hello from the human race.

However, Vojtěch Helcel was a little more sceptical about the highly-dubious Martian anomaly, writing: “Any animal capable of flying has very fragile air-filled bones, so it would crumble into million pieces when ran over by the rover.

And Maz YNWA Akhtar-Miah appeared to agree, adding: “I think this is just a small rock unfortunately.”

UFO sighting: Pair of ‘cloaked alien spacecraft’ spotted over New York

Purported alien expert Scott Waring took to his blog to speculate about the bizarre amateur UFO video. Mr Waring wrote: “Two white glowing orbs have been spotted flying through the sky in the daytime. And this quite amazing UFO sighting occurred in Clayville, New York.”

The dubious footage of unknown providence reportedly took place on Monday, September 2.

I am pretty certain this is the real thing

Scott Waring

UFO enthusiast Mr Waring proceeded to explain why he believes in the validity of the footage.

He said: “CGI normally only lasts for 10 seconds and this is nearly a whole minute. So I am pretty certain this is the real thing.”

The UFOs’ white colours can be seen to closely resemble the clouds nearby, which he believes could be a cloaking device.

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ufo alien new york clayville

UFO sighting: A pair of of “alien” UFOs have been spotted hovering over New York (Image: Getty)


UFO sighting: The amateur UFO video was reportedly shot in Clayville, New York (Image: Google Maps)

Alien life authority Mr Waring claims this is not unusual occurrence for UFOs.

He added “It is however very rare to see them travelling outside the cloud. Usually they dart from cloud to cloud.”

The strange sighting is not the first time UFOs have been sighted over New York.

The conspiracy world was stunned in June after videos of strange cylindrical objects reportedly appearing in the skies over the US emerged.

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Another resident in Clayville believes they may have filmed one on camera.

The footage, posted to YouTube by beamsinvestgations1, appears to show a black cylindrical object hovering in the sky on August 6.

It then seems to turn on the spot before its body scrunches up.

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UFO sighting: The overwhelming majority of UFO sightings are obvious fakes (Image: Getty)


UFO sighting: This photo was taken by farmer Paul Trent in the 1950 (Image: Getty)

The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS) quoted the witness as saying it was a “gigantic snake UFO” that moved “like it was alive”.

They said in a statement: “Look closely on a tablet, laptop or PC monitor and you will see that this unidentified is comprised of segments or spheres … an intriguing, articulated body.

“As the phone camera struggles to focus, it is patently obvious that the object in question is at a high altitude; so just as the witness described, it must have been ‘gigantic!”

UFO sighting: Glowing object over Ukraine ‘could be TR-3B in hands of the Russians’

The strange object has no wings, windows, or contrail and maintains a reflective glowing white appearance for the duration of the controversial 20 second clip. The shaky handheld video, most likely filmed on a phone lacks any sound. Self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring took to his blog to speculate about the intriguing amateur video reportedly shot by one of his YouTube subscribers.

He said: “I emailed them back to learn more details about the incident but they have been ignoring me.

“But I understand as a lot of people record these kind of things then get really frightened.”

Waring proceeds to zoom in on the amateur footage to examine the UFO in closer detail.

He added: “For a few seconds it kind of looks like a disc in places and there are a few seconds where this UFO looks triangular in shape.

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“This might be one of those top-secret Russian flying objects. Maybe Russia has now of those top-secret TR-3Bs flying around.

“Whatever America has, the Russians and China have only a few months later, as they are always hacking everything.”

“Militaries around the world have these incredible new secret aircraft built using alien technology.

“US space agency NASA worked with the Russians during the covert Apollo 18, 19 and 20 missions, which recovered a lot of alien technology from some crashed ships on the moon.

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“To me it looks like an alien UFO because I can’t identify anything on it.”

The curious footage soon attracted scores of comments shortly after it was uploaded to YouTube.

Mike Littlejohn was also impressed by the clip, commenting: “It’s got that aura around it like the others.

“Propulsion system emission? If it’s not a secret government craft it definitely is a UFO.”

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But user mrBlack340 appears unsure about the footage’s provenance, noting: “We don’t have palm trees in Ukraine.

“I can tell that for sure as a Ukrainian. So either this one is a fake or it’s been shot somewhere else.

And Maq Mustafa was less than impressed by the Mr Waring’s outlandish claims, writing: “Its just a bad camera and it likely an aircraft.”

Maya mystery: Were Mayans visited by ancient alien gods? ’15 years until apocalypse’

Dating back to 1800 BC, the early Mayan civilisation continues to stun archeologists with their advanced understanding of astronomy and mathematics and their accurate calendar making. One of the more outlandish claims concerning the civilisation was alien Mayan gods were responsible for supplying the people with their advanced knowledge. Now controversial author Erich von Däniken claims a snake-like Mayan alien god could soon return to wreck apocalyptic carnage.

Known as Quetzalcoatl in the Nahuatl language, or Kukulkan in Mayan, this entity was worshipped as a god.

Upon its departure, Quetzalcoatl told the Mayans how he would one day return to Earth.

This date was calculated as December 21 2012, causing excitement and consternation leading up to the day some assumed could be the apocalypse.

After this prophecy predictably failed to take place, Mr von Däniken noted this date was calculated based using Judeo-Christian calendar, which is ambiguous to the birth of Christ.

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There are actually approximately 20 years around the day we think Christ was born, distorting our prediction of the return of Quetzalcoatl.

This means around 15 years remain to see whether the terrifying Mayan prediction will actually come true.

Mr Von Däniken bizarrely contests Quetzalcoatl’s return would not see a feathered snake descend from the heavens, but potentially an extraterrestrial.

The Swedish author points to carvings with human faces covered by what appear to be helmets with breathing apparatuses in their mouths.

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He claims the devices covering their mouths were likely filtering air, so as to prevent infection from bacteria or viruses.

In a tomb at Maya city state Palenque, a carving of Pakal, the penultimate ruler of the ancient Mayans, was found appearing to control an upward-facing machine with flames and smoke shooting out the back.

Archeologists claim this carving actually represented the tree of life or a descent into the underworld.

However two leading Mayan epigrapher experts have stated the inscriptions around the tomb could detail an ascent into the space.

Inside a sarcophagus, the remains of this ancient ruler were found, though the body was significantly taller than the average height of the ancient Mayans and it appeared to have an unusual bone structure.

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UFO sighting: Shock NASA conspiracy claim after ‘fascinating’ alien base spotted on Europa

Self-styled alien expert Scott C Waring took to his blog to speculate about the blurred black and white image found on He said: “I just found something absolutely mind-blowing on the moon Europa. “It has some remarkable right angles, a huge fuselage-like body and large openings at its centre, perhaps for docking alien ships.

“It has two long wings, one on each side. This is huge guys – about 20 miles (32km) across.

“And that is just mind-blowing to me.”

Waring proceeded to accuse revered US space agency NASA of attempting to cover-up of the purported alien UFO base’s existence.

He said: “Black and white is harder for people to see than colour.

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“Maybe NASA is using this psychology to hide this.”

“Jupiter’s moon is supposed to have this icy surface above a giant salty ocean.

“And there are many other anomalies on Europa, such as huge ravines which are maybe tunnels above the ground.

“It is hard to tell with this photo as it is a little bit blurry.

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“But as you can see Europa is more visible in certain areas.

“NASA does this on purpose, as it blurs-out the places with the most buildings.”

Europa is one of 79 Moons orbiting Jupiter and Waring claims they could house be numerous other alien bases.

Waring said: “There are a lot of other Moons we don’t have photographs of that we can’t look at because NASA doesn’t want to share with us.

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“I am pretty sure a lot of these moons have been photographed – at least half of them.

“But of course not everything will be shared with us, the public.

“It also looks like there is a building complex to the left of the structure, which we can’t see because it has been blurred-out.”

The bizarre blog post quickly garnered scores of comments on YouTube, with the majority less than impressed with the claims.

NASA conspiracy? Space agency’s Mars rover accused of covering-up Red Planet water find

US space agency NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover was sent to the Red Planet to answer the ultimate question: did Mars ever have the right environmental conditions to support alien life. Early in its mission, the NASA unmanned probe’s scientific tools spotted verified chemical and mineral signs of past habitable environments on Mars. Now a self-styled alien life expert believes NASA is covering-up evidence of liquid water – the basis of life – on Mars.

The outlandish claims relate to an image taken by the Mars Curiosity’s right-hand Mastcam on Sol 712 (August 7, at 2.38 UTC)

What I found here is water leaking out of some rocks on a hillside

Scott Waring

Scott Waring took to his blog to speculate wildly about the alleged UFO sighting.

He wrote: “What I found here is water leaking out of some rocks on a hillside.

“This photo was taken back in Aug 2014 and I found it just a few months later.

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NASA Curiosity mars rover

NASA conspiracy? (Image: NASA )

life on mars Curiosity Rover

NASA conspiracy? Curiosity last year drilled a 2-inch-deep hole into the Martian soil (Image: NASA)

“Yet NASA never declared finding this water at this location.”

Mr Waring accused the revered US space agency of hypocrisy after quoting a former NASA associate administrator.

Former NASA astronaut John Grunsfeld famously said in 2015: “Our quest on Mars has been to follow the water.”

Waring continued: “And yet, they ignored this water flow and never told the news or the public about the rover’s findings.

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“They must have seen this, look how big and obvious the water flow is.

“It is impossible to miss it. So, the only other answer is NASA decided to hide it from the public.

“The rover could have easily analysed and tested this liquid to see if its water or something else, but again, NASA has not said or posted any more about this photo.”

Waring continued by bizarrely claiming NASA is colluding in concealing its discoveries from the public.

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NASA conspiracy? Curiosity’s poses for a selfie at Aberlady and Kilmarie (Image: NASA)


NASA conspiracy? The Mars rover is attempting to navigate up Mount Sharp (Image: NASA)

He wrote: “I wonder just how much they know and how much they found?

“I bet they have found a half dozen living species on Mars already.

“Remember how the first life in space was announced by Russian astronauts who found large plankton growing on the solar panels of the space station a few years ago? Yeah … NASA didn’t do that … Russia did.

“Remember that gel found on the moon this week by the Chinese moon rover Jade Rabbit? Yeah … that wasn’t NASA too.


NASA conspiracy? NASA’s Curiosity rover is spotted examining a location called “Woodland Bay (Image: NASA)

“If we want discloser of the truth about alien species, we have to rely on other sources instead of NASA.”

NASA actually announced evidence of liquid water on Mars in 2015.

The space agency said in a statement: “Dark, narrow, 100 metre-long streaks called recurring slope lineae flowing downhill on Mars are inferred to have been formed by contemporary flowing water.

“Recently, planetary scientists detected hydrated salts on these slopes at Hale crater, corroborating their original hypothesis that the streaks are indeed formed by liquid water.”

MH370 investigator’s ‘puzzling’ discovery after Boeing mechanic’s water leak confession

MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur Airport on March 8, 2014, destined for Beijing, China, with 239 people on board. The Boeing 777 last communicated with air traffic control at 1:19am while travelling over the South China Sea, before disappearing altogether. However, air crash investigator Christine Negroni says there is a possibility a water leak may be to blame for the loss of the plane.

She claimed during her book “The Crash Detectives”  that Boeing plane are susceptible to leaking into the electronics bay.

She wrote last year: “On the Boeing 747 and other Boeing jetliners, including the 777 and 767, there is a galley located above the electronics and equipment room, called the E&E bay. 

“On Qantas Flight 2, a flood from the gallery above cause water to flow into this area – this was not a one-time event.

“During its investigation, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau discovered that electronics equipment in the bay had been “repeatedly subjected” to liquid beyond what it was designed to handle.

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“When the ATSB set out to find similar events, it turned up five on large jetliners, four on Beoings and one on an Airbus A300 – and those were just the ones serious enough to have caused a safety event in flight.”

Ms Negroni put this theory to a mechanic she knew, who wished to remain anonymous.

She added: “I’ve learned that on airplanes with galleys located above electrical equipment, mechanics often see leaking.

“I was told by a mechanic, called Fred, for a major American airline ‘The 777 has an avionics bay below the first-class galley.

“‘When a crew reports water, it is required by the manual to inspect the avionics bay for leaks from water penetration.’

A few days after Fred told me this, he sent me a video in which I could clearly see water dropping onto the floor of a cramped and noisy equipment room.

Ms Negroni theorised that the leak could have something to do with a “puzzling” occurrence during the flight.

She continued: “I asked ‘where did you get this,’ thinking Fred had found the footage on YouTube, but no, he’d shot the video himself on a Boeing 767.

“I started to think maybe some water-induced intermittent electrical problem could have produced the various failures on Malaysia 370, including the puzzling power down and subsequent restoration of communication at 2:25 am, that no one has been able to explain.

“So I asked the ATSB, when Flight 2 lost most power on January 7, 2008, did it cause a termination in the link to the satellite? Could this issue with water damaging the electronics affect satellite communication?

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“The ATSB did not know.”

Ms Negroni detailed her full theory on what happened later in her book.

She stated: “My theory is that an electrical malfunction knocked out the systems on the Boeing 777 and that the plane lost pressurisation incapacitating the pilots.

Whatever happened, it could not have caused damage serious enough to affect the airworthiness of the plane, since it flew on until running out of fuel many hours later.

Likely, the men in the cockpit were overcome by the altitude sickness known as hypoxia, which robbed them of the ability to think clearly and land the plane safely.

“Many of the links in the bizarre chain of events that night can be explained by hypoxia, because past cases have shown how rapidly those who fall victim to it turn imbecilic.”

UFO sighting: ‘Alien white disk’ spotted flying through erupting volcano

Grainy live cam footage of the erupting Popocatépetl Volcano appears to show an unexplained object skimming the top of a the smoke plume. The footage, timestamped as taking place on 8.15am on August 19 this year, has been described “maybe the best sighting of 2019”. Self-styled extraterrestrial life advocate Scott Waring took to his blog to speculate about the alleged UFO sighting.

He said: “I believe I have recorded video of an actual UFO over a Mexican volcano via a live cam.

“The object does not appear to be an aeroplane and it is flying over a live volcano which erupts every 10 to 12 hours.”

Mr Waring proceeds to slow the footage down to allow viewers to watch the mystery object seemingly streak only just above the plume spewing from the volcano’s mouth.

He added: “Who would endanger an entire jet by flying over the mouth of a volcano? I don’t think anyone would do that.

“The mouth of a volcano itself is about 600m (2,000ft) across, so whatever is flying over the volcano’s mouth is about 200m (700ft) long.

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“Now, I don’t know of any 200m-long aeroplanes, but this looks really big to me.”

Mr Waring also points to how the apparent UFO is not visible in the split-screen of the volcano footage.

He said: “The UFO is totally invisible. This is just another camera of the same volcano in a different position.

“It doesn’t makes sense to me. How could it not show up on the another cam?

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“That sounds like the cloaking technology of aliens to me. So I’m calling this a real UFO.

“I have been watching this volcano for years and I used to catch some good stuff here.

“But I have never ever seen an aeroplane flying over this live volcano.

“This volcano erupted only a few hours prior, making this just unbelievable to me.”

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Mr Waring later transforms the video into a negative format, then focuses the footage with additional contrast.

He said: “It looks like a disk – you can see the bottom of it is a little bit lower and the higher part is curved.

“Guys this screenshot doesn’t lie: you don’t see any contrails, any wings and even a cockpit.

“I have never seen anything this close and this out-of-focus.”

Scores of comments were left on the ET Data Base YouTube channel only hours after the mystifying footage was uploaded.

Reinaldo Guimaraes Ferreira commented: “Maybe the best sighting of 2019. Excellent video. “

Mike Littlejohn added: “After you changed the contrast it seems to have that(I’ll just say energy field) around it.”

However YouTube user Joshua Says revealed he was less than convinced by the dubious alien UFO claim, writing: “Looks like a conventional aircraft and is probably closer to the camera and further from the volcano thank you think.”

Life after death: Why scientist declared ‘there IS an afterlife – Memories are separate!’

James Porter Morland is an American philosopher who currently serves as a distinguished professor at Talbot School of Theology at Biola University in California. As a dedicated Christian, he declared during Amazon Prime’s “Closer To Truth” series that there is an afterlife. However, besides his faith, Dr Morland also claimed to have scientific evidence to support his views.

He said in 2014: “Well I think there are certain pieces of evidence that there is an afterlife.

“The first branch of evidence is theistic-dependent. 

“In other words, whether it’s reasonable to believe in an afterlife or not depends on whether you also think it’s rational to believe in God.

“Since I think it’s rational to believe that God exists, then I have a reason for thinking there’s an afterlife.

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“Then he has done there and told us about it and I’m going to listen to what he has to say.”

Dr Morland went on to detail another well-documented reason for believing in an afterlife.

“The second are a bevvy of near-death experiences where people learn things there is absolutely no way they could know and are impossible to adequately explain through deprivation to the brain of oxygen.

“The truth is there is no scientific approach to how we die, just scientists who have their own approach.

“And scientists differ on the question and they differ as philosophers, not scientists.

“The question of whether the mind or consciousness can exist outside the brain is not a scientific question.

“Let me dispute the claim that everything can be rooted in the brain, if that’s true, there’s no free will.”

However, Dr Morland took things one step further, claiming the brain does not store memories.

He concluded: “That means that consciousness is an epiphenomenon, it’s a byproduct, it’s caused by the brain, but it doesn’t, in turn, cause anything.

“If that’s true, then the acceptance of scientific theories is determined by your brain chemistry.

“The idea that memories are in the brain is absolutely gobbledy-gook – it makes no sense at all.

“Memories aren’t the sort of thing that can be spatially located in a piece of chemistry.”

However, most scientists are not in agreement. 

Sean Carroll, a cosmologist and physics professor at the California Institute of Technology, claimed to have put the debate to bed after extensively studying the laws of physics.